The Gita is All About You -Bhagavad Gita- Ch 2: 22-27

You cannot know the Real by means of something that is unReal. 

The Gita Is All About You 

Just as after throwing away worn out garments one takes new ones, so after casting away worn out bodies the embodied one takes new ones. 


You are not going to die. Only your body can die. You are the ’embodied one’, you are not what you are being.

23 – 24
Weapons do not pierce the embodied one, fire does not burn it, water does not wet it, and the wind does not cause it to wither.

It cannot be pierced, burned, saturated or withered. It is fundamental, stationary, all-pervasive, and inactive.


Not only are you immortal, you are invulnerable, and no element of nature — earth, water, fire, or air — can change this. In nature, every thing is relative to and dependent upon something else. In nature, everything is constantly changing. But you are not nature. You are YOU, the absolute constant in a world of change.

The embodied one is non-manifest, unimaginable, and unchanging. Having understood this, you should not grieve.


The Real You is not manifest nor does it ever change. What you really are is not imaginable to the you that you believe yourself to be. You cannot become aware of this through mind or reason, as these are of nature and the quality of change, so they are not Real either, and you cannot know the Real by means of something that is unReal.

26 – 27
Moreover, even if you think the embodied one eternally born or dead, even then, you should not grieve for it.

For the born, death is certain, and for the dead, birth is certain. So, these things being inevitable, you should not morn.


There is nothing to gain or lose because You exist in all that Is. Nothing that is Real can be lost because the Real doesn’t come and go, so regret is without foundation.

When feelings of loss, fear, anger or worry arise,
know that they arise within that which you are being,
never in the Real You.

Attaining Enlightenment

Enlightenment — Self-realization, God-realization, Christ Consciousness — is attained outside of the realm of the mind, thinking, intellect, and the senses, which are all relative and always in flux, but You are not. You are Absolute.

Consciousness is a power, an ability, that you have, but not what that power does. Consciousness is the ability, using it is an action. Consciousness is a characteristic of the Real You — You have the ability to be conscious. When you are being conscious, you are being conscious of something other than you. Consciousness is being used to be conscious of something other than you.

Why do I say “other than you”? How can you be conscious of you? How can you be something that you are perceiving? Who or what is doing the perceiving in that case? If you are thinking that you must be able to do this to become self-realized, you are missing the point: you are attempting to use something that is unReal to know the Real.

How Enlightenment Is Attained

Having heard about it from Lord Krishna, we know what enlightenment is. We now have that knowledge. But knowing about something is different than knowing it. This kind of knowing can only occur through ‘direct experience’. The highest form of this is nirbija, or asamprajnata samadhi* — union with the Absolute (raja yoga).

Prior to nirbija samadhi, union involves direct perception — perception without the aid of the senses (sabija, or samprajnata samadhi). Prior to this, there is union of the warming and the cooling energies in the body (hatha yoga), which makes the higher states of union (raja yoga) possible. During this period and prior to it, there may be spikes lasting only a fraction of a second in which one has direct experience of what one really is. That there are degrees of enlightenment is demonstrated by these different experiences.

In the highest samadhi (nirbija, asamprajnata), you are not conscious of anything. There is no knowing going on, no one engaged in knowing, nothing to know, not even the bliss. Your ability to be conscious is not engaged, so you are not self-conscious either. You are just You, this bliss, this wondrous joy: It is You. You and everyone else. This can only be awkwardly expressed after the fact.

* The term 'experience' is insufficient for describing nirbija samadhi. The terms asamprajnata (without a knowable) and nirbija (without a seed) explain that there is nothing to be conscious of. There is absolute union with the Absolute. One is 'merged' with That without any self-sense, and no experiencing is going on.

What you are being, is a being that passes through many changes
in a world of change.

What you Really are never changes,
is never born and never dies.  What you Really are is Absolute.

I bow to the Divine One that You really are,
Durga Ma


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3 thoughts on “The Gita is All About You -Bhagavad Gita- Ch 2: 22-27

  1. Hi, I was not sure where to share this. I’ve chosen to post it here under the most recent post.
    Durga Ma told me that I could share this exchenge.

    26th of August 2014

    Hi Durga Ma
    I’m reading the document Shaktipat intensive.
    It is very well explained. I’ve just read in it that after the kundalini has done her work, the chakras will be removed/dissolved. I think It’s the first time that I read this.

    Is it an idea that I can find in the Yoga tradition? Do you have any reference? In the Baghavad Gita?

    I have eared that It was possible to have our kundalini [removed] (word missing in my email). There are even some people who offer that has a healing modality (but I don’t think It’s a thing to do).

    Thanks for your help.


    Dear Eric,
    Most of what you will read in the Shaktipat Intensive Documents will be the oral teachings of this lineage. Such teachings are never spelled out in written texts, but are present in esoteric form, which is why they are ‘private’ and for initiates only. They require sadhana experience to decipher. For example…
    In the Mahabharata, the five Pandava brothers, representing the first five chakras (among other things) are all married to Draupadi (Shakti). This suggests the ‘union’ of these chakras with each other and Shakti (and it is Shakti that makes this happen), which in turn suggests that they are not operating independently at this point. This point is the Mahabharata war, the true and fuller awakening of kundalini. This is all Hatha Yoga. By the end of the Mahabharata, they (the first five chakras) are all dissolved and the free upward movement of kundalini can proceed unimpeded. This is the fully awakened and upward flowing Goddess Kundalini that brings one into Raja Yoga and samadhi.
    You can look further into this by reading the Bhagavad Gita entries on Mystical Tidbits, in which I point to esoteric teachings (things I cannot reveal in writing) as well as to interpretations appropriate to different stages of sadhana, and interpretations that are useful to anyone on any path.
    You are correct that it is inappropriate to try to use these dynamic powers (kundalini and shakti) for healing purposes. This is like trying to rid oneself of a bee sting by dropping an atom bomb on it.
    I am pleased that you are continuing with surrender sadhana and asking such good questions. For the edification of other initiates, please feel free to share your email and my response on the Documents or on Mystical Tidbits.
    Jaya Bhagavan!
    Durga Ma


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