The Eternal Self-Existent Self – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 11, Vs 1


The Power of God in You

Upon seeing the power of God in everything around you, it is only a short hop to realizing that God is also in you. 

The Eternal Self-Existent Self

In this conversation between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna speaks in gratitude to his guru for what he has received and realized.

Arjuna spoke:

Out of kindness and for my highest benefit, You have spoken and entrusted me with the mystery of the Self-existent Self, and now this delusion of mine is gone.

Now that Arjuna has understood the great mystery of the true Self and realized it for himself, he is no longer dealing with doubt and confusion. And now he realizes that he is at the beginning of something truly great. He has understood the teachings Lord Krishna has given him, and this has made him firm in his path and full of faith.

Those of us listening in to this conversation may find it remarkable that it has taken Arjuna ten chapters to reach this point. This should tell us something about reaching God, enlightenment, yoga, surrender, union, kundalini, liberation…..

At this point — standing in the middle between the two armies, the two opposing forces in the body — one is in a position to begin Real Yoga and bring them together as Kundalini.

This tells us that some degree of enlightenment has to happen before one reaches this point. We would all like to believe that we are spiritually advanced and highly evolved, but we must pull ourselves together now and take the blow: up until now, we didn’t know zilch. All the things we thought we knew about yoga, meditation, surrender, enlightenment, kundalini, spiritual experiences, etc., was incorrect. But now we are ready and raring to go and take this amazing journey.

The True Self is Eternally Self-Existent

The Sanskrit is Adhyatma, which means ‘one’s own true Self’. The word is defined as ‘own, belonging to self, concerning individual self’.

The real Self is not created, but has always been, is now, and ever shall be. I refer to this Self-existent individual as the Divine Individual, the True Self, the Real You, or Absolute You.

This Self that you really are is eternal, indestructible, all-powerful, all-knowing and all-pervading. Now that sounds a lot like God, doesn’t it?

Also, this Self that you really are is the same as every other Divine Individual. By “same” I do not mean that you are the same one, but that you are the same as all other Divine Individuals—we are all one hundred percent alike. Look again at these words and know them to be your own true nature: eternal, indestructible, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-pervading.

Know this Self that you truly are as the Highest Abode where you can go for relief from the disturbances of life, for peace and rest. To reach this place within yourself, don’t get caught up with ideas like being in the silence, or in the now, or trying to calm your mind, or trying to rid your mind of thoughts or your heart of feelings. All this just keeps the mind active (the mind is activated when you try to make these things happen). Start simply by finding a quiet, non-distracting place that doesn’t stimulate the senses, and sit with this idea.

Don’t get caught up with trying to have an ‘experience’. Just live with this Truth about You for a little while every day. Be like a little child for this short time, and leave behind all your worries, responsibilities and concerns. When you begin to feel your facial muscles relax into a smile, or feel a sweet tear rolling down your cheek, you have reached the doorway to Truth Itself, and Self-realization.

If after days or weeks or months you do not find your True Self, try finding someone who can teach you true and authentic yoga meditation. This will loosen the bonds enveloping this secret place, this Real You.

When you can see this, experience it for yourself, you will know what Arjuna meant when he said that his delusion had gone away.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

Self Realization

Self Emergence Mandalas & Master Classes

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As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of others are benefited. 
As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.

Experiential Meditation

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