Attaining Godhood, Part 3 – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 18, Vs 60-63

Shirdi Sai Baba
The murti of Shirdi Sai Baba

Attaining Goodhood, Part 3

If you resort to ego and rationalize, “I shall not fight,” your resolve will be in vain, for your own nature will compel you. — Verse 59

What you want to avoid doing through delusion, you will do even against your will, Son of Kunti, bound by your own actions, born of your innate nature.

“What you want to avoid doing through delusion, you will do even against your will.” If this is true, we can’t help but see that the glamour of utilizing willpower in the spiritual journey to Truth, is completely absurd. It comes in handy in day to day life, but it is not a panacea for spiritual advancement but the very opposite.   

Lord Krishna is teaching us something that most of us won’t like to hear for fear of losing control. He is saying that your willpower is useless. You will do what your dharma will cause you to do. All the effort and willpower that you can muster is not what will win this conflict. It is only through surrender to God that you will reach God. If you think otherwise, you are deluded. The good news is…..

You always get what you surrender to. 

How much simpler and easier can it get? Many people reject spiritual Yoga because they believe it to be difficult, complicated, demanding, and time-consuming. Well, now you know. Practiced correctly, it is none of these. 

Ishvara, the Lord in all beings, dwells in the region of the hearts of all. By the power of illusion, they are caused to move as if riding on a machine. 

We not only live on a world that revolves like a machine, but we who live here in this world are also on a merry-go-round going nowhere but in circles. This is the price of ignorance — buying the illusion. It is our constant effort to be in control of things and other people, that keeps the illusion (maya) and our ignorance in place.

Any attempt at controlling anything requires the use of the will, and will always keeps us on the merry-go-round. You can make progress at first, even spend years and years in this kind of endeavor, but it never lasts. Sooner or later you must surrender to that Great Absolute God of Goodness and Happiness, which is what you have been looking for all your life … and all your lifetimes. 

“Ishvara”  Personal God is known as Purushottama. Abiding in living beings, Purushottama is known as Ishvara, ‘lord, God, supreme soul’, where He abides in the region of the hearts of all. It is His presence within us that causes us to move spontaneously, without intent.

  • The heart (hṛid) – the region of the heart is the center of the Live Force (Prana) that keeps us alive.

“Spontaneously, without intent” Such movements are experienced in Surrender Meditation, the primary practice of shaktipat kundalini yoga.

Though we have God within us, as human beings we do not experience this, but continue to assume responsibilities, along with the pride and guilt this inevitably brings. This keeps us on a merry-go-round to nowhere. The only way to change this is to surrender ourselves completely to Absolute God, whether as Absolute Truth or as Absolute Personal God. This begins with the practice of Surrender Meditation — Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga.

  • Purushottama (‘first and highest purusha’) – The first Divine Individual (purusha) in the Absolute to awaken to It’s own existence and accept all other Divine Individuals as the same, and as the same as Itself. We experience this Divine Individual as Personal God. (That God is in masculine gender is the result of the fall from the Golden Age to the present Age, the Kali Yuga. Assigning any limitation to God, such as a gender, is absurd.)  
Anandiamayi Ma
Anandamayi Ma

With all your heart, surrender yourself only to Him, and by His grace you will attain perfect peace and the realm of the Eternal.

Surrender yourself only to Absolute God — as Personal God, or as Truth. Then, because you have done this with all your heart, by God’s grace (kindness and graciousness) you will attain perfect peace and the realm of the Eternal. 

“With all your heart,” wholeheartedly. This is essentially an emotional state in which feelings are stirred by your affection for God (remember where God dwells?). Your motivation is strong because your love is strong, and so complete as to bring you into a blissful state of happiness by just thinking about it.

I have now explained to you still more secret knowledge, which is the greatest secret of all. Reflect on this deeply, and then do as you wish.

In mystical texts, a ‘secret’ is not something that someone is trying to hide from you, but something that you are hiding from yourself. It is something that you are not consciously aware of. Calling it a ‘secret’ tells you that there is something hidden within you that motivates you as a true seeker, to contemplate it, and be lead by it. 

You Already Know Everything

All that remains is for you to remember what you know.

The greatest, easiest and most satisfying means of remembering is Surrender Meditation. 

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma

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