VII:1-3 Proving God

Real Faith comes when God is proved. It is one thing to believe in God. It is another thing entirely to experience God. Only through one’s own experience in meditation can God be proved. This is the true purpose of Yoga.      

The Blessed Lord spoke:
Hear how practicing Yoga by taking refuge in Me, the mind absorbed in Me, you will without doubt, know Me entirely.

The word for ‘taking refuge’ also means, ‘depending upon, protection, union, choosing’, which fully describes Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga: surrender to God/Truth in meditation. 

God: Truth, the Absolute.

Taking refuge in God is surrender to God. When you surrender to God you depend on God. When you choose God to drive your chariot as did Arjuna, you are dependent on God without doubt and are protected. Then your mind easily becomes absorbed in God, first as thought, then as experience, then as Real.

You get what you surrender to.

Surrender to God amounts to making the choice not to choose. By surrendering yourself to God in meditation in this manner, God takes care of everything. This surrender is done only in the context of meditation. If you do this, your meditation will eventually become your life, and God will genuinely be in charge of it.

If you try to be surrendered to God all at once in life, where choices are being made by you every second, you will fail. It was executing your power to choose that got you into this situation, and it is executing it in order to abandon it that will deliver you from it. It is a simple and natural means of discovering God/Truth and your own true Self. 

I am fully explaining to you the Highest Wisdom in a manner that is understandable. Once you understand it, nothing in the entire world remains to be known.

The Highest Wisdom then, encompasses everything that is worthy of knowing. We have heard it before, but now, in case we haven’t understood it, we are getting it in a way that we should be able to understand, beginning with this: 

Of people in thousands, one may strive for perfection. Of the striving and the perfected, no one knows Me.

At the last minute, my translation of this verse was corrected and the commentary changed. When I read it, I was puzzled…until I realized what was going on, thanks to my Board of Directors. Here it is:

Of people in thousands hardly anyone strives for perfection, but there may be one who does. Even so, neither that striving person nor those who have actually reached perfection, know God. The striving person cannot fully know God because of the all pervading, distracting attachments to physical existence, especially those on the part of the body itself. But how is it that the Perfected One, the siddha, does not know God?

The answer is, the Perfected One IS God.

In the Absolute there is nothing to know—there is no knower, no known, and no knowing going on. Where the Perfected One is concerned, the word ‘know’ is utterly useless, for knowledge requires a knower, and this dual situation does not exist in the Absolute.

I will leave you with this to contemplate. If you want to read what I just trashed, click here.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma


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