Omniscience – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 9, Vs 15

“Those who engage in sacrifice by offering wisdom, are worshipping Me and are together with Me as the one, the many, and facing in all directions.” — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9, Verse 15

Four Faces - The ability to see in all directions simultaneously. Unlimited consciousness, perception, knowing. Omniscience.
Four Faces – The ability to see in all directions simultaneously. Unlimited consciousness, perception, knowing. Omniscience.

First we know and then we do, but the Divine has no limitations concerning either, but sees everywhere (the faces) and performs all actions (the arms). This state is indicative of the final form of our journey to God/Truth and liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth.

The wisdom sacrifice has many forms, and all are forms of worship. They differ in their practice, but they all lead to the Ultimate. One obvious form is the passing of the teachings of one’s lineage to others who will in turn, pass them on to their own disciples. This was discussed in earlier chapters as the means of protecting the teachings from loss and misunderstanding. Anyone who reaches a certain point of advancement will naturally experience this “wisdom sacrifice” as a necessary and significant part of their own journey. 

As Bhgavan Jnaneshvara said in answer to the question of why he taught, he replied, “A teacher teaches for their own reasons.”

Alternate translation:
By the wisdom sacrifice, they worship Me as the Absolute formless One, and as the Many and diverse, omniscient, omnipresent and not different than themselves.

Whether one or many, God is essentially Absolute. The practitioner of yoga is not disturbed by this apparent dichotomy, but recognizes it as Truth. God, whatever your word is for That, has no limitations and cannot be confined to the either-or philosophies and belief systems of mortals.

Remember that ‘sacrifice’ is the offering of oneself wholly to Absolute God—it is a spiritual practice, a ‘worship’. The form this worship takes is the subject of this chapter.

“As the one, the many, and facing in all directions”
This teaching is seen in murtis (statues of gods) whose heads have faces on all sides—they are “facing in all directions”. This is a reference to their omniscience. They are individuals with unlimited perception. Their consciousness is not limited to a body or a form. They know all, they are everywhere, they know everyone and know themselves to be not different than That (all Others).

God (the one) and the Many (everyone) are all the same (not different). That this teaching is given in the context of revealing The Secret of Yoga implies that yoga is the action that brings one to this Reality through experience. The trick here is to remember that, however it may seem, this action is not of your own doing, but is the provenance of Shakti, the power of God/Truth.

One cannot successfully take this position without the absolute privacy and seclusion afforded by Experiential (Surrender) Meditation, by any name. In the privacy of your own meditation room, when you offer yourself to God in surrender, actions will happen and you will come to understand that what you always thought of as your own doing has been Shakti all along.

But what about everything you do outside of the meditation room? The world is called an “illusion” for a reason. However, being a divine individual at the core, you have the power of choice. The only limitation to this is that you have only two basic options regarding this power: you can either use it or not. Outside the meditation room you use it all the time. This is called “will”.

In the meditation room, you delegate God to run everything and get out of the way by giving yourself to God. This is called “surrender”, and it is this that prevents and eradicates karma and brings about liberation. The best you can hope to gain through the use of the will is some good karma for the future. (There is one exception to this that is coming up in this chapter, verses 26-28)

As long as you are using your will, you are creating karma, but in your meditation room, you are liberated. In the outside world, however much you may believe that you are surrendering in the midst of life, you are living in bondage every single moment. Only after many years of surrender yoga will this begin to change.

You will know when the time comes through the experience of seeing in all directions simultaneously. You will literally have the experience of seeing equally in all directions even with your eyes closed, in the midst of a crowd, or talking with friends. It is a definite, non-mental experience that is the herald of a new stage. Your life is about to change…again.

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that You really are),
Durga Ma

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