V:14 Continued: Addendum to “How to Mitigate Negative Influences”…

Previously, we learned that each of us is a Master within a city of nine gates, a body, and that we can realize this for ourselves (become Self-realized) by means of the practice and understanding presented in verses 13 and 14.

As the embodied divine eternal perfect one that you really are, the Real You, you do not create action, the means of action, or the effects of action. But what you are being (human) is a different story. A daily dose of experience at putting yourself in sync with the Real You will put you on the fast track to the joy and happiness of the Real You, and mitigate negative influences of other ‘cities’. We call this practice, Surrender Meditation

Whether you practice Surrender Meditation or not, the suggestions below will move you in the right direction. If you practice Surrender Meditation, they will advance you even more quickly.

The Wisdom Teachings of Surrender Meditation, “In the City of Nine Gates”, Continued:

1. Commit yourself to your spiritual development absolutely. 

2. Meditate daily. There is no spirituality without meditation. Meditation is the foundation of spiritual development. Everything else listed here is for the purpose of successful meditation, happier living and the acceptance of Divine Others (other Real You-s) as equally divine and the same as You.

3. Knowledge and learning have an amazing way of fueling progress and getting results quicker and more effectively, so get more spiritual knowledge and steep yourself in it. Study scriptures. It doesn’t matter which ones, they are all teaching the same things in different ways.

4. Apply the yamas and niyamas to your life. These come in ten fundamental principles in Yoga (Ten Keys to Success), more in Hinduism. I like them because they are teachings that never seem to stop delivering more guidance and wisdom. As you continue on your spiritual path, they will continue to address and reveal new depths at each stage.

5. Practice being honest with yourself about yourself. No more denial, and no more using positive thinking to get away with it. Investigate yourself as a being, and be self-honest, even if it hurts. And investigate your Real Self through contemplation and meditation.

6. Get personal with God. Talk to God. Appeal to God. Listen to God. Although you will undoubtedly think me to be somewhat abstract in my perception of God, I have another, more devotional side: I talk to God all the time, day and night…out loud. I discuss all kinds of things with God. I run all my decisions by God, listen to the responses and act accordingly, knowing that any dissatisfaction with any outcome is due to my own error in understanding, and useful to me in itself as guidance for my own improvement.

7. Take God on faith until you experience God yourself, not just mentally or emotionally but really.

8. See the same in everyone. Treat others with kindness, realizing that what dwells within each person is absolutely the same as You: perfect, divine and filled with joy and goodness. And understand that what you do to another affects everyone, including you.

9. Remind yourself daily that, as the result of accepting Others unconditionally as Divine and the same as You, you move closer to Real Reality and the Real You, a Perfect Absolute Divine Individual of Pure Joy.

If you do all this, your life will change and you will like it better, no matter how good it is now.

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