Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth

This world is paradise. This is what I was thinking just now, in a moment of looking out the window at the beautiful desert sky. I thought about how I have always been convinced that this world could actually become the paradise it was meant to be. And then I added people into the mix. And tears filled my eyes.

I am painfully aware of what goes on among most people on this Earth, and it is not a pretty sight. All the suffering and killing. All the evil. It boggles the mind.

Yes, I used that socially prohibited negative word, ‘Evil’. But really, no other word is strong enough.

Hearing or reading about ideals like Paradise on Earth, the privileged among us do one of three things: We either ignore it and go into denial in the name of positivity (most of us), become part of the problem (some of us), or try to fix it (few of us). 

We are the privileged. We are the only ones who can rectify this situation, which amounts to it being our duty. It’s not even hard to do. Even so, no one wants to be bothered with it. We say to ourselves, “There’s nothing we can do; we’ll just have to adapt.”

But there is something we can do, and I am having a difficult time finding anyone else who knows and understands how this can be done, or is even interested in finding out and learning how to go about it. It is so simple it will make your head spin, and it asks nothing of you but to realign yourself to match the Real You. That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

I am not suggesting that we try to create some kind of Cause and get everyone to join the ranks. If you understand how to do this and how it effects the world, you will understand that creating a cause is unnecessary. And you will understand how it will benefit you directly. You won’t be surprised when your life changes and you find more happiness, more prosperity, more successes in all your undertakings, better relationships, as you advance your own evolution. All these good things will go out from You to everyone on Earth, and affect their lives as well.

At first this will not be visible, but as more and more take up this endeavor (and they will), more and more people will be affected by it. Then there will come a time when there is a shift, and BANG! Paradise on Earth. No more wars, torture, killing, hating. All the evil has disappeared to be replaced with joy, loving kindness and peace…because that is the Natural State of all of us.   

You don’t believe me, do you?

Well, I don’t blame you. It seems impossible. Maybe you don’t believe me because it doesn’t interest you. That’s the problem with the privileged. They aren’t motivated. But right now, amidst all the evils, even though the potential is there, the probability is not—but you can personally change this.

Paradise on Earth is within our reach. We are the only ones who can revive it. Although we do not need to get a group cause going, knowing others who are also on board will be useful to you in your own endeavors and will provide support. Aside from that, it is essentially an individual undertaking.

Everything you do affects everyone else.   

I already know you are one of the privileged (even if you don’t know it), so I am suggesting that you get on board. Let us hear from you. We will answer your questions and give you some options for learning how this works and how to go about it.

Durga Ma
Spiritual Leadership Voyage

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