V:14 Continued: Mitigating Negative Influences…

We are not all having the same experience because everyone is in a different place on the Cosmic Map. 

The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender Meditation, “In the City of Nine Gates”, Continued 

When in the Absolute we became awake to our Selves, realized our existence, and chose to know if there was anything else out there, the world was Created. Or we might say that the reverberation resulting from the act of finding out—the sound, or ‘Word’: OM, amen, amin, etc.—caused this world and the entire cosmos.

If you wonder who ‘looked’ first, and second, etc., you have the general idea for understanding the map. However, in the Absolute there are no limitations, so there is no time or place that we would need to pin this down to a map. The map exists in the Relative realm of our human existence.  

The Cosmic Map

Just as a sun in some far-off galaxy has less effect on you than the sun in your own galaxy, the cities closest to you on the Cosmic Map are going to affect you more than other cities in more distant places.

Maps and changes are relative phenomena of nature, so as on any map, changes will occur on the Cosmic Map. These changes are the results of what is happening among Divine Individuals. 

It could be argued that our place on the map is the result of our karma, which is certainly true but much misunderstood, and easily overcome through Surrender Meditation. For a significant change on the Cosmic Map, one or more of the population of your city will have to make a choice to unconditionally accept at least one other Divine Individual as equally divine and the same as themself (this is what I meant by “what is happening among divine individuals”). 

This is something you can do that will affect other cities, especially those in your neighborhood, and which will come back around to you. Taking this on is a risk-free win-win situation, so why wouldn’t you? 

One Individual’s unconditional acceptance of another Individual is what love is all about and why everyone is constantly seeking it. But there is nothing anyone can do to make another Individual choose to accept their own divinity, much less someone else’s. However, because we are already self-aware (or we wouldn’t be here), we can use our power of choice to choose not to continue choosing, and unconditionally accept the divinity and sameness of Others. Put into practice, this is Surrender Meditation. By it, other cities are affected, thereby increasing the odds of improving our own city and our own experience of life.

Surrender Meditation is choosing not to choose and leaving everything up to Absolute God. 

The way you are, the things you experience, and the way you experience them, has much to do with where you are in relationship to others on the Cosmic Map—your acceptances of Others (or not), and their acceptances of You and Others (or not).

No matter how these influences affect your life, there is nothing you cannot change (you are a god, after all). If you have a difficult horoscope, for instance, or difficult places within it, there are things you can do to mitigate negative influences. Surrender Meditation is one of these things. Positive thinking is not enough.

There are things you can do to mitigate unwanted effects and influences of other cities that will affect your own city in the best possible way at any given time. All are related to Surrender Meditation in one way or another, but can also be applied independently. Click here to read what they are.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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