V:13 The Wisdom-Teachings of Surrender…

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The previous verses told us what the path of surrender is. This verse tells us how it works. 

The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender Meditation, Continued

I have lately been getting bombarded with an enormous amount of information. When I sit down to write, the writing goes faster than I can take it in. When I read what has been written, some of it is familiar, and some of it settles previously considered ideas, sometimes completely changing something I have previously thought to be so.

I am happily floored by the profundity of all this, but entirely confused as to how to share it with you, for the writing is jumping around a lot in this chapter, and it looks like this is going to continue. So from here onward in this chapter, I may be jumping back to some installments that have already been published, with some additions or changes that you may miss. I wanted you to know in case you wanted to keep up by jumping around with me. When I have completed the Yoga portion of the Gita with all the changes finalized, I will publish Volume One.

Renouncing all actions with the mind, the embodied one sits happily as the Master within the city of nine gates, not acting or causing action.

“Renouncing” – Letting go of, abandoning, surrendering.

“The embodied one” – You.

“Happily” – ‘At ease, happy, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable’.

“The city of nine gates” – The body.

“Renouncing all actions with the mind”
Mentally abandoning one’s sense of being the doer of actions.

This could just as easily be translated as renouncing all actions by the mind or of the mind, and each could be interpreted slightly differently. “By the mind” might refer to actions generated by the mind. “Of the mind” might refer to actions of the mind itself. So I think we should accept all of three—renouncing all actions with the mind, by the mind, and of the mind. Now all actions of the mind, body, feelings and senses are covered.

Surrendering all these—body, mind, feelings and senses—to God is how one enters into Surrender Meditation. Mentally surrendering all actions is an act of conscious choice to take a position of neutrality—indifference to what happens or doesn’t happen in meditation, and indifference to the results.

Renunciation = Surrender = Indifference

By abandoning the role of the doer of action, even though actions occur, one does not take oneself to be the one doing them, and is therefore not responsible for them—no credit, no blame = no karma and therefore, liberation. Within a given meditation session, you are free, and ultimately, you are liberated.  

The practice of Surrender Meditation is solitary, and practiced in a private and closed meditation room. In this situation, one is naturally at ease. Being at ease, one surrenders more deeply, and one’s ability to surrender increases.

When you surrender to God and get out of your own way, all kinds of interesting things start to happen.

This sense of pleasantness and ease (‘happily’), which is due to one’s taking the position of not being the actor, is consistent with the Truth, for what you Really are does nothing and never has. This is precisely why Surrender Meditation works so effectively. It is nature that acts, moves, and what you really are is not nature.

If in Surrender Meditation you should ever feel the least bit unhappy, you can be sure that a purification is taking place—your natural state of joy is being uncovered.

The deeper I go into this work, the more impossible it is to avoid Surrender Meditation without just repeating what has already been said in other translations and commentaries. Surrender Meditation and its wisdom-teachings are so glaringly obvious, especially in this chapter, that they are impossible to ignore.

If you are seeking some kind of approach other than surrender and are not all that interested in liberation, or if you are just curious (bravo for you!), here is my suggestion to you: Get as many editions of the Bhagavad Gita as you can. Make sure to get some editions that have word-for-word translations of the Sanskrit into your own language. Compare them, contemplate the differences, and draw your own conclusions.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

I consider the Yoga portion of the Gita to be chapters 1-6. It is all Yoga, but these chapters are the most significant, all-inclusive and critical to Surrender Yoga. If you can understand them, you can complete it. If understanding needs a hand, the remaining chapters will fill in the gaps.

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3 thoughts on “V:13 The Wisdom-Teachings of Surrender…

  1. If it is that our soul does nothing and never has, why come into “being”? Why God creates? God is whole, complete, absolute within Self, therefore what purpose is it to create that which exist already within God? Are we playing out roles within God and if so why? It is said that the Bosom particle is the God particle; is God a particle that omits energy, light, sound? Why would I want to go back to something that does nothing and never has? I have fear of losing self to nothing.


  2. Durga Ma thank you

    I find the word “with” passive. I could be right or I could be wrong(covers nicely) I get a sense of association, something with the mind needed to renounce.
    “By” seems like a stand alone, firm, state of mind.
    “Of” to me is similar to the word “with”. I sometimes get caught up with exploring meaning of words and how they settle with me. I like the word “with” but I don’t think I can get a comb if all three are used through them. This is your doing Durga Ma.
    I am appreciative with your narrative and now with even more clarity have better understanding of
    I have been ill for the past month so surrender meditation was put on hold. The worst has past. l


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