Resources for Your Continuing Journey

Shaktipat Roundtable

To help you on your way, I have made Shaktipat Roundtable available to you, with 2+ years of weekly documents.

In Shaktipat Roundtable, you will be taken through six short pages. On the first page I ask for Roll Call. Please introduce yourself here, and read others.

The Tutorials page no longer requires a password. Tutorial titles are listed on this page with links to the corresponding documents.

Mystical Tidbits

Please read and study the Bhagavad Gita. Start anywhere you like or pick and choose. Here you will find continuing information on Surrender Meditation in translations and commentary. Read, talk to each other, and browse other topics.

Academy Manuscripts & Teacher Training

Personal growth and spiritual development come together in these easy to understand manuscripts that constitute the foundations for personal advancement. They began when I came to realize that I wanted to make the quest for self-improvement and spiritual fulfillment easy and doable for everyone. Altogether they comprise a major part of my life’s work. Maintaining the integrity and authenticity of yogic knowledge in a western format that is all inclusive from the beginner to the master.  Speak to Anandi in Connecticut, or phone her at 860-899-4429.

Some of the manuscripts include:

Beyond Willpower (Successful Meditation Techniques)
Beyond Willpower (Non Technique Meditation)
Empowerment Meditation
Maximize Your Meditation
Surrender Meditation
Ten Keys to Success
Mindfulness Advanced
Self Referencing
Design Your Life
Mental Yoga

Music, Books and More

Music for Relaxation, Meditation & Rejuvenation
Books on yoga meditation
Ancient Mystical Writings
Guided Meditations

When the links have been established for direct purchase, they will be posted here. In the meantime, please contact Anandi if you have questions or interest.


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