Chapter 14

The Gunas of Nature

There are three elements of Nature, called gunas. To varying degrees, and in different combinations, they interact, and cause various kinds of actions in the world and in people. Their influences are described in how they bind us, our states of being, how this affects our life, death, and rebirth, and how to get beyond all this and ascend to Union with the Divine.

Intro  The Gunas of Nature

1-2  The Highest Knowledge Leads to the Highest State

2-3  The Great Absolute Womb and the Seed-Giving Father

5     Bondage

5     Bondage, Continued

6-9  States

10-13  Influences

14-20  Life and Death and Neither

21-27  Beyond Bondage

21-27  Beyond Bondage, Continued

One thought on “Chapter 14

  1. razielswisdom

    Txs for the references. Forced me to look them up in a copy of the BGita (for the 1st time in my life given to me by a indian music student last year). Had no idea how profound this book is until just now. I was never raised on this book but the Bible (Grew up anglican and Buddhist-influences from 2 parents).

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