Commitment and Determination – Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 2:Vs 41

By undertaking this Yoga, no harm will come to you and no progress is ever lost. Even a little of it will protect you from great danger. 

The Science of Yoga 

One must be singularly resolved in this, Arjuna, unlike the irresolute who have many branches flowing in every direction. 

Alternate Translation:
Being determined and focused is necessary to accomplish yoga (union with the Divine). The mind and intelligence of an indeterminate person wanders all over the place in every direction. While Yoga is specific and directly aimed by a determined person, others bounce around from one path to another thinking that they are wise for being so universal.

How would you dig for gold and expect to find it?
Many small holes and keep searching? Or look for the
right conditions and dig deeply?

Remember verse 40? “By undertaking Yoga, no harm will come to you and no progress is ever lost. Even a little of this practice will protect you from great danger”?  To avail yourself of this consolation, you must reach a point in which you understand that your primary purpose in life is the pursuit of God/Truth/Self-realization, and stick to your practice at all costs. You won’t be cheated.

It is imperative that each of us find the path that is meant for us, and the teacher that goes with it. If you insist on boot-strapping it, you will not reach the ultimate goal. Being of a tolerant nature, though at times a little impatient, it is not like me to say something like this, but I realize some of you think you can do this, so I have decided not to soft-pedal it and enable your ego, but to tell it like it is: you are wrong.

If you are sincerely seeking Truth, Self-realization, God, Eternal Happiness, the End of the Road, you are going to need a teacher, a guru. You should find your guru early on. Don’t wait until you find yourself in need of one at some crucial point in your self-directed practice, because you will not get what you need from any guru worth his or her salt until you have established a proper long-standing relationship. Really! Take the advice of scripture and find your teacher.

Self-reference:  Self-inspect your ability to commit. How important is it that you achieve your spiritual aim? Are you willing to commit to a spiritual path/teacher to that same degree?

Your commitment to your path, whatever it is, must be equal to your determination to find and know Truth directly and become Self-realized. Paths that are lineage-based come with a teacher (guru). They require more courage than belief systems (i.e., religions), but such a path may also come with the gold. So you must begin by finding the teacher.

The teachings of the guru constitute the path.
If you follow the path, the path will follow you.

You will find what you need in order to pursue this in the Surrender Meditation Course*. It has a good section on “Shopping for a Teacher”. This course does not give initiation into my own path of Surrender Meditation, but it does give information about it along with some experiments that you will find useful. You can use this course for the purpose of learning how to find your teacher. 

Jaya Bhagavan! (Victory to God!)
Durga Ma

Surrender Meditation is a spiritual education course written by Durga Ma to explore the practice of non-technique Surrender Meditation. To inquire for more information and download, please email



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9 thoughts on “Commitment and Determination – Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 2:Vs 41

      1. I’m not sure I can accurately describe my situation, but the concept of bootstrapping seems to resonate with me to the point that I’m almost convinced that bootstrapping, as an adaptive strategy, has been my survival strategy for the past 20 plus years. Even when help was available, I either ignored it or managed to ‘miss’ the opportunity to avail myself to it and I’ve got this odd ‘here we go again’ feeling.


  1. This issus is one of my challenge: focus on one path. Very hard for me to follow one path. I like to think that behind my multiple interests, I follow only one path. But I want to give it a try: focusing on one path.


  2. Thaï issus one or m’y challenge: focus on one path. Very hard for me to Fillon one patch. I like To think that Bégin my multiple interests, I follow only one path. But I want to give it a try.


  3. Galen

    Durga Ma life has been this mans’ “Teacher, Guru”. Good, the bad and the ugly(yes it is a movie title) have matured me into what I am today. Experience in life and what she brings forth on a moment to moment exchange with me has been challenging. I know everything that I am originates in “EGO” and everything put forth comes from ego no matter the avenue chosen on how to express myself. Am I spiritual? Does not matter to me. In my daily efforts I do my best to think, talk, feel, and do good. I do not intentionally harm living beings(that is all creatures including humans), mosquitoes have a field day with me. hahaha I am a vegetarian and that came very natural to me. My wants are simple and are not necessarily solely for me and my burning desire is “ONENESS”.
    Now will I have a “Teacher or Guru” in this life? Maybe, but he or she must connect with my heart. Ony my heart do I trust.
    Faith is love and trust
    Commitment is Divine
    I am not sure of the latter


    Thank you


    1. Life is our teacher most certainly. Of the three stages of growth, Life is the middle stage, the longest stage, and the one most appropriate for most people. The last stage is rarely found among us. It takes guts and determination, and the willingness to risk all for the sake of reaching union with the Absolute, liberation, and the end of sorrows and never-ending joy.

      ” ‘Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear, and Grace my fears relieved.”


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