V:18-19 See the Same in Everyone…

The previous verses have taught us to see the same in everyone by realizing our sameness with each other. This sameness is the basis of an indifference, impartiality or neutrality, that is characteristic of all of Us as embodied, omnipresent Divine Individuals.

(18) In a well-educated and accomplished Brahmana (God-person), in a cow, an elephant, a dog, and an outcaste, the wise knower sees the same.  (19) Here in this world, rebirth is overcome by those whose minds are established in this sameness, for God being without defect in this, and they being the same, they are therefore established in God. 

  • God-person – Brahmana, a member of the highest caste: persons serving God, dispensing charity, etc., scholars, priests, teachers. (Caste: see “You Get What You Worship”)
  • God – Truth, the Absolute, the Divine, Higher Self, Spirit, the Real, Supreme Spirit, Great Spirit, Us, etc.
  • Outcaste – One who does not fit into any caste.
  • Sameness – impartiality, indifference, neutrality regarding others.

In these two verses we are again reminded of ‘indifference’ as the means of attaining God-realization. Now indifference is seen as impartiality concerning other beings. We are also given to understand that this neutral indifference paves the way to liberation from rebirth, here in this world. 

“Established in God”
This ‘indifference’ ultimately delivers us into liberation because, by having aligned ourselves with God by seeing the same in everyone while in human form here in this world, we become like God here in this world.

  • God-realized – Established in God, established in Truth.

“A well-educated, scholarly Brahman expert in the Vedas is unfit to become a guru if he is not God-realized, but a person who is God-realized, even if born in a family of outcastes, is fit to become a guru.” — Padma Purana

No matter how many ‘direct experiences’ we have, if they do not translate into our human lives, they will not change us enough to get us to liberation. But if we align ourselves and our actions with the Divine, think and act like a god here in this world, we become established in God-ness. Being like God, we become as unbound as God (liberated).

Outcastes are generally shunned by others, especially those of higher social standing, but by naming them, as well as animals who live among people, this verse seems to be suggesting that, in all these beings, there is someone at home—Divine Individuals who are equally divine and the same as you and I.

Divine – God, God-like, a god (i.e., the Real You).
Individual – That which cannot be divided; an entity of independent existence.

And even if there were no Divine Individual in residence within a body, the body itself is still God, because all that is is God. So there is no getting around the need to be able to at least understand that this is so, and to live and act accordingly as best we can. 

“God being without defect … they are therefore established in God”
When your actions are aligned with Truth/God, you are about as close as you can get as a human being, to being God-like. The standard for what this would look like, and how to apply it to your life, is found in the first two steps of Yoga, the yamas and niyamas and their resulting siddhis, or powers 
(Ten Keys to Success).

“Rebirth is conquered by one whose mind is established in impartiality concerning others”
Rebirth can be conquered by seeing the Real, the Divine, in yourself and others, here in this world.

The word ‘mind’, manas, refers to that aspect of the mind that can think and imagine, so you have only to remind yourself that wherever you look, you are seeing God, and that the embodied one you see is the same as you and everyone else, and treat them as such.

“God being without defect” 
God does not take on the experiences of others, their joys or their sorrows, but exists as pure, Absolute Bliss. God does not engage in differentiation based on social status or being. When your mind is established in this indifference (impartiality, neutrality), rebirth will no longer be compulsory. Because God is flawlessly impartial, you, being the same, are established in God: God-realized.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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