Arjuna Seeks the Return of Lord Krishna’s Gentle Form – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 11, Vs 41 – 46

Arjuna prostrates before Lord Krishna
Arjuna prostrates before the omniscient Lord Krishna

This post addresses the glory and greatness of Lord Krishna, the mortification and entreaty of Arjuna, three worlds, and the gentle four-armed form of the Lord.

In the story of the Mahabharata war, this Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna. Listening in, we receive the teachings of Lord Krishna as he relates them to Arjuna.

The Blessed Lord Krishna speaks:

41 – 42
Due to ignorance and my affection for You and thinking of You as my friend, I have presumptuously addressed you saying, Hey, Krishna! Hey Yadu! Hey, Friend!, not knowing of Your Glory and Greatness. Having dishonored You so many times—jesting as we played together, lay on the same bed, or sat or ate together, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of others. For all these offenses, please forgive me.

Krishna and Arjuna playing

Arjuna, Krishna’s childhood friend, has come to consider Krishna to be his guru, but he didn’t really know Him until now. Now that he has seen Krishna’s true form, he knows he is indeed God in human form: an avatara. Thinking back on their youthful friendship he is horrified at how casually he has treated Him.

Do you think Lord Krishna will reprimand him for this? If He does, I am going to have some serious explaining to do. I consider God to be my friend, my companion, my beloved, my father, my mother, the boss, and my Guru. I find lightness in this relationship, as well as a presence that permeates body and soul with peace and a soft, embracing joy. In laughter and silliness, joy and sorrow, peace and riotous discord, God is always with me. Living in virtual isolation, I am never alone.

(You may wonder why I don’t speak of being merged into God as One. Well, the answer to this is simple: We like it this way.)

You are the father of the whole Cosmos, of the moving and non-moving, its worshipful master. None is your equal in all the three worlds. How could anyone possibly be greater than You, O Lord of Immeasurable Power. 

3 Bodies / Worlds“Three worlds.”
The three worlds according to Hinduism are earth, heaven and the underworld. In Yoga, the three worlds are in the body: earth (up to the diaphragm), sky (from the diaphragm to the eyebrow center), and heaven is above. The three worlds are also associated with the three bodies: the physical body, the astral body (mental), and the etheric body (emotional). Some see the astral body as both mental and emotional, and the etheric as the causal body.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.43.52 AM

Nothing in your three worlds is greater about you than the unlimited power of God. This God-power is always at hand. When you are up against difficulties—mental, emotional, physical or material—seek out this God-power and allow yourself to become immersed in it. Then, when you are happy and life is going smoothly, you will rightly thank God.

This being the case, I, prostrating my body in surrender to You, ask Your indulgence, Worshipful One. As a father to a son, a friend to a friend, a lover to the beloved, please, O God, have mercy!

Arjuna has gotten terrified experiencing the Cosmic Form of Lord Krishna, and is beside himself with concern….

45 – 46
Though I have seen something that has never been seen before and I am overjoyed, my mind is agitated by fear. Worshipful Lord, please cause me to see that form in which You were previously manifested. O Thousand-armed One whose body is the Universe, I wish to see You crowned and armed with mace and discus in hand as You were before. O You of all forms, become once again Your beautiful four-armed form.

The Four Arms of Vishnu

“Four-armed form”
Arjuna is asking Lord Krishna to return to his gentle form with four arms. Arms represent implements and spheres of action.

In this image, Lord Krishna’s four arms are seen to bear a conch (verse 37), a lotus, a discus, and a mace. On the left side, is Yoga Nidra (conch) and the feminine (lotus), and on the right side, the discus (chakra) and the club. In murtis and icons, the club bears a remarkable resemblance to the scepter of power and sovereignty—independence and dominion over your own realm.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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