The Power of God (and You) is Unlimited – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 40-42

The Power Of God Everywhere

The Unlimited Power of God & You

The manifestations of God in the world, in you, and in the entire universe.

The eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Arjuna and his childhood friend and Guru, Lord Krishna. Arjuna has asked Him to explain how He, as Absolute God, exists within Creation (beginning with verses 19-20, “God in You”):

There is no limit to My divine, super-human power, Scorcher of the Foe. These accounts I have mentioned are but a small portion of my manifestations extending everywhere.

Scorcher of the Foe. Now Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as Scorcher of the Foe. The Sanskrit means ‘destroying the enemy’ specifically through heat, or burning. But who or what is the enemy? and what is meant by burning?

The enemy refers to the enemy of yoga. The enemy of yoga is ‘impurities’, things that aren’t where they belong, and which cause interference in achieving yoga (union). Because you are devoted and persevering, the enemy of yoga is your enemy, the infidel.  

The word for heat or burning is tapas, meaning ‘to consume by fire, or heat’, which points to destroying impurities as opposed to eliminating them. This is the job of Prana, the Life Energy in the body. Because this energy really is your life, it is motivated because keeping you alive is its job.

This energy becomes quite fierce during the hatha yoga stage of yoga sadhana (sun-moon union practice), whereas in earlier stages of this practice, one becomes very cold as the cooling energy (apana) rids the body of impurities through elimination. But for a Scorcher of the Foe, they are destroyed. The implication here is that Arjuna is now engaged in hatha yoga as taught by Lord Krishna in this and earlier chapters.

41 – 42
Whatever exists through My superhuman power, you should understand with certainty, that its existence originates from a mere fraction of My power. But what is all this to you, Arjuna?  Just know that the entirety of Creation is firmly situated in a mere fraction of Myself.

A mere fraction. Makes you think, doesn’t it. This is Absolute God, having taken embodiment, speaking to Arjuna (and to us) for his benefit (and ours).

What is beyond this Creation that we don’t see? As beings, we are living in and aware only of this small fraction. More to the point, we are living in and aware of only a small fraction of this small fraction! Doesn’t this make you want to expand your consciousness? I don’t know about you, but I have always found this to be very compelling. I have spent the better part of my life in pursuit of it, and have had a few peaks by practicing the Yoga taught in these chapters by Lord Krishna.

“But what is all this to you, Arjuna?” Lord Krishna wonders why Arjuna is forever wanting to have Him explain more and more about Himself. But we know the secret. We know that Arjuna has become enraptured with listening to Lord Krishna’s revelations. It is not just what He is teaching, but that He is teaching it to Arjuna, speaking to him, His attention fixed on him. Arjuna is wrapped in this loving cocoon of joy and doesn’t want it to end.

For Arjuna, whose banner (standard) is the Great Devotee, Hanuman, nothing could bring him more happiness. So he keeps coming up with questions for his Guru, Lord Krishna, in order to retain his hold on the divine joy of devotion under the very best situation of all: direct contact, direct experience of God.

The Eight Superhuman Powers

1  अणिमन् animan, the power of becoming as minute as the most discrete particle (smaller than an atom); the power to move unobserved; the power to disappear.

2  लघिमन् laghiman, the power of lightness, the power to treat an otherwise serious matter with lightness or humor (traditionally, becoming lighter than a feather: weightlessness) 

3  प्राप्ति prapti, the power to penetrate everywhere (omnipresence) and acquire or attain anything (like touching the moon with the tip of the finger)

4  प्राकाम्य prakamya, the power of irresistible fiat (proclaiming that “it is so”, and so it is—your word is cause; you name it, you claim it)

5  महिमन् mahiman, the power to become Great; greatness, magnitude, might, majesty and glory (the magical power of bigness)

6  ईशिता ishiti, supreme power and sovereignty (independence)

7  वशिता vashita, the unlimited power of irresistible charisma (the power of overcoming or subduing to one’s own will by magical means, i.e., fascination, bewitchment, subjugation)

8  कामावसायिता kamavasayita, the power of mastery over all desires (mastery over something means that is no longer the master over you)

NOTE:  The sequential unfoldment of these powers is best understood by reading them from the bottom up.

End of Chapter Ten

Vibhuti Yoga – The Yoga of Power

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that you really are),
Durga Ma

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