V:7-9 Addendum to “Delete Your Karma”…

These three verses describe a person fully established in Yoga as one who understands that, no matter what the senses or the body are doing, he is not doing anything at all. All these activities are just nature doing its thing, and he is not nature. 

A more literal translation:

(7) Yoked to Yoga, self-purified, self-subdued, senses conquered, the self the self of all beings, one is not befouled even when acting. (8) Thus Yoked to Yoga, the knower of Truth thinks “I do not do anything”, whether seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, walking, sleeping, breathing, (9) talking, excreting, grasping, opening and closing the eyes, but maintains that it is the senses engaging in their objects that sets action into motion.

Yoked to Yoga – At first, Yoga is Hatha Yoga, the union of the sun (prana) and moon (apana) that awakens kundalini. You want union with God/Truth and are committed to getting it—you are ‘yoked’. In my own path, being established, or yoked to Yoga, calls for at least eight hours of meditation daily.

Self-purified – The purpose of Hatha Yoga is purification, the first of the two stages of Yoga. The second stage is Raja Yoga, but you have to go through Hatha Yoga to get there.

Self-subdued – With enough purification, Raja Yoga makes its entrance and begins a subtler kind of purification—the sense of oneself as a being melts away, and any sense of doing anything naturally disappears with it.

Senses conquered – Then the senses do what they do and you are unaffected, indifferent. 

The self the self of all beings – With the sense of self subdued, there is no longer a view point, a place you perceive from. This is the idea behind the images of gods with faces in all directions: everything everywhere is simultaneously perceptible because there is no viewpoint. Purusha and prakriti are united, and you and everyone are the same and all there is: God. The unlimited Real You has risen above being a being who is ‘somewhere’ being conscious of something (or someone) ‘over there’.

Not befouled even when acting – You are not doing anything, so you cannot acquire the effects (karma) of doing, even though action goes on.

The knower of Truth thinks “I do not do anything” whether seeing, hearing, etc. This person understands that actions get put into motion by the senses becoming engaged in their objects, and that he is therefore not the cause. 

The senses act among the objects of sense and send their perceptions into the mind, making it seem as though we are involved in these actions, and that we are attracted to these objects. But now we know that it is not us, but the senses themselves that act and are attracted, and we are no longer fooled.

2 thoughts on “V:7-9 Addendum to “Delete Your Karma”…

  1. Galen — Absolutely. Way down deep we all know all this, but we are so immersed in the physical that we can’t get the idea of ‘people’ out of our heads. Fear is probably the only reason we don’t just let’er rip and go for it and surrender fully. Fortunately, it isn’t people that we surrender to. (Thank goodness!)

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