The Highest Knowledge Leads to the Highest State – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 14, Vs 1 – 2


Previously in chapter 13:
They who know through the eye of Knowledge, the distinction between Nature and Spirit, and the liberation of beings from material nature, go to the Highest State of Perfection. 

The Blessed Lord spoke:
Again I shall explain the best of knowledges, that Highest Knowledge by which all the sages have gone from here to the Highest Perfection.

  • The Highest Perfection parāṁ siddhi, the highest success, ultimate supreme perfection, the highest state.

This knowledge is the Highest Knowledge, and concerns Nature (prakriti), which is generated as illusory, as a result of Us experiencing Others and not seeing the them as the same as ourSelves.

ParamSiddha - Trailanga Swami 250 yrs of yoga sadhana
ParamSiddha Trailanga Swami, 250 years of yoga sadhana.

This Highest Knowledge is fundamental to all knowledge. One who knows it, understands it, and experiences it as True, is a siddha.

  • Siddha – one who has successfully attained the highest objective; perfected, accomplished, fulfilled; endowed with supernatural powers; a divine being of great purity and perfection; an inspired sage, prophet or seer; a holy personage or great saint.

Nature seems like something separate from us, but this is not so. Not Really. Nature is all of Us as seen by all of Us. It is a manifestation of Divine Individuals seeing other Divine Individuals as different—different than themselves, not the same. But as Divine Individuals, we are all the same. This discrepancy is the root cause of Creation.

Look out your window. What do you see? What you are looking at is Divine Individuals who do not see others as the same as themselves. You do not see what others really are—Absolute, perfect, sovereign, divine, individual entities. You see them as different than yourself. Nature is that difference manifested as the physical-material world.

Nature is all of Us as seen indirectly, by all of Us

Now what if you were to become enlightened as to the Truth about Creation. Will the trees go away? the people? the roads and houses? No, because everyone else is still in the dark. You will continue to experience life as a human being, but with the direct experiential knowledge of what all this world really is. This is what is meant by “the Highest Knowledge.”

Having taken refuge in this knowledge and arriving at My state, they do not experience dissolution and are not born again at the time of Creation.

ParamSiddhi - Kaplia Muni
ParamSiddha Kaplia Muni

Taking refuge in this knowledge by surrendering yourself to Absolute Truth, God, you achieve the same state as Lord Krishna. Then you will not experience the end and dissolution of this great age (manvantara), nor will you come into being again at the next creation. You are finally liberated from the cycles of birth and death, and the cycles of creation and dissolution.

This verse refers to the dissolution and re-creation of the world. It implies that by having this Highest Knowledge and identity with Lord Krishna, Absolute God/Truth, one would not experience dissolution or come into being in a future creation. Instead, one achieves Final Liberation and the Highest Perfection, param siddha.

PerfectionEsoterically, dissolution is a form of death that happens in yoga meditation. If at the time of this dissolution, or ‘death’, you are identified with the body, you become unconscious. This is called murcha, a form of pranayama (the restraint of prana, life energy) attempting to enter into pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and not succeeding. But if you are not identified with the body at this time of ‘death’, instead of murcha you will achieve pratyahara and enter into samadhi, Divine Union. Because you meditate every day, you could conceivably ‘die’ every day.

In the words of Saint Paul, “I die daily.”  

In two verses, Lord Krishna has revealed the entirety of each of our existences as physical beings, and how to escape the merry-go-round of dying and becoming born again into a world of illusion, suffering and death, and instead to ‘die daily’ and arrive at His state of Oneness with God, non-return (liberation), and param siddha, the Highest Perfection.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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