VIII:24-25 The Day and Night of the Yogi, Continued

Will you continue to become embodied in worlds of temporal happiness and sorrow at death? Or will you rise above this dilemma and reach the Eternal Happiness of the Imperishable Absolute?

The bright fire of day, the bright half of the moon, the upper-going of the sun, departing then, those who know Brahman go forth to Brahman.

  • Brahman – God in the absolute sense. 

The bright fire (agni jyoti)kundalini flowing through the central channel of the body, the sushumna nadi (‘gracious and kind flow channel’), is day. Departing then, the yogi who knows Brahman (God) is liberated from rebirth and goes to Brahman.   

Upper-going of the sun, the six months of the sun’s northern course, refers to the ascendant flow of kundalini within the central channel (‘north’ is ‘up’). 

The bright half of the lunar month is a reference to soma. The moon is the pineal gland which, when ‘full’, produces soma. When drunk by the body, the soma becomes purified. Once pure, it is called amrita, the nectar of immortality. 

Departing – ‘dead, passed away’ (macrocosm), and also ‘arrived at, advanced to’ (microcosm).  

Those who know Brahman, Absolute God, the Imperishable: To ‘know’ Brahman is to have experienced Brahman. This event is known as nirvikalpa, nirbija or asamprajnata samadhi. By merely recalling this experience, the life energy flows in the direction of That—where the attention goes, the energy flows. In this case, that direction is upward and inward, pulled by the upward-going of kundalini. This is the meaning of  ‘knowing Brahman’, or ‘thinking only of God’. Thought, remembering, takes place in the brain and mind, and this is just where kundalni is going—into the head.

At this stage (Raja Yoga), sun and moon are related to the brain: The sun is kundalini-shakti initiating the flow of soma from the pineal gland, the Moon, and into the body to be purified.

When we reach this stage, Kundalini is stationed in the north at the sixth chakra. Before this, She made Her home at the first chakra, returning there after many ventures into higher places. Now, from the ajna chakra, She is able to use the life energy (Prana) to suit Her, and sends it into every cell of the body to deliver the amrtia and make the necessary changes. The evolutionary force, Kundalini, seated above the throat is now called Maruti (Goddess of the Wind). At this point, one has completed yoga sadhana.

With the misty darkness of night, the dark half of the moon, the right-hand going of the sun, the yogi attains the lunar light and is born again.

The misty darkness of night – Kundalini is seated below the throat at the first chakra.

The dark half of the lunar month – The moon, the pineal gland, is not ‘full’.

Right-hand going of the sun, the six months of sun’s southern course, refers to Kundalini moving in the chakras below the sixth chakra (‘south’ is ‘down’).

The yogi attains the lunar light (cāndra jyoti), the light of the moon, and is born again.

Once Raja Yoga is achieved, Kundalini is seated at the ajna chakra and Her sphere of action is above the throat, but before this, Her sphere of action is from the first to the fifth chakra. During this phase of sadhana, the yogi gets the moonlight (jyoti) of Hatha Yoga, but not the moon juice (soma) of Raja Yoga.

Moonlight is the precursor of the moon juice. The moonlight, or moon-lightening, occurs in meditation during Hatha Yoga as it tries to stimulate the soma. This lightening is experienced in spontaneous (without will) meditation, or Experiential (Surrender) Meditation. It cannot be made to happen.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma 

One thought on “VIII:24-25 The Day and Night of the Yogi, Continued

  1. galtarr

    Thank you Durga Ma

    Informational. My mind this evening must be a solid mass, unable to absorb concepts expressed in above verses. Thinking and remembering this past week has not been my strength yet I think I feel OK about this.


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