VII:29-30 Divine Body…

“Those who seek liberation from old age and death by surrendering to Me, know this Absolute God, the Divine Absolute Individual, and all about action…With consciousness fully absorbed in Me at the moment of death, they will surely know Me.” — Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, ch 7, vs 29-30 

Those who seek liberation from old age and death by surrendering to Me, they know this Brahman, Adhyatma, and all about action…..

  • Me – Lord Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu, God as the Sustainer of Life
  • Adhyatma – The Divine Individual, the Real You
  • Brahman – Absolute God

Lord Krishna is identifying Himself as Absolute (Brahman) and goes on to point out that the Real You is also Absolute and Divine (Adhyatman). And if you want release from old age and death, you will surrender to and come to know Absolute God, your Real Self, and all there is to know about Action.

NOTE: Instead of stating this process as cheating death as it does in some texts, it is stated here as liberation from old age and death, inferring eternal youth. This is consistent with other texts and the teachings of my own lineage on the subject of Divine Body.

…As well as Adhibhuta, Adhidaiva and Adhiyajña. With consciousness fully absorbed in Me at the moment of death, they will surely know Me.

  • Know – Accept unconditionally

Lord Krishna, Sustainer of Life, is telling you that if you want to be relieved of old age and death, this is the way to go about it: Accept and surrender yourself to Lord Krishna, the Divine-other-than-you, and become absorbed in That. Then, when at the moment of death you are absorbed in God, you will ‘know’ God.

  • Death – Death of the body, death of the ego, sleep, deep sleep, meditation, renunciation.

What your religion is, what you believe in, what it is called, your name for God, all this is irrelevant. Just surrender yourself to Absolute Truth and the rest will take care of itself.

“As well as AdhibhutaAdhidaiva and Adhiyajña

  • Adhibhuta – The first coming into being of the Divine Individual
  • Adhidaiva – The first other Divine Individual known to Adhyatma
  • Adhiyajña – The acceptance of the first other Divine Individual by Adhyatma

A Short Lesson in Yoga Cosmology


The Divine Individual
The Real You. 


First Coming-into-being
The Real You (atman), having become aware of your own existence (asmita), engage your inherent power to know what is other than You, and you are now in a state of being (ahamkara).

Your state: Actor.

The effect of the first act of the Divine Individual engaging Its inherent power to choose, is shakti, the power that instigates all action. 

This first action of the Divine Individual seeking knowledge of otherness is the basis all action, as well as the buddhi function of the mind which is based on self-and-other-than-self: duality.

The core of the mind, brought about by the first action, the choice to know another, is the sense of self as different, separate, and the doer of action (ahamkara, ‘ego’).

The ultimate result of the first action is that the Divine Individual enters a state of being and ultimately encounters a body (‘the Embodied One‘), the state of being human.


The First Divine Other
The first other Divine Individual known to You (Adhyatma), and who becomes your Personal God.

Your state: Knower


The First Sacrifice
Your first acceptance (sacrifice) of another Divine Individual as the same as You.

Your state: Surrendered.

Because of this first acceptance, as an embodied being your surrender to Absolute God, the Divine Other-Than-You, accelerates your evolution (awakens kundalini) and begins your journey toward recapturing your original state—eternally birthless, deathless, imperishable—only now with full awareness (“fully absorbed in Me”). 

In all of this, we find the source of all the differing concepts of God: personal and impersonal, Supreme Being and abstract Truth, relative and absolute. Now we see that all these are correct and have their sources in our own progression from the Absolute situation to the embodiment we now experience.

It appears that these two verses are telling us that, under the prescribed conditions, a transformation takes place at death, and as Paul has stated it in 1 Corinthians, “Death is swallowed up in victory,” and one attains immortal, divine body.

Now is a good time to revisit the lyrics of Kripalu’s Song on surrender and non-duality.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

End of Chapter Seven
The Yoga of Truth


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