Messages to You from God, Bhagavad Gita, Ch 13, Vs 31-35

Radha & Krishna
Krishna & Radha, Spirit & Nature

When you see that all actions are performed by Nature and that you do nothing, you truly see.

At the point of Self realization, your state will be one in which your reality includes the understanding that all actions occur in Nature, and that what You really are does nothing and never has.

When you see all the different individual living beings situated in the One Absolute from which they are spread out, you enter into Brahman (Absolute God).

  • Enter into Brahman – you attain Godhood

The Imperishable Paramatman being without beginning and without gunas, even though situated in a body, does not act and is therefore untainted by action.

  • Paramatma – Highest Self
  • Gunas – the three active modes of Nature

Where there is no doing, there can be no karma. The word karma means ‘action’ and ‘to do’. Thus, karma is understood as the cause and effect phenomenon that binds us, regardless of whether for good or ill. The only escape is to fully grasp that all action is Nature’s doing, not ours. This is the meaning of ‘enlightenment’.

Just as subtle all-pervading space is not mixed with anything, the True Self is not mixed with the body, even through situated within it.  

  • Mixed – contaminated, corrupted, impure.

Just as the sun alone illumines the whole world, the Lord of the Field illumines the whole Field. 

We each have a tendency to assume identity with the body as ourself. You are the cause of the appearance of your body, but you and your body are not the same. The body appears because of You, but it is not You. You are the Lord of the Field, the Field Knower, who makes the body visible.

When you correctly see through the eye of knowledge, the difference between Nature and Spirit and the means of liberation from Nature, you will go to The Highest. 

Alternate translation:
When through the eye of knowledge, you perceive the difference between the Field (prakriti, Nature, Others) and the Field Knower (purusha, Spirit, Self), as well as the means of liberation of beings from the Field (material nature and the body), you go to The Highest Goal (you get beyond all this).

The means of rising above the influences of the gunas and karma is the realization of non-doership — all action occurs in Nature and You are not Nature. 

The Three Gunas


God’s Messages to You

Before you came into embodiment, you had no sense of your own existence. Then there came a time when you became aware of your existence. This precipitated an interest in the possibility of there being others like you. Upon discovering that indeed there were, the first Individual known to you was a different one than you, but nevertheless the same as you. Your acceptance of this Other, who had also accepted You as the same as Itself, was a marriage made in heaven, and the beginning of a journey you would take together through many lifetimes.

This event unwittingly created a longing for a soul mate in the present state of being human. But the reality is that you need not long for this anymore. Your soul mate is already with you as Ishvara, the Divine Other within who carries the template of your perfect form, the vehicle for your journey. 

On your journey, and rounding the bend to find this Song of God (Bhagavad Gita), you will be attempting to place yourself on the map. Where are you now? How far have you come? How close to Home are you? What will be next? 

These questions are being answered in this Song, a song written in such a way that it applies to you and your travels, and can be heard by you to ease your journey. It sings its words in layers of meaning within each cluster of verses, and even each individual verse, so that you can listen to God’s messages to you, and be guided. What a wonderful gift is this Song of God!

End of Chapter Thirteen
The Field and the Knower of the Field

Durga Ma

Surrender Meditation

Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga
Spontaneous Experiential Meditation

Slip into a natural state of meditation with ease. Experience the relief of reaching a true meditative state effortlessly, and without using your will.

Receive shaktipat and become initiated into the original meditation of ancient masters from which meditation techniques were eventually derived.

Increase your knowledge base and begin Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Natural Surrender Meditation. Though correct knowledge you will increase your progress by a thousand times, and bring about even deeper meditation and amazing experiences.

Shaktipat Intensives with Durga Ma are held in Phoenix, Arizona

“Every step you take pulls every one of us with you.” 

The Whole World Is One Family

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