OM TAT SAT, Bhagavad Gita, Ch 17, Vs 23



As recalled from ancient times, it said that OM TAT SAT indicates Absolute God as manifested in Brahmanas (God-people), scriptures and sacrifice.

  • Absolute God (Brahman) – The highest aspect God as Absolute (which is differentiated from God’s inferior or relative nature appearing as earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, and ego).
  • God-people (brāhmaṇās) – knowers and practitioners of the Highest Knowledge.
  • Scriptures (veda) – texts on Truth containing the Highest Knowledge.
  • Sacrifice (yajñā), the God-practice of God-people: the surrender of oneself to Brahman (Absolute God). 


OM, the Sound of Everyone Everywhere

OM is the vibratory phenomena that Creates. OM is produced by the dual situation of Divine Individuals ‘knowing’, or perceiving, other Divine Individuals. Singularly, this is You and Other-than-You: You see Another, Another sees You. The result is vibration. The result of vibration is Creation.

Vibration perceived, is sound. OM is the only sound that contains all tones equally, just as all Divine Individuals are equally the same. Sound in this case, is the sound of all tones as one tone, the sound of OM (AUM). 

Every tone, no matter what it is, consists of all tones. The only difference between one tone and another tone is the order in which all tones are arranged. Tone, then, is in itself, Divine.

God/Truth as all of Us is the sound of OM.


TAT, which means ‘that’, refers to Otherness — other Divine Individuals. With OM Creation began. It began because of your knowing Another, Tat.

TAT refers to Truth as Other-than-You


SAT means ‘existent’ and ‘real’. That You exist, and that you know You exist, is what made Creation possible — once you became Self-aware (aware of your existence), you discovered Others (TAT). Now you are in Creation being a Being, and have forgotten your Self and how you got here. While TAT refers to Truth as Others…

SAT refers to Truth as You — the Real You. 


OM TAT SAT is a remembered teaching (smṛiti) passed down to us through millennia. You have forgotten your Real Self and how you got here. Remembering OM TAT SAT will show you the way Home.

God-people, Scriptures and Sacrifice

God-people having heard the sacred sound of OM directly, were those who originally came to know Truth as Absolute God, and themselves as the same as That — TAT. This is why we are all here: to become God-people — God-realized, Self-realized: SAT.

“Having heard the sacred sound of OM directly” means that the sound of OM is heard without any means — without the ears, without the mind, without any via. This occurs in spontaneously in Surrender Meditation. It is thrilling, blissful and inspiring.

Scriptures are written texts on Truth and how to become God-realized. They were written by God-people in ancient times. They did this so that we can also know what they know. These authors are reaching Others, TAT, us, accepting us as the same as themselves knowing that this is in itself, Truth, and the Knowledge Sacrifice.

Sacrifice was discovered by God-people as the means of reaching the Highest Goal that exists eternally as Real and True Goodness: SAT. Sacrifice means surrender — surrender to what is Divine that is Other than self, TAT. While the scriptures were the Knowledge Sacrifices of those who wrote them, these God-people share with us through their writings, how to understand sacrifice as the surrender of oneself to Absolute God. This is the God-practice of God-people. It is how they came to know Absolute God/Truth in the first place. 

These three Sanskrit syllables, OM TAT SAT, three aspects of the Absolute, are known to God-people and found in scriptures. They have existed from Creation, OM.

Om Tat Sat (All of Us, Others, and You — I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma 

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The Whole World Is One Family



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