The Big Picture – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 1-5

The Blessed Lord spoke:
O Mighty Armed One, because you are dear to Me, and because you are taking such delight in listening, hear once again as I repeat in a manner giving you the greatest advantage, these teachings of Mine. 

Read the Prelude to this chapter 

Lord Krishna acknowledges Arjuna’s devotional state, which is discernible by his eagerness to listen to Him. He is going to go over things again, only now He is going to present His teachings on the secret of yoga in such a way that Arjuna can be most benefited. This time he will expand on them and give Arjuna the big picture so that he can grasp the magnitude of what he has been taught.

Before now, Arjuna has gone from depression, resistance, disagreement and confusion, to finally urging Lord Krishna to “please just tell me what to do.” Now that he is in this devotional state and at his most receptive, Krishna determines to put things into a different light and address Time and the Creation of the world on a truly grand scale.

Of all the gods and great sages, none know my origin, because I am the source of the gods and the great sages in every way.

To begin, He tells Arjuna of the universality of His greatness by calling his attention to the fact that even the gods and the great sages have their origin in Him. He is the source of their origin. They exist subsequent to Creation which emanates from Him alone, Imperishable Absolute God without beginning or end. 

Even the source of Lord Krishna’s origin as an avatara cannot be known to the gods and the sages because they are beings, and the comprehension of beings is dependent on the senses and the mind, which can only provide indirect perception.

This indicates that it is He, Absolute God, rather than our own willful efforts, who is behind our successful journey, before we even understand all this, before we even understand God and what That really is. He goes on to suggest….

He who knows Me as existing eternally without beginning, Lord of all the Worlds, is not confused. He is released, freed from all troubles and misfortunes. 

One who knows God as Absolute, knows God to exist eternally without beginning, and as the ever-present divine force permeating all worlds, and all beings that reside in them. Knowing this as distinct from the relative nature of physical worlds themselves, clears up all kinds of confusion and misconceptions. Knowing God as Absolute, one will not make the mistake of surrendering to God as this world or anything in it, including beings, events, conditions or circumstances, for these are all relative, and we are to resort solely to His Highest existence. 

Although we are beings with the limitations of mind and senses, it must surely be possible to know God. Previous chapters and verses have shown us the way to perception and comprehension without the use of the senses and the mind through true meditation. With continued practice, our comprehension continues to unfold.

He is saying that if we understand all this—what He has taught us and what He is going to tell us next—we won’t get stuck and hold ourselves back; we will flow with greater ease through the ever-changing stages of our journey and its transitions.

Absolute God has no beginning and therefore no end, is not a born being and so has no journey to take. God is with you from the very beginning of your journey and will be with you until the end, when you become one with That, all suffering and sorrow ended.

Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from delusion, patience, veracity, self-restraint, tranquility, pleasure, pain, birth, death, and fear and fearlessness…
Non-violence, impartiality, contentment, austerity, charity, fame, disrepute, the manifold conditions of beings, arise from Me alone.

These Relative (changeable) characteristics of human beings suggest His presence as the Absolute (unchanging) behind them. Here we see yamas and niyamas mixed with other states (intelligence, knowledge, enlightenment) as well as opposites (pleasure and pain, birth and death, fear and fearlessness) and other characteristics.

It is God who guides our complete journey Home through time; these things will arise within us in the process of becoming successful due to the purification process that is inherent in change. When they do arise, we can remember this verse telling us that they arise from God and be comforted—progress is being made.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

6 thoughts on “The Big Picture – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 1-5

  1. Ritam

    Dear Durga Ma,

    Your beautiful, divine explanations in this chapter elicit in me a thrilling and joyful sense of being very close to the Truth, and a warm, comforting feeling with love for God in all it’s forms. I love reading and rereading it, just to know that All is God and that I really am being carried along with God, Truth, Divine Love all the time in this life.

    There is one question I have regarding the secret teaching of yoga that leads to purification as taught specifically by Lakulisha in the Pasupat Sutras. And in addition, Yogeshwar’s even more specifics about that teaching. I do not feel that it would be appropriate to write about it in detail here, especially as it refers specifically to my own sadhana…is there another way we could communicate?

    As I am not able to leave and come to a teaching event where you are at this time, would it be possible to email or preferably speak with you – Phone, Skype, Messages?



      1. Ritam

        Dear Durga Ma,

        I have not received an email from you yet, sent you one to Phoenixmetaphysical and it was Daemon mailer returned to me.

        My email continues to be and I do hope to hear from you to ask my sadhana question. My phone: 505-424-0400.

        Jaya Bhagavan!



        1. I have sent you an email. Your email address has changed, so that is probably why there was a problem. I’m off to an appointment soon and will look for an email from you when I get back. If I don’t see anything, I will call you. It would be nice to talk to you directly anyway.


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