No More Soft Pedaling – A Commentary on Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 6

Recently, I found myself writing some things that I would normally not have written, so I squirreled it away. I have since decided to go ahead and post it for you to read. The context is the many existing worlds and universes and the huge time-frames of the cycles of existences mentioned in previous two posts.

Read the Prelude to this chapter

Long, long ago in earlier ages, seven Great Sages and four Manus, who were brought forth from a notion arising from My essence, gave rise to all living beings of all the worlds. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 10, verse 6

What Lord Krishna has related to us so far, is so huge, so incomprehensible, that the ordinary person will be unable to understand it. We are ordinary people, so even if we were to reach a point in which these teachings could come through to us, we would have doubts and times of confusion. He means to rectify this by painting a bigger picture that our ordinary minds do have the ability to grasp. If we are wise, we will continue with this yoga as prescribed, and consider this as we go.

The basic message is that the whole journey is very long and consists of many thousands of lifetimes, each one a drop in a very big bucket. The enormity of this should motivate us to stop hanging on to attachments and messing around with trying to get our desires fulfilled. Getting desires fulfilled is not going to bring us happiness anyway, but only a short sense of pleasure that will soon go away.

You get what you want when you can give it up.

Lord Krishna has told us how to go about this in order to hit the finish-line sooner, and no doubt will do so again, so why fool around and waste a perfectly good lifetime in which one might actually score and get the ultimate prize, and advance everyone else into the bargain?

But we are selfish. We think only of ourselves and our own interests, our own welfare, our own self-congratulations for doing the right thing, and we and everyone else are held back.

We live in a (relatively) free society; most of us are privileged in comparison to people in many other places. We are the ‘Brahmins’ of the west for whom the potential for completing this journey is greater and easier by far than most. Yet we are ‘instant gratification’ two-year-olds who can only see in black and white (all or nothing). We can’t or won’t make commitments. We seek out gurus whom we believe can give us instant phenomena ‘experiences’, and instant enlightenment, which we take to mean that we will automatically circumvent any homework. And we seek Truth only where it looks like someone else will do everything for us in a flash, without a lick of effort on our own parts. Yet we tell ourselves that we don’t need any actual help or guidance because can do it all by ourselves.

This behavior is absurdly foolish. It is the very reason we have so much hardship and violence in and of our world. We all have free will, the power of choice, and this is how we use it?

Thus do we squander this gift of Life as if it were guaranteed that the next time around will be just as good (it may not, you know) when in fact, we recklessly waste the good karma we created previously for the sole purpose of moving forward to unification with our Real Selves, and union with the Divine, liberation and Eternal Happiness.

I am here for the sole purpose of helping you. I am being human so that you can see that if it is possible for me, with all my human imperfections, it is possible for you. The reason you are living in a privileged society is so that you can get on with it. You are wasting your life and dragging yourself down (and us with you) if you don’t.

• • • • •

Before today, I have spoken softly to you in my commentaries. Now I see this as an insult, and I apologize. You have read this far and you are still here, so you are someone who is qualified to hear the Truth.

I could offer you words of comfort and hope, and even some techniques for being ‘happier’, but there are enough people out there doing this kind of thing already, and doing very well at it. One more person on this mission is redundant. My interest is in your actual forward movement toward happiness that is not going to go away.

Until now, I have soft-pedaled my way through these commentaries so you could continue to play it safe if that was what you wanted. But it isn’t. You want more, and deserve more, than someone who will just try to make you feel good for a short while, leaving you to go out seeking it over and over again. You want someone who will tell you the truth about Truth. You want lasting happiness.

Some of you who have read this far will be having thoughts about going for the ultimate goal as being selfish—of course it is self-ish!—but this is just another excuse to avoid the inevitable while patting yourself on the back for your humility. So stop it. Let being self-ish in this regard be your strength. If you need an injection to get through this, remember that your forward movement moves everyone forward with you, and go ahead and feel self-righteous. We won’t mind.

There are only two ways to get to God/Truth: You can read or hear it spoken of, or you can experience it for yourself. The first of these will lead to the second if you let it. So from here on out, I am going to do my best to pull out all the stops and give it to you straight. No more soft-pedaling.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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