The Awakening of Kundalini – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 11, Vs 36 – 37

Shiva Nataraja
Shiva Nataraja – Lord Shiva, the Royal Dancer, tramples the Demon.

This post addresses the Creator, the Imperishable Absolute, both armies as representing things about you, yoga nidra, nada yoga and the Perfected Ones.

In the story of the Mahabharata war, this Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna. Listening in, we receive the teachings of Lord Krishna as he relates them to Arjuna.

Arjuna said:
Master, it is fitting that the universe gives you praise and loves you. Terrified demons flee in all directions, and the multitude of Perfected Ones bow down before You.

And why should they not, O Great One? You are the creator of the Creator, Brahmā! You are the Imperishable Absolute. You are that which is existent, that which is non-existent, and that which is beyond both.

Brahmaa, the Creator, is created from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is Vishnu's avatar.
Brahmaa the Creator is created from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is Vishnu’s avatar.

Arjuna understands that the Creator was created, and that the creator’s Creator was Absolute God, who has become present in a body in this world to be seen by human eyes: Lord Krishna.

More than half of the warriors on the battlefield are enemies who will fight against Arjuna. Many were once friends and teachers, and are also relatives. But under the present circumstances they are fighting on the side of those who would take Arjuna and his brothers down.

Many of these people were mentioned in chapter one. They represent parts of each of us that will try to work against our reclaiming our proper place as independent divine individuals living right here on planet Earth in physical bodies.

The “present circumstances” are Arjuna’s association with Lord Krishna, and their position between the two armies — they are in the middle, blowing their conch horns to signal the beginning of the battle.

Cochlea of the ear
Conch 1
Cross section of a conch shell

If you were to take a cross-section of a conch and compare it to the cochlea of the ear, you would see a surprising similarity in the form of a spiral. When you yawn, you become partially deaf for a moment, and sleepy. This is what the sound of blowing conch horns represents — the call to meditation and the sleep of yoga nidra, the sleep of union (yoga). And now the battle has begun. The clashing together of the two opposing forces in the body has awakened the evolutionary force, kundalini. Now we can see that this ‘battle’ is not what we may have thought.

If we take this to mean that this is when we need to meditate, we have understood correctly, for it is only in meditation that the two opposing energies within the body will unite, awaken Kundalini and urge Her into the central channel, the middle pathway.

The blowing of conch horns signals that the battle is about to begin.
The blowing of conch horns signals that the battle is about to begin.

So this strange picture that looks like a war zone, with Arjuna and Lord Krishna standing between the two armies and blowing their conch horns, is really the beginning of true meditation and yoga nidra, the sleep of unionas suggested by the conch horns. It is not really a war, but the union of these two energies in the body, and the subsequent awakening of Kundalini from Her sleep.

Now, in yoga nidra, you will hear fully, but this time what you hear will be direct, not a product of something heard via the ear, but the direct experience of Divine Sound. This is called nada yoga, the sound of union, which ultimately resolves into the sound of OM being heard directly. 

At first, these kinds of experiences will be rough, but over time they will become refined and go through many changes. Then they will show you many things that will inspire you and cause you to become addicted to meditating.

These wonderful experiences of Hatha Yoga pave the way to Royal Yoga and the full awakening of Kundalini. And terrified demons will flee in all directions, and Perfected Ones will appear and give you their blessings.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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4 thoughts on “The Awakening of Kundalini – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 11, Vs 36 – 37

  1. Dljames26

    Wonderful teaching as always-I hope the following question is complete or makes sense: what should one do, or undo, when the kundalini hisses from her slumber but stops; won’t go pass the manipura? Be patient…and persist without persisting 😦 I have been fortunate to experience a pranic awakening, therefore I am not referring to the event of “prana up” but the experience of the transforming/transcending one.

    NOTE: unique meditative/giving experience- I was able to give a donation last month and the most peculiar thing occurred in my being- I felt bliss. Not the idea or the mental conception of doing a good thing, in fact no thoughts were present to make the conclusion of a good thing done-but a physical manifestation-the same bliss just above the manipura ( not quite in the anahata) that I experienced during the remote shaktipat! Shakti is not limited by distance!!! I have given to others, organizations and people alike, and it has NEVER manifested as bliss! Something very special is going on with and in Durga Ma and anyone blessed to encounter her.
    Thank you Durga Ma,
    Still seeking TRUTH

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing this Daniel. It is important for me to know where you stand with your sadhana. This is either prana or what Swami Kripalu would call “partially awakened” kundalini. It is difficult to be more specific without talking to you face to face, but I suspect the kundalini and that it was stopped by the Brahmagranthi, which gets resolved with fully awakened kundalini, but not quickly.

      Your comments regarding Remote Shaktipat are appreciated. Many believe it is nonsense.


      1. Dljames26

        Thanks Durga Ma-I understand. Yes the bliss was unexpected-shati has no distance if we are receptive. I was wondering will the retreat happening in March be a shaktipat intensive; Has there been an itinerary established for the retreat?
        Many Thanks,

        Liked by 1 person

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