Surrender and Self Realization – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 12, Vs 6 – 7

The Splendor of Surrender
The Splendor of Surrender

This post addresses the nature of surrender to God/Truth, how it automatically resolves distinctions such as personal or impersonal God, and how it is practiced to bring one easily to Self Realization.

The Bhagavad Gita appears in the story of the Mahabharata. It is a conversation between Lord Krishna and his devotee and childhood friend, Arjuna. Listening in, we receive the teachings of Lord Krishna as he relates them to Arjuna.

6 – 7
Those who surrender all actions exclusively to Me as the Supreme Absolute, meditating by My yoga, are together with Me. Their consciousness thus absorbed in Me, I quickly extricate them from the ocean of death and transmigration.

  • Surrender – worship, resort to, renounce, abandon, sacrifice. Surrender is not just ‘opening up’, but a specific yoga meditation practice that involves abandoning all the things that prevent or diminish your surrender during meditation.
Swami Kripalu, bringer of the original yoga, Surrender Meditation, to the West.
Swami Kripalu, bringer of the original yoga, Natural Surrender Meditation, to the West.

Natural Meditation

“Those who surrender all actions exclusively to Me as the Supreme Absolute”

The Sanskrit for ‘surrender’ is samnyasa, meaning ‘throwing down, laying aside, giving up, resigning, renouncing, abandoning’. 

To practice Natural Meditation one abandons all desires, attachments, preconceived ideas and expectations for the duration of their meditation, thus fulfilling the conditions for sannyasa. Then all actions that occur in meditation are spontaneous God-actions and not your own. During this time, you are completely free. This paves the way for genuine liberation from samsara (cycles of transmigrations).

The message here is to surrender to Absolute God and nothing else. Period. You should never just surrender. And you should never surrender to a thought, word, phrase, feeling, physical sensation, etc. Such things may occur as a result of your surrender, but they are not what you surrender to. Even though your mind may tell you that a thought, word, feeling, etc. is God because “all is God,” in this meditation we surrender only to Absolute God. Anything else is in the relative realm of this world, and though Divine, not absolute. 

“The Supreme Absolute”

The term ‘Supreme Absolute’ suggests something higher and beyond the distinctions of Personal or Impersonal God. So we can take this literally: Absolute God is Supreme.

In our present age, Yoga has become a willful path. What I mean is, the ‘will’ is employed to carry out certain techniques in order to obtain certain correlating results. But there is another way to reach God/Truth that is much quicker, easier by far, and very satisfying and pleasant to practice. It is surrender to Supreme Absolute God in meditation.

This surrender takes place in meditation under proper conditions, and can last for from one hour to many hours. The reason such long sessions are possible is because you are not working at it. Everything that occurs is carried out by God, because you have surrendered everything to That.

This is what Lord Krishna has been trying to teach Arjuna, and he has finally understood. You will not find this surrender orientation in other translations. This is because they are translated by present-day yogis and scholars who are, like everyone else, oriented to willful action: If you do a certain thing a certain way you can expect a certain result. The desired ‘result’ is the driving force. But Lord Krishna is saying that the Supreme Absolute should be the driving force.

Who do you know that is not invested in one or more certain results from meditation? In addition to holding on to these desires and expectations, with willful practices one can also feel in control. This seems safer, but it is an illusion. Who is better equipped to take you to the goal of union with God, than God? It’s a no-brainer.

And then there is the issue of surrender being a loss of power. But how can surrender to the Ultimate Power make you powerless? First of all, this is not even possible. Your power is innate and can never be taken away from you. Being in control seems like power, but it isn’t. Real power is within you, for God is within you. You can either use this power or not. In Surrender Meditation we do not. It’s that simple.

“Meditating by My Yoga, they are together with Me”

The nature of nature it to move. Therefore, in Natural Meditation actions will occur. But these actions (kriyas) are not of your own doing, however much it may seem that they are. You have surrendered everything to the Supreme Absolute, so you are not involved. God takes care of everything for you.

God – Truth, The Absolute, Goddess, Divine Mother Shakti, the Holy Spirit, and many other names apply.

The highest action of Natural Meditation is yoga (union). At first this union is the coming together of two opposing forces in the body (prana and apana) that unite and awaken Kundalini, the evolutionary force. Later, in advanced stages, union becomes the union of you with God/Truth: Supreme Absolute God. Only then can you say “I AM THAT” with real meaning. You are Self Realized, God RealizedIn the next verse we will learn how this works.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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Swami Kripalu

Bringer of the original yoga, Natural Meditation, to the West.

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