Final Liberation

Durga porch
Devi Durga Ma at Nature’s Gate Retreat Center in upstate NY June, 2019

On Summer Solstice, Friday June 21st our beloved Devi Durga Ma entered mahasamadhi (final liberation). The world has lost a spiritual giant, whose life will silently live in the eternity of our hearts working tirelessly for our own Liberation through the power of love.

When a Self-Realized Master of yoga leaves the physical plane of existence, it is never a small matter. In the moments just before Durga Ma entered into the breathless state, a sudden storm came through briefly enough to gain our attention and reveal a full rainbow stretching itself across the property of Nature’s Gate. I invite and encourage you to allow yourself to experience the gifts she left for each of us, in our memories, minds, and hearts.

In many ways she is more available to us now then ever before, but we feel the deep grief of loosing this magnificent being from our physical worldly life. It is with firm conviction and a heart sunk with the gratitude of a million suns that I can understand and appreciate the value of a guru in physical form.

There is much ahead for all of us that Durga Ma planted in expectant joy to unravel and discover. Before it can bloom we are taking the opportunity, and a few months to go deep into the experience of being with, and receiving the teachings of a great soul, to be sure that her mission (to restore the worship of the Divine Feminine) is revealed in a way that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Durga Ma was sure that her work, and this sadhana would be continued in her absence. At her request, I have agreed to receive her students and questions with the understanding that  I will maintain the guru lineage of shaktipat kundalini yoga and continue with traditional shaktipat kundalini yoga initiations for future students. It is my greatest honor in life, and although she saw something in me that I have yet to be convinced of myself, I accept this tremendous gift with an open heart. May I, in some way be fit to offer you even an ounce of the love, wisdom, and patience she gave me from the moment I met her.

I am eternally grateful for the grace of my guru, the last guru, Devi Durga Ma. 1008 pranams at your holy lotus feet, may you dance in the infinite bliss of the Absolute and may we never forget your love in the heart of our souls as the spark of Truth which guides us home.

Jaya Bhagavan (victory to God)!

With Boundless Love,


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4 thoughts on “Final Liberation

  1. razielswisdom

    Feel blessed to have encountered Ma however remote the meeting was via email. Thank you for taking care of her so wonderfully. Glad to know she was in natures surroundings (her natural home meditating 40+ years – according to her bio) before her crossing. With Divine Blessings!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We were truly fortunate to have an environment like Nature’s Gate to tend to Durga Ma for those final months. I am happy you have received blessings over these years… may they always continue. Durga Ma’s love and wisdom is boundless and I am certain her work will continue and live on way beyond all of our years. Namaste.


  2. Brahmananda

    May you be blessed, dear Anandi. Your brother here is there to help you and support you, whenever you want. My thoughts and love are with dear Ma in this moment… ❤

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    1. Dear Brahmananda,

      Your love and support was deeply received dear brother, Brahmananda. It has been a quiet and reflective time this past month, but her spirit and Grace is with us all and guiding us on the continuation of our own journeys. I have just begun sending out emails to inform everyone of what will begin to take place over the next months, I do hope you will be involved!

      With Love,


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