The Great Absolute Womb and the Seed-Giving Father – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 14, Vs 3-4

The Great Yoni and the seed-giving Father
The Great Yoni and the seed-giving Father

I, Mahat Brahman (the Great Absolute), am the Yoni, the womb from which all beings everywhere are produced.

  • yoni – female organs of generation
  • garbha – womb
  • Mahat Brahman – the self-existent ‘Great Absolute’

Of all that are born (‘all yoni issue’), Son of Kunti, in whatever form they are produced, I am the Great Absolute Yoni and the seed-giving Father.

Yoni - Sacred WombIt amazes me that these verses are consistently interpreted in such a way as to imply that the ‘seed-giving father’ is somehow at the center of things, when even Arjuna is being addressed with his mother’s name, Kunti. Here is an example of these two verses strung together in this manner:

(3) Material nature is the womb. In it I place the seed wherefrom all living beings come to be.  (4) Of all wombs, Brahman is the Great Womb, Son of Kunti, and I am the seed-giving father. From that all beings manifest.

If we look back at everything we have learned, we will be reminded that life, this world, and all of Creation, comes forth from the Absolute (Brahman), not as a deliberate action by some deity to create something, but as a spontaneous generation brought about by the awakening of Divine Individuals in the Absolute from their original state of peaceful bliss and perfection.

Our original state as Divine Individuals bears all the qualities commonly attributed to a separate God, but without awareness of these qualities. When we awakened, what we awakened to was our own existence (‘I am’). Like one might awaken from a lovely sleep, we became self-aware, aware of our existence. Once aware, our knowing of the existence of Others (do you see the duality here?) generated what we call “Creation.”

Creation came about by our not recognizing and accepting the sameness of the Others and ourSelves. It is by this difference becoming manifest that we have a World.

Yoni - Sacred WombThe Mother is Mahat Brahman, the Great Absolute, the Yoni, “the womb from which all beings everywhere are produced.” 

The Father is the first Divine Individual among Us who became self-aware and subsequently perceived and accepted all of Us as the same as himself. This individual is called Purushottama (purusha, the individual, and uttama, first and highest). 

The Seeds are all Divine Individuals, all of whom were accepted unconditionally by the ‘Father’. A seed is something in a potential state, so the seeds are each of us in the Absolute before Creation.

As Above, So Below

You are probably noticing the parallel between this concept of creation and birth. Birth takes place in the same way as the metaphor suggests. What is so in Truth has a parallel in Life. If you want to know something about Truth/God, and what It is, you can try looking for its parallel in Life (taking care not to expect its parallel to look exactly the same). You might be surprised at what you will learn … in any scripture of any tradition.Yoni - Sacred Womb

What is so in Truth
has a parallel in Life.

You now know that you have eyes because you can see, ears because you can hear, etc., and that you have a brain because you have a mind. It is not the other way around. It is the opposite of how you have been taught, but it is the Truth. Now that you know this, try looking at other teachings from this perspective and you will be amazed at what you find. 

Accepting Others

People generally want to be accepted by other people, but what they really want is to be accepted for what they really are by Real Others like themselves. It is this that drives them to seek acceptance within society.

To bring this about for ourselves, we are taught in scriptures to accept Others as the same as ourSelves … because they are. People are uniquely different from each other, but the Divine Individuals that they really are, are eternally the same. 

You may think that what you want is to be normal, but if you take these teachings seriously, you will not be normal. Others, who are used to going about things in the usual manner, will not appreciate your realizations.

Now that you understand this upside-down logic, you will be able to unravel a lot more from scriptures like this one, and make more discoveries, all of which will always be for your benefit, whether you are seeking Truth/God, or seeking to find acceptance among others and living a happier Life.

When you find bliss in God, you will find joy in Life.

Mother God with Child
Mother God

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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