The Secret of Yoga – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 7

Bhagavad Gita, chapter 9, verse 7:
All beings go into My prakṛiti at the end of a kalpa. At the beginning of a kalpa, I send them forth. 

All beings go into the same state (prakriti) as Lord Krishna at the end of a kalpa. The end of a kalpa could be death. This is in keeping with previous verses, but may also mean something else as well.

If we consider the subject of this chapter, The Yoga of the Royal Secret Science, we must consider this verse in that context and take a look at “prakriti” and “kalpa” with new eyes.


The original or natural condition of anything; cause, original source, origin, nature, characteristic.

All beings go into their original state, which is the same as Lord Krishna’s state, at the end of a kalpa. Beings, on the other hand, are on the merry-go-round of life and death and are not in Krishna’s state. But He is saying that they go into their original state “at the end of a kalpa.” 


A sacred precept, law, rule or practice. A rule or practice to be observed before any other as one’s first duty. Resolve, determination. Treatment of sickness, manner of curing; the art of medicine. A fabulous period of time  (‘fabulous’ also means ‘wonderful’). A kind of dance. The tree of paradise.

Kalpa is usually translated as ‘a fabulous period of time’. It was used this way earlier in “The Day and Night of Brahma” in reference to the cycle of Ages. At a personal level, and associated with one’s yoga practice, a kalpa is a time period that is small by comparison. Just as the cycle of Ages gradually moves from the iron age to the golden age, so does the yogi experience this microcosmically in his yoga practice. 

kalpa experientially reveals how yoga unfolds as it brings one into this state. For one whose practice is the first duty before any other, a kalpa reveals this knowledge, is healing, and through purification the body becomes a ‘tree of paradise’. 

We must remember that this verse is a continuation of the subject of the Highest Secret, and begin to contemplate it. Here is one way to look at it:

Swami Kripalu, in the dance of surrender, Experiential Meditation
Swami Kripalu in the dance of Surrender Experiential Meditation

All beings go into their original state at the end of a kalpa.

kalpa is a period of time in which, by following one’s first duty to practice yoga constantly with determination, God/Truth is revealed at its culmination, and fulfillment is attained.

This practice, which is a kind of dance, brings about healing, acts as preventative medicine and purifies the body.

Through its repeated practice, the body ultimately becomes a tree of paradise. 

The Secret

The secret of yoga is a practice that brings about all the good things mentioned earlier: it is pleasant, easy to practice and always at hand. It is secret because it is obvious but not understood. In a word, it is Sacrifice, the complete surrender of oneself to God. Through this surrender, all these things come about automatically.

You get what you surrender to.

You may think that you know what surrender is. You may think of it as throwing in the towel, loosing control, even failure. Or you may think of it as letting go, going with the flow, kicking back and relaxing. But these ideas are short of the mark. True surrender as it is meant here, is surrender only to Absolute God, abandoning the role of the doer of actions, and letting God run everything—your body, your mind, your feelings, your personality, your attachments, desires, preconceived ideas, etc.

The secret to successful spiritual practice by any name, is this complete surrender to God. This is a spiritual practice, not an attitude or a belief. It is not practiced in public or in group meditations. It is radical. It is private, secret, hidden. This is because you are not perfect until you are perfect: realigned to the Divine One that you really are. Until then you protect yourself from the imperfections of others, and others from your imperfections. 

This true Surrender is Real Yoga. It naturally and effortlessly brings about the true meditative state (samadhi), union with the Absolute, and liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth. 

All mystical texts have two things in common, one of which is the cloaking of this secret in willful terms. You will not find these teachings on Surrender in other translations.

Why am I revealing this secret now? Because I am guided to do so by those immortal masters I call my Board of Directors, and because Yogeshwar told me to bring back the worship of the Goddess. The masters of this lineage understood the Divine Power of the Feminine, for it is She who initiates this journey. 

I may at some point write more on this subject. Meanwhile, to learn more about this exquisite practice, read Real SurrenderTo get it straight from the horse’s mouth, take the Shaktipat Intensive below.

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Durga Ma 

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2 thoughts on “The Secret of Yoga – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 7

  1. How does God surrender onto itself?
    How does Truth reveal truth onto itself?

    How do I surrender onto God/Truth; through yoga.
    By surrendering all that is mentioned above in your article to God/Truth in practice a profound occurrence begins to shift these things of surrender, all this is the “act” of God. That which is “still” and moves not, what is this? That “stillness” does it emanate and in doing so releases and takes no part in the “act” That which is created is part of the creator but the creator is not part of the created.

    A little tiny swell gave rise as I read this article, I like that.

    Thank you Durga Ma


    1. You are god in a body made of god being human. The human sacrifices himself on the altar of surrender to the Real, Absolute God. Anything that moves is a part of nature, Relative God. The sacrifice goes to Absolute God. The one making the sacrifice is the being; the one revealed by the sacrifice, is the Real You.


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