VIII: 1-4 From the Absolute to the Relative and Back Again…

“Those who seek liberation from old age and death, surrender to Me, know this Absolute God, the Absolute Self, and all about Action…With consciousness fully absorbed in Me at the moment of death, they will truly know Me.” — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 7, verses 29-30  

Arjuna speaks:
What is this Brahman, what is Adhyatma, and what is Action, O Best of Beings, and what are Adhibhuta and Adhidaiva said to be? Who is Adhiyajna in the body, Slayer of Madhu, and how at the time of death can this be known by those who are self-disciplined, devoted and committed?

From the Absolute 

3  Lord Krishna answers:
Brahman is the Imperishable Absolute. Adhyatma is the innate Self. Action is known as the sending forth that causes him to come into a state of being.

Brahman (Absolute God) is the Highest order of God, the Imperishable Absolute situation.

Adhyatma (first individual) is the innate Self, the Divine Individual, the Real You, void of any state of being.

Action (karma) is known as the ‘sending forth’ on the part of Adhyatma in order to know what is other-than-self, the first action of Adhyatma.  

Vibration is the effect of Adhyatma’s inherent ability to be conscious being sent forth to know what is other than himself. The all-pervading sound produced by this vibration, one tone consisting of all tones (one for each of us), resounds throughout all Creation and can be heard in deep meditation.

To the Relative

Lord Krishna continues:

Adhibhuta is Purusha come into perishable being. Adhidaiva is the first other Divine Individual known to Purusha. The Highest Sacrifice here in the body, Adhiyajna, is Myself.

Adhibhuta (first becoming) is Adhyatma in a state of being identified with something other than his true Self that is not absolute, and is therefore perishable. 

Purusha is Adhyatma with a viewpoint, the “embodied one” in a state of being a being (Adhibhuta).

Adhidaiva (first god) is the first other Divine Individual known to Adhyatma.

Adhiyajna (first sacrifice). Engaging his innate power of choice, Adhyatma sacrifices his perfect situation in the Absolute in order to know Another (Adhidaiva). Once this Purusha (Adhyatma with a viewpoint) becomes embodied and seeks to recapture his original, perfect situation, he chooses not to choose and leaves everything to Absolute God by surrendering himself to That. This surrender is Adhiyajna, “the highest sacrifice here in the body”.

Lord Krishna is saying that this sacrifice is actually Himself, and is therefore the Highest Sacrifice here in the body (the word for ‘first’ also means ‘highest’). Sacrifice is how you got here, so it is also what will enable you to return to your original situation of Eternal Happiness.

In the Relative Realm

The sacrifice made by the Real You in the Absolute changed everything. By choosing to know other-than-self (prakriti), a viewpoint was produced, and ultimately a perceptible form. By perceiving another through a viewpoint, you experienced difference, separateness, and perception produced the senses and became indirect. 

Now, when a sense is attracted to its object, knowledge of that object is transmitted and stored in your mind. Every time your attention goes out through one or more of your senses to perceive, you are sacrificing your life—because the Life Energy (prana) in the body always travels with the attention, it leaves the body. 

Attention is a flow of consciousness.

When you want to know something, you ‘send forth’ your attention through one or more of your senses. In the Relative Realm of this world, this is how you learn.

And Back Again

Meditation is a steady flow of attention and prana to one thing, one place. Through the practice of surrender to Absolute God, the attention and prana spontaneously become withdrawn and find a place within the body to accumulate, concentrate and produce pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses. With this withdrawal, the attention stops going outward because the life energy has stopped going outward, and a meditative state of divine union is attained.

This is Real Surrender, Adhiyajna, the Highest Sacrifice. It is how you got here, and it is how you will return to your natural state of perfection and Eternal Happiness.

“With consciousness fully absorbed in Me at the moment of death, they will truly know Me” — Lord Krishna

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

3 thoughts on “VIII: 1-4 From the Absolute to the Relative and Back Again…

    1. Galen,

      You are not alone. Very few people grasp it, and lean toward more ‘fundamentalist’ interpretations. Revisit it from time to time. The space in between will make it new again and you will one day say, “Oh! I get it now.”

      Traveling between CT and Phx, when I wasn’t being a speed demon I would kick back and relax by getting behind one of the best drivers in the world: a trucker.


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