Vibhuti Yoga: Guru – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 7-8 continued

“One who, through yoga practiced correctly as one’s first duty, knows this yoga power as My very own and is not yoked by irresolution and doubt. I am the source of all that exists. Everything is set into motion from Me. Thus do the wise with the ability to meditate, worship Me.” — Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10, Verses 7-8

Vibhuti Yoga: Power Yoga

Yoga (union) occurs when meditation has been matured through practice. When it does, you will most likely fight it because of its power, for this power is an awesome thing.

It is useless to try to practice yoga to get special powers or to have elaborate experiences if you can’t tolerate the power. Yet, thousands go to popular gurus for reasons like this, with the expectation that all should be given to them in one blow without having to do any of the work—without practicing real yoga, real meditation, and acquiring real, correct knowledge.

You may not want to seek a guru because society has taught you that to associate with gurus is to associate with cults, even though most cults stem from organized religions and insanity. This is one reason I talk about yoga as an adventure. Another reason is because it is an adventure.

All adventures have some degree of real or imagined risk. Taking a guru may be a foray into the unknown, but it is a risk you must take if you’re going to continue to grow spiritually. A guru knows the way from personal experience in meditation, the teachings of their guru lineage, and correct knowledge as found in scriptures. Without this, you can only go so far.


Many Sanskrit terms have been tweaked in order to get them into English and have lost or diluted their real meanings. The word guru is one of them.

  • Guru – a teacher who can take you from darkness (gu) to light (ru). 

A guru is a teacher, a teacher with a lineage of successful masters. A guru can not only teach you, but can correctly guide you. I don’t mean to say that because someone is a guru that he or she is perfect. Gurus are human, so they are not immune to error. Expecting perfection is foolish. As with any marriage, one takes the bad with the good. 

Sometimes, seekers will confuse being a student with being a disciple. For the most part, anyone can become a student of a guru. Discipleship, on the other hand, is a different matter.

To become a disciple one usually has to ask the guru if he or she will accept them. The guru will either accept you as a disciple or not, and may also require something of you before agreeing to make this commitment (you are not the only one taking a risk!). The guru will want to know that you are serious and are also willing to make this commitment yourselfit’s a two-way street. You cannot be taught, and you certainly cannot be guided, if you are not serious and not willing to follow the guidance of this guru. 

No real guru is going to try to control you or get you into trouble. 

How do you know if a guru is the real deal or not? You may not be able to be certain about this, so any time spent before accepting you as a disciple is a good thing for you, too. If you are not already personally acquainted with this person and his or her lineage and teachings, this time gives you the opportunity to do so.

If your guru accepts you as a disciple, you must act as if this person were God incarnate—whether you like something about your guru or not, whether you like what you hear or not, whether you want to do what is required of you or not. You will inevitably run into these kinds of situations because you are being guided in such a way as to reach something that is beyond your previous experience. so it is going to be unfamiliar. This is what makes it an adventure. 

You would not be interested in being a disciple unless you believed that this guru could get you where you want to go, to something that you don’t already know, to some place you have never been. It is a journey into the unknown, so of course these things will come up. You will best serve yourself by ignoring your mind’s objections and just going forward anyway. You can’t have a good adventure without risking the unknown.

Can you get hurt? Of course you can. You can get hurt by anyone. Haven’t you ever been in love and gotten hurt before? You were willing to take a chance on that relationship, so why would you resist a guru-disciple relationship that has the potential to take you to real love and eternal happiness? 

I am a long-term renegade, but I thought it would be worth the risk, and it has. I have been payed so many times over I couldn’t begin to tell you. So why wouldn’t you seek out your guru

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

4 thoughts on “Vibhuti Yoga: Guru – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 7-8 continued

  1. Janaka

    Thanks for this sharing and for the comments below. That reminds me of a dream made a few years ago where I was breathing in the water, and that I found It possible to do it. It was a strong impression. When I awoke, I was sure It was possible and I did some research and in fact, It is possible. Like in the movie The Abyss that was based on some scientific experiment.
    I remember that in my dream, the feeling was that breathing under water would be nessary at some point on my path.

    Pertaining to the mean idea of this topic, I see myself as a student but I understand the purpose of a guru / disciple relationship, and that the degree of commitment is not the same.


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  2. Dear friends and yoga family,
    I am posting an experience here because it is appropriate. It was posted originally in Shaktipat Roundtable, a private online resource for all of Durga Ma’s initiates where we study and share with her each week. I have included Durga Ma’s response below it. This is the power of a guru:

    “I’ve had an experience that I wish to share with you all. There was an effort to edit what I originally wrote in order to express the awesomeness of it, but there are no words so I will leave it to your imagination in hopes that it will translate near the truth. The other person I am referring to below is Durga Ma who was present in my experience:

    It seemed like out of complete blackness I found myself sitting across from you (Ma) in another world. We were seated on top of a cloud! We communicated telepathically… you were in your bliss body so far as I could tell because you (Ma) were glowing from the inside out. I was nervous about sitting on a cloud. You smiled and assured me I would not fall.

    Then you took a red string between your thumb and pointer finger and told me to do the same, that we were going to descend from the cloud. I thought this was impossible! How could we support the weight of our bodies between two fingers, on a thread?! You smiled gently again and down you went. I followed in the same manner. We descended below the cloud into thin air and you let go of the thread. I let go and we sat there, suspended, levitating! What came next was really mind-blowing…

    We flew. Just as we willed it we were able to fly all over this magnificent world, through the air like birds. It was beyond magical- it was real.

    After some time of exploration and experiencing the limitless beauty of flight we went further down still towards an ocean. It was turquoise and shined like the most brilliant diamond I have ever seen. I have seen this color of water before, but this time it was without any boundary or visible end, shining with infinite facets of light. You motioned me beneath the surface of the water- I hesitated because I did not know how I could hold my breath for so long. You told me (again telepathically) that I did not have to, I could breathe underwater here!! I could- the cleanest breath I have ever taken in my life… it is bringing tears to my eyes to recall it just now.

    Then I came back. I thought at first I had been dreaming, but there is no way it was a dream.


    Durga Ma’s response:

    Shortly before this experience, Anandi had been contemplating attachments, wrote to me and I responded. She wrote back giving me permission to go into her mind anytime. This experience of samadhi was the result of this degree of faith in God and Guru.

    Yogeshwar used to say…often…”God is not a cheat.” I would say, “You get what you surrender to.”

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  3. Dear Ma,
    Thank you for posting this. As your disciple, and a long-term renegade, atheist-turned agnostic, revolutionary intellectual, I can attest to not only the truth of what you write but in the experience of it. There is NO substitute for a true guru. I would have argued myself in the past before I met you, was intiated and have had the great blessing of being your disciple. Of course, I am biased toward you- but I am biased toward Truth just as well. Thank you for being my light in the darkness!

    Would you please comment on the new-age belief that “you don’t need a guru because the true guru is within you.” I have my own opinion, but I think it should come from an avatara 😉


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