V:14 In the City of Nine Gates…

The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender Meditation, Continued 

Mentally renouncing one’s sense of being the doer of actions, the embodied one sits happily as the Master within the city of nine gates, not acting or causing action (13). 

The Master in the city of nine gates, does not create action, the means of action, or the effects of action, but nature proceeds spontaneously in all this. 

“Nature” – Anything other than you that you can be conscious of. 
“Fruits” – Results, effects, outcomes. 

The Master, the embodied one in the city of nine gates (the body), is the eternal non-doer, the divine individual entity that you really are that is never born and never dies: the Real You.

When you truly renounce the role of the doer of actions—surrender specifically to God and only God (whatever your word is for That)—you are taking a neutral position consistent with the Real You that is indifferent to actions and their effects. This allows for spontaneous actions in meditation (verse 11) to return you to your natural state of happiness.

Citizens of the City

The city is Your realm. All other Divine Individuals make up the population of your city. Each of us, being unlimited in what it is that we truly are, is everywhere in everyone. 

The Lord Jesus reveals this when, upon seeing the disciple use his sword against his enemy, to cause him to desist He says, “What you do to the least of these, my brothers, you do to Me.” 

“The Whole World is One Family”
— Sanatana Dharma—the way of Eternal Truth

The City Map

The order and arrangement of Divine Individuals on the map of your city is determined by their state of self-awareness and their power of choice in relationship to each other and to You. This arrangement defines your unique characteristics and how you experience things. 

Self-awareness – You are aware that you exist.
Power of choice – Your inherent ability to choose.

Let us call the Divine Individual a ‘god’ with all the same characteristics as God. In your city, your body, there is a god of every aspect—every chakra, function, organ, etc. Everyone is present within you, just as you are present in everyone else. This is why what happens with one of us affects all of us, and why what you do affects everyone, including you.

When you surrender to the Absolute in meditation, you are surrendering to one or more Divine Individuals. You are not surrendering to them as beings, but as what they really are: Divine Individuals just like You.

You achieve union with the Absolute by surrendering to the Absolute. 

The Absolute

A Divine Individual in the Absolute, before Creation, is either self-aware or not self-aware. One who is self-aware can ‘know’ other Divine Individuals. The choice to know is the choice to employ your inherent ability as a Divine Individual, to be conscious. To be conscious is to ‘know’, perceive, what is other than You. The only thing to know in the Absolute is other Divine Individuals.

One is either self-aware, not self-aware, self-aware and choosing to know, or self-aware and not choosing to know.

If one is self-aware, one can choose to know others or not. These are the only options available to a self-aware individual in the Absolute: to know or not to know. To know or not to know is to be or not to be, for once the choice has been made to know, we have Creation. You have made this choice, and you are here because of it.

The Relative

Once we start talking about life and what we are conscious of, we are dealing with the Relative, not the Absolute. Both are “God”, but God in Its Highest is Absolute. And even though the ability to be conscious is Absolute, consciousness itself is Relative. 

In the Absolute, before Creation, there was no awareness of the perfect, blissful Absolute, but now that you are here, self-aware and conscious, when you return you will be aware of It. For now though, you are the Master in a city of nine gates, a body, being human with your own unique characteristics and experiences. If you wonder why you are the way you are as a being in the Relative Realm of life in this world, and why you have the experiences you do, you will find it on your map.

Surrender Meditation

When we make the choice to stop choosing by turning everything over to Absolute God in Surrender Meditation we are paralleling the Truth of Absolute God and our true Selves. This is why Surrender Meditation works so efficiently and effectively.

When we surrender to Absolute God in meditation, we surrender to other Absolute Divine Individuals (not what they are being). We accept these Others as Divine and the same as Us. The more we meditate the better we get at this, and the closer we come to Real Reality. When we accept all Divine Others, we get nirbija samadhi

nirbija samadhi – nirbija (no Others remain unaccepted) + samadhi (equanimous bliss)

“The Master in the city of nine gates, does not create action, the means of action, or the effects of action” describes the Real You. When you abandon the role of the doer of actions, you put yourself in sync with how things really are, and “nature proceeds spontaneously in all this.”

We surrender only to the Absolute.
We never surrender to nature. 

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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2 thoughts on “V:14 In the City of Nine Gates…

  1. galtarr

    Thank you Durga Ma

    Absolutely intriguing. This reaffirms what I have read, a disciple coming to his master wishing to see a holy man some distance away, the master said to his disciple why bother for he is here and transformed himself to that holy man. A well known guru in the 18th century came to pay a visit to another guru living in Baradi when upon seeing this guru from Baradi he became dizzy but was upheld by the other and that embrace sent divine light through out his body as he exclaimed out loud with the disciples that traveled there with him “oh look all the gods are praising him and the celestial beings are singing”.

    A friend always in life


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