No Progress is Lost -Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 2: Vs 40

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Do you ever worry about losing the progress you have made? Herein lies a secret in…  

The Science of Yoga 

By undertaking Yoga, no harm will come to you and no progress is ever lost. Even a little of this practice will protect you from great danger. 

Over my nearly forty years of yoga sadhana (practice)I have found this to be literally true. The trick is not to underestimate the human propensity for making mistakes, and learn to accept that as long as you are being human, mistakes will happen. But when you surrender yourself to God/Truth, you will be taken care of by That.

Just when it looks like you are about to sink into oblivion, you will be rescued. Just as you think you have surely failed, you will be presented with proof of your continuing success. And just when you think your struggle will never end, you will find yourself liberated.

I find this verse to be one of the most reassuring in the entire Gita. After being on the path for so long, retrospect has played its part by reminding me of past difficulties and darkness, and how by continuing onward in the face of all of this, no matter how I felt or what I thought, I was pushed forward in spite of myself, in spite of my ignorance, in spite of my resistance, in spite of my negative thinking, and just in the nick of time I was saved. This comfort is the gift of scripture, the Truth passed on to us in words planted in the gardens of our minds, that aids us in the cultivation of trust in the Truth, trust in God. Faith.

Many times I have heard people say, with an air of authority, that bothering to read or study scripture is a waste of time, that it is experience that counts, not what is written in books. They are partly right. Reading scripture will not get you to the goal. Reading it and doing as it teaches, will. By continuing to contemplate it and increase your understanding of it through the experience gained by practicing what it teaches, multiple levels of understanding will be revealed that will take you to the end of the road.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma


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4 thoughts on “No Progress is Lost -Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 2: Vs 40

  1. Galen,
    You must be a warrior at heart. Arjuna was bummed out, too. Emotional extremes are often frowned on by the ‘spiritual’ community. How sad (pun intended). Periods of dejection and elation are said to be common for saints.


  2. Galen

    I need that kind of “Insurance”. I reflect back at my forty some years and what you say is true, the divine is present to help; christ I sure can use some today! I would like to pierce the very existence of my soul and end this miserable life. I’m tied to a spiritual rope and could not let go even if I wanted to; spirit is determine of that. I am somewhat melancholy at this moment,. going to relate with self here shortly for a few hours by chanting.


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