Realizing the Self in the Self by the Self – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 23-24

Self Realization

The witness, consenter, maintainer and experiencer in the body is Maheshvara, and the Highest Purusha is Paramatman.

  • Maheśhvaraḥ – ‘Great Ishvara’, God in You
  • Highest Purusha – ‘Highest Divine Individual’
  • Paramātman – ‘Highest Self’ 

The Highest Self is the Divine Individual — You in your original divine state of perfection and bliss — absolute, imperishable, and without beginning or end.

Maheshvara, the Great Ishvara, is another name of Shiva. Maheshvara is the Great God within you, the witness within who supports you, experiences what you experience and enjoys what you enjoy. Ishvara is established within you as your True Self who is Eternally Existent and bliss-filled. Ishvara will always make you happy. 

The world is not without enmity, hardship, misery and pain, which naturally bring on unhappiness and sorrow, so what are we to do? We must turn to this Great Ishvara with unconditional love, and remember that all actions, including all the ugly things, are just the gunas of Nature interacting. 

It is wise to remember that negative attributes are present in all of us as human beings, and that they are just the flip sides of our positive attributes.

The minute you tune in to Ishvara, you will mitigate, or completely clear, all your unhappiness and despair. Tears will fill your eyes, and Ishvara’s Divine Love will swell within you. Your tears will be tears of Great Joy and Happiness as Divine Love fills you to the brim.

This great happiness is your Natural State as Paramatman — the Highest Self, a Divine Absolute Individual in a body. It is Ishvara, the witness within you, whose state is one of accepting what comes while maintaining your life through it all. It is this Great Ishvara who is the true enjoyer and experiencer, and who is both You and Other than you. 

Whenever you notice yourself experiencing something, know that it is Ishvara who experiences it.

You might think of your Highest Self and Ishvara as being ‘together’, with Ishvara as another Highest Self who holds the template from which your body manifested. This subtle form is called the ananda kosha (bliss-body).

Within the body are five sheaths, or super subtle bodies. The fifth and subtlest is called the ananda kosha, ‘bliss body or sheath’. This sheath is the subtlest of the five, and is the template for your Divine Immortal Form, which your physical-material body has tried to replicate.

One who knows Purusha and Prakriti and the gunas in this way is not born again, no matter what their situation.

  • Purusha – a Divine Individual (You) with a viewpoint
  • Prakriti – another Divine Individual viewed by Purusha
  • Gunas – the three modes of action in Nature

Once you understand Purusha and Prakriti as both Paramatma (Highest Self), and Maheshvara (Great Ishvara, another Divine Individual like You), as well as the gunas of Nature (Prakriti when viewed), you can attain liberation no matter what — no matter what karma you may carry or how near or far you are to the end of the journey.  

Prakriti has three natural features called gunas. These gunas make everything seem alive and real, as they interact with each other in a complex dance of easiness, passion and rest.

  • Easinesssattva
  • Passionrajas
  • Resttamas 

This dance is very convincing. You could swear that it is all real, that it is all exactly what it seems. But it is a mirage, a phenomenon.

Once you have seen the Great Ishvara, you will never again experience loneliness — even if you are constantly alone … because you truly are never alone.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

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