The Power of Emotion – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 18, Continued

The Power of Emotions

The most mutable aspect of human embodiment is emotion.

The Power of Emotion

One might ask, Why do emotions seem to be avoided, and even denigrated, by yogis, gurus and authors of scriptures? I think the answer is simple: All scriptures have been created by men for men, and in times not long past, yoga sadhana and the study of scriptures have not been an option for women. Now, don’t think this is a denouncement of men, but quite the opposite. It is the recognition of a heavy burden.

What makes a fetus become male is the rush of a large quantity of testosterone, which promotes sexual avidity, action, aggression and anger, and proceeds to wipe out a good portion of the empathy center in the brain. All this happens about halfway through pregnancy.  

This can make yoga sadhana more difficult for men than for women. Men have a harder time dealing with sexual cravings, aggression and acting on anger than women do. More effort at self-control is needed in order for them to reach and practice yoga at higher stages, so willpower is needed in the beginning to a greater degree than for women.

While we women were being been left out altogether in the past, men have been dealing with this burden by willfully avoiding us and suppressing their emotions (which is easier to do for them than for us). This has resulted in considering emotions to be inappropriate. I think this kind of thinking is just an issue of ignorance associated with the age in which we live (kali yuga), and that it will one day turn around naturally.  

Change, and therefore progress, is easily accomplished when suppression is abandoned.

The Energy of Emotion is not limited to the physical body, the mental body (etheric) or even the emotional body (astral). It is Prana-Shakti. The Energy of Emotion is the energy of experience, and it is everywhere, constantly going out from every one of us to everyone else. [Illustration from Meditating Naturally]  

  • Emotion is a natural function of the body to support survival by producing feelings.
  • Feelings are the experiences of emotions.
  • Empathy is a function of Emotional Energy by which one experiences the feelings of others.

Empathy is a function of Prana-Shakti, the Energy of Emotion. When your Emotional Energy expands to others and shares their feelings, we call it ’empathy’. Like emotions, and even life itself, empathy is based on your relationship with others.


Emotions exist solely because of your relationship to others. Emotional Energy is what it is because of you and other-than-you. It is all-powerful for the same reason. What you experience emotionally (feelings), including the feelings of others (empathy), affects everything about you: your body, your mind, your feelings and every cell in your body. 

EMPATHY 3The effects of emotions are powerful beyond words. When we truly love, we will sacrifice anything for the loved one. When one is desolate to the point of suicide, a power that can cause a person to end their own life must be very powerful indeed. These are extremes, but that is the nature of emotions: they can be very extreme … because of the extreme Power of Emotion.

Because the Energy of Emotion is present in the body and beyond without limit, and because its power is based on you and anything that is other than you that you can be conscious of, the importance of this energy for spiritual advancement should not be overlooked. 

Emotions & Spirituality

Healing and well-being come the same way. The Energy of Emotion affects everything from atoms to Earth. Every experienced emotion moves things, changing things in your body and mind, and subtly affecting everyone else. Emotions are activities of the emotional (astral) body, which extends beyond the physical body. Emotions are energy in motion. 

Spirituality requires progress. Progress requires change. Change is inherent in emotions. 

Emotional Energy 2.1The Energy of Emotion is constantly changing you, and because it is mutable, you can change it. By adding the power of Attention into the mix, you can use this energy to change your life.

The heart, which is the center of emotion and feelings, generates the largest electromagnetic signal in the body, 5,000 times greater than the brain, and takes in information that much faster. It is madness to disregard or minimize emotion and its powerful force and assume you are making spiritual progress. The heart, the seat of Prana and the seat of Emotion, is the central guidance system for the entire body and brain. What would become of us (and everyone else) if we were to disregarded it?

If you are wondering how and where you can be this ‘unsuppressed’, have a look at Natural Meditation below. 

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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