VI:3-4 Ascension to Yoga

With ascension to Yoga, sameness-of-mind sets in and the mind becomes calm. Wonderful experiences begin to happen: you explore other worlds, see the adepts and receive their guidance, get messages, have dreams that are not dreams… 

For a muni wishing to ascend to yoga, action is said to be the means. For one who has already ascended to Yoga, equanimity is said to be the means.

  • Muni a saint, sage, seer, ascetic, monk, devotee, hermit.

Once you have ascended to yoga (union), tranquility becomes the instrument of your advancement. There is a shift. Things have been active until now, but now the mind is calm, and wonderful experiences begin to happen. You explore other realms, see the adepts, get messages, and have dreams that are not dreams. Purifications take place. Purification of the mind begins and you get to see what shape your ego is in—not always pleasant, and often embarrassing, but necessary for going forward.

Practically, this pleasant peacefulness even becomes necessary in one’s living conditions. You need conditions that will allow for this shift to happen and not dissipate because of distractions.

When one is not attached to actions or to things, and has renounced all self-motivated purposes and intentions, one is said to have ascended to Yoga.

This verse gives us standards for determining where we are in the process of ascending to Yoga. 

  • We are not attached to actions – Not attached to being the doer of actions.
  • We are not attached to things – Not attached to objects of the senses—anything that can be perceived by the senses: odor, flavor, touch, sight, sound.
  • We have renounced all self-motivated purposes and intentions – Given up acting for the purpose of getting the results of action (getting what we want).

We can ascend to yoga when we are not attached to objects, objectives, actions, or the results of actions.

We perceive things through our senses. What we perceive is relayed to the mind where we judge the worth of these things—we either like them or not to varying degrees. We become attached to the things we like and desire to have them. If we get something we want, we get attached to keeping it.
Attachment is a fixed state of mind and works against us. It is for this reason that it is discouraged.

Attachment is a fixed state of mind.

When the mind is fixed, the Life Energy is fixed. When the Life Energy is fixed, the wellness and maintenance of the body is impeded. This is one of the reasons that we die.

“Renounced all self-motivated purposes and intentions
Intention is a popular concept for getting what you want. That this can be effective is not in question here. We are simply being reminded that when we have and act on intentions, we will not reach God/Truth; we will not become liberated; we will not achieve our natural state of happiness; we will remain desire-ridden, attached, bound to temporal happiness at best. The workings of this chain have been repeatedly explained in previous verses.  

All intentions are based on desire.

The ascent to Yoga can only happen when we have let go of desires—trying to make things be the way we want them to be, trying to get what we want—and acting with the intention of fulfilling them. 

This seems like a tall order, but when we understand this as a practice, and not something we have to be able do 24/7 in our daily lives, it becomes doable. This practice, which is something we usually call ‘meditation’, needs certain conditions for it to work. So we must find a way to implement this practice—give ourselves the right place and time—and then do it regularly.

Yes, it is possible to live like this 24/7, but it takes many years, and maybe many lifetimes, to get to this point. We first need to be able to do it as a practice so that we get the experience of it in order to know what this state is like. Then, when it begins to come naturally and easily in our meditation, it will begin to spill over into our lives, and we will be able to recognize it, and not be fooled by the ego. So let’s not put the cart before the horse, get in over our heads, and get discouraged.

Renunciation is Surrender

Surrender in meditation is the choice not to choose, but to delegate God/Truth to determine what happens or doesn’t happen during meditation.

In Surrender Meditation we abandon all pre-conceived ideas about meditation, and any expectations and desires we may have. We leave everything to God/Truth, thus unburdening ourselves of all purposes and intentions. During this time, we are free of all responsibilities, and the concomitant need to be in control. God/Truth is in control. Actions may arise, but we do not take ourselves to be the doer of them, for we are not attached to their effects

Choice is the very essence of your very great and mighty power. If you have not contemplated this, you have not begun to know yourself. This power is innate. It will not go away, ever.

Earlier, we came to understand that self-surrender is what is meant by ‘sacrifice’, that sacrifice and worship are synonymous, and that you get what you worship. When you use this inherent power to choose not to be the chooser but to surrender yourself to God/Truth in meditation, you will get God/Truth. It is an adventure like no other.

Yoga = Renunciation = Surrender = Sacrifice

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma


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