The Energy of Emotion – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 18

The Power of Emotions

“Like the sun and the light of the sun are said to be beyond darkness, knowledge of the Object of Knowledge is beyond darkness. It (Brahman) dwells within the hearts of all.” — Bhagavad Gita Ch 13, Vs 18

Why not just say “light” instead of “beyond darkness”? This is one of those places in scripture where you are being called to look more deeply to find something that is otherwise hidden.

  • Brahman, Absolute God/Truth, is the object, or objective, of knowledge..
  • Heart (hṛidi) – ‘the heart in the body; the heart chakra as the seat of feelings, emotions, love; the core of the being’.

Now this impersonal-sounding God, Brahman, moves strongly into the personal, suggesting that even the coldest of seekers who seek God as abstract and impersonal, also come to know God in a personal way.

  • Love – The unconditional acceptance of one or more Divine Others as the same as oneSelf; the feeling experienced with this acceptance..
  • Feeling – The experience of emotion.

The Field of Emotion

We have discussed the Field as mind, and now we have discussed it as body, but we have not come upon a Field of Emotion.

Emotions 2What would a Field of Emotion look like? I think it would look like body, mind (etheric body) and feelings (astral body) seen together as a Field of Power. 

Emotions are a part of human embodiment as surely as arms or legs. As long as you have a body, you will have emotions. There is no getting around it. You can pretend that you are beyond such silly and inconvenient things as feelings, but you would lying to yourself. The power of emotion is so great that denying it is literally dangerous to your health. 
Emotions 3

The Energy of Emotion (prana-shakti) is in your body and extends beyond it. Your body and brain are surrounded and permeated with the Energy of Emotion. The Energy of Emotion is the intelligent Life Energy sustaining and maintaing your wellbeing … and functioning as emotion. This energy outside of the body is called Shakti, or spiritual power. As a human being, you are dealing with both. If you think you can skip it, you are wrong; it will not skip you
Emotions 8

This energy, which is crucial to attaining your primary Life Purpose, is stifled by suppression. It must have freedom if you are to have freedom. If it is free, it will deal with the body and take care of its needs—it will take care of you. Giving this energy complete freedom in your meditation is easy if you can give the body complete freedom, and visa versa.

Emotions 7It is important to become familiar with this form of the Life Energy and its movements. This can be done by using certain experiments and hip-pocket techniques that will enable you to know and become able to direct it. Your awareness of this energy, and the ability to notice its actions, is what you must accomplish in order to find and achieve your secondary Life Purpose. This purpose is ‘secondary’ because its success relies on your ‘primary’ purpose.

Your primary Life Purpose is God Realization.
Your secondary Life Purpose is unique to you.

Prana and Shakti

Unlike Prana alone, whose realm is the body, Prana-Shakti is both in the body and outside of the body. The emotional body (astral) is the only body that not only permeates the whole physical body, but also extends outside the body.


The natural home of Prana is in the heart, the core of the Being. This is the fourth chakra, which is within the world of Vishnu (from the diaphragm to the throat). Its purpose is to sustain and maintain the life and well-being of the body. It is called Shakti when operating outside the body.


Shakti is Prana outside of the body. It makes thing go. It is literally everywhere in nature, kick-starting every movement. It is called Prana when operating inside the body. 


EMPATHY 5Emotional Energy goes beyond the body and its environment. Its scope is unlimited. It can reach anyone anywhere and give you someone else’s experience. This is called empathy. It is important to understand that empathy and feelings are connected in this way—they both rely on the Life Energy functioning as the Energy of Emotion. When emotions are suppressed, Prana is suppressed. When emotion and Prana are suppressed, empathy is suppressed. Without empathy one becomes void of compassion

Just think of living in a world where there is no empathy, no compassion, but only active aggression. When aggression overpowers the empathy center in the brain, there will continue to be wars and rumors of wars.


Empathy demonstrates our omnipresence, our all-pervasiveness, which in turn demonstrates our oneness with God. In what it is that we really are (Divine Individuals) we are not located anywhere, we are everywhere. Empathy is the manifestation of this within embodied beings like us. This is the connectedness we hear about. But we are not really ‘connected’, we are in everyone.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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2 thoughts on “The Energy of Emotion – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 18

  1. Dljames26

    The power of EMOTIONS…a just-in-time illumination. I have been attempting to explore the pull vs the power of emotions on my willed actions vs my surrendered meditation state. I find that by experiencing the emotions as pure energy or energetic expressions, I am more at ease to let go and watch the emotion/s during meditation. Thereby allowing its expression- without suppression, without self identifying and being consumed (losing myself ).

    It has proven to be fruitful as of now. What I have discovered is that when we allow emotions to ensnare us due to external events or functions i.e. people, circumstances, the news, we unwittingly connect with that thing through a toxic trauma bond of sorts.These toxic bonds can be empowered and strengthen when the small self feels triggered-and it will until TRUTH reigns supreme in and through our lives. But to experience the emotion, as you stated, over suppression of them, allows for deeper, on the spot inquiry into their nature and influence of them. Emotions are important and if we allow the energetic essence of them to flow in the moment, we can mitigate the toxic bond that would have formed between you and (insert any and all offenders). Just to clarity, my injunctions to experience the energy is not an encouragement to be consumed by the moment, but to detach and watch- you can feel each emotions energetic quality-especially anger-lol.

    I think most people will find this to be an interesting exercise. It allows us to strengthen the container- to live with the intensities of life…God realizations is not for the faint of heart.

    I am making it my mission to see emotions as transformative (intuitive) energies to give guidance and act as agents towards liberation.

    Thank you Durga Ma
    Daniel James

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