Samjaya Narrates Krishna’s Terrifying Cosmic Form to the Blind King – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 11, Vs 9 – 31

Using divine sight, Samjaya describes the exchange between Arjuna and Krishna to the blind king, Dhirtarashtra.
Using divine sight, Samjaya describes the exchange between Arjuna and Krishna to the blind king, Dhirtarashtra.

In this dialogue between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna, the scene now returns to Dhirtarashtra (‘one whose empire is firmly held’) and Samjaya (‘victor’), Minister to the blind (unconscious, ignorant) king.

Samjaya has Divine Sight and is narrating to the king, all that is taking place on the battlefield before the conflict begins. All we have read in this Bhagavad Gita, has come to us through Samjaya narrating this conversation between Arjuna and Lord Krishna, and is now narrating to the king the….

Vision of the Cosmic Form of God

I have translated these verses into plain English as best I could. They seem to me to speak for themselves. I will send you the commentary next week telling you what I make of this (well, some of it anyway).

Samjaya continues his narrative:

9 – 11
Samjaya speaks:
Thus having spoken, O king, the Great Lord of Yoga, Hari, reveals to Arjuna, the appearance of His most extraordinary form with many and various mouths and eyes, many beautifully decorated divine weapons raised up, and wearing divine garments and garlands of flowers, divine fragrances, and consisting of all sorts of marvels. Thus is the God of gods eternally unlimited and facing in all directions.

Hari: Krishna, avatar of Vishnu. From the root, ha, “to take away or remove evil or sin”.

Many beautifully decorated divine weapons: Instruments or implements of yoga.

Eternally unlimited and facing in all directions: Always fully conscious of all that is, without restriction.

12 – 14
If a thousand suns should rise in the sky all at once, such brilliance would be like that of this Great Soul (Krishna). There, in the body of the God of gods, Arjuna sees the entire universe. 
The hairs on his body standing on end from sheer ecstasy and amazement, Arjuna bows down at the feet of the God of gods, and with folded hands begins to speak:

Now, Arjuna speaks:

15 – 19
Arjuna Speaks:

O God, I see all the gods in Your body, and all kinds of beings gathered there: Lord Brahmā on his lotus seat, and all the sages and divine serpents; I see You everywhere, in infinite form, with many bellies, faces and eyes. I see no end, middle or beginning of You, O Lord of All. The entire universe IS Your form! Crowned and armed with club and discus (chakra) in massive splendor and shining forth in all directions, with the unlimited blazing fire of the brilliant sun. Even though you are difficult to behold, I see You completely.
Cosmic Form 2

You are the Highest of all that can be Realized. You are the treasure of the universe, the ultimate resting place for all. And I believe that you are the Divine Imperishable Individual that preserves Eternal Dharma (the way things really are in the Absolute). I see Your glorious radiance without origin, middle or end, with innumerable arms of endless strength, the sun and the moon as your eyes. And I see you burning all the universe in your oblation-eating mouth.

20 – 21
O Great Soul, from heaven and earth and everything in between, all is pervaded by You alone. Seeing this wondrous and terrible form of Yours, the three worlds tremble. Hosts of gods enter into You, some with great fear, with palms joined in reverence and recounting your names and glories. Multitudes of Great Rishis (sages) and Siddhas (perfected ones) hail you with excellent hymns.

22 – 23
Rudras, Aadityas, Vasus, Sadhyas, the Vishva Devas, the Ashvin twins, the Maruts and Ancestors, throngs of Gandharvas, Yakshas, Aasuras and Siddhas, all behold You in amazement. Seeing this magnificent form of Yours, with its many mouths, eyes, arms, thighs, legs, bellies, and terrifying teeth, all the worlds tremble, and so do I.

 24 – 25
Seeing Your form reaching the heavens radiantly shining with many colors, mouth wide open and huge blazing eyes, with my inmost self trembling and afraid, I am unable to maintain my firmness and equanimity. Just by seeing your terrible teeth as if they were the very fires of cosmic destruction, I have lost my sense of direction and I don’t know where I am. Have mercy on me, O God of gods, Abode of the Universe.  

26 – 27 
All the sons of Dritarashtra (the king) and all the warrior kings—Bhishma, Drona and Karna (renowned enemies)—along with our own chief warriors quickly enter Your terrifying mouths agape with many terrible teeth with crushed heads clinging between them.

28 – 29
As many torrential rivers flow into the ocean, so also all these kings of men flame forth, entering your mouths from every direction. Just as moths enter speedily into a blazing flame only to be destroyed, so do all these armies of men quickly enter your mouths and perish.

30 – 31
O Lord, you are lapping up and devouring all these people from all directions. You are burning the entire universe with the fierce, all-pervading rays of your radiance. O You of Terrifying form, who are You? My obeisance to You, O God of gods, have mercy on me. You existed before all Creation and I want to understand who you are, for I do not know what you intend to do! 

Whew! Read the Commentary in next week’s post.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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