VIII:8-10 At the Moment of Death, Part 2

We’ve learned about our original situation in the Divine Absolute and how we got to where we are now, and now we will discover how to recover this happy state and overcome the cycles of birth and death that keep it at bay.

Absorbed in the repeated practice of yoga and constantly remembering and thinking of that other Divine Purusha with consciousness not turning to anything else, one reaches that Purusha, Son of Pritha (Arjuna).

“That other Divine Purusha”
You will remember that purusha is the Real You (adhyatma), a Divine Individual in the Absolute, who has chosen to know if there was anyone else. You did, and there was. The first other Divine Individual (adhidaiva) known to you is this Divine Purusha. This first encounter with another purusha is responsible for your inclination to think of God as personal God and other than you.

How is it possible to remember something that you have no memory of encountering? The answer is, through the constant practice of yoga (uniting). Through yoga one comes to know this Divine Purusha face to face. Once this has occurred, you will never forget it and it will be easy to call the memory to mind, and to think of this Divine Purusha. Short of this, if your idea of God is personal (rather than impersonal, or abstract), call God to mind and think of nothing else. 

In Surrender Meditation, one naturally becomes absorbed in and addicted to the repeated practice of yoga and thinks of nothing else. Consequently, one eventually gains communion with that first Divine Individual who was first known at the very beginning of time, Adhidaiva (‘first god’), who subsequently became one’s personal God, and one’s propensity for thinking of God as other than self.

Both the personal (God) and the abstract (Truth) are equally valid ways of thinking of God, but after a lengthy teaching on the Absolute (impersonal God, Brahman) in earlier verses, personal God seems to be taking center stage for achieving the Imperishable at end-time.

Meditating according to the instructions of the ancient poets, on that one who is the sustainer and maintainer of everything, whose form is smaller than an atom and inconceivable, self-luminous and beyond darkness, for one who is endued with devotion and the power of yoga, the mind unmoving, the prana established at the eyebrow center and remembering him at end-time, that Divine Purusha is reached.

Lord Krishna is explaining the conditions surrounding reuniting with our personal God, by reminding Arjuna that for this to work, he must undertake Yoga as it was known by the ancients, those poet-sages who knew Original Yoga. Nothing else will do here.

He goes on to describe this Divine Purusha, whose form is more subtle than an atom and inconceivable, saying that he can reach this Purusha by thinking of him when, by the power of this Original Yoga, the energy is established at the eyebrow chakra at end-time, and he is thinking about and remembering him. 

This Divine Purusha is what keeps everything going for you. ‘Everything’ includes your own physical body. Its form (ananda kosha) is self-luminous (shines of its own light) and, in spite of having a form, its true nature is omniscient, omnipresent, and beyond darkness (tamas).

  • Beyond darkness – Knowable and perceptible.

We have learned how to reach Absolute God (Brahman) at end-time, and now we also know how to reach our Personal God at that time. Both are God, both are Absolute, and God being unlimited, will accommodate us either way.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

2 thoughts on “VIII:8-10 At the Moment of Death, Part 2

  1. galtarr

    Thank you Durga Ma

    Practice, Practice, Practice with the patients of a kitty-cat I will do. Giving and surrendering, struggling and persevering through duality and the attachments that are made. Knowing very little as to ground made, perhaps I am as I always was but the setting of the stage is different, react to the light and darkness and what may be brought forth forming quality of character.


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