Dogma will die to you when you come alive to Truth- Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2:52

When your understanding surpasses the thick forest of illusion, then you will become indifferent to what you hear and what is to be heard (in the Vedas). — Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 52 

The knowledge we need is not going to be found spelled out for us in some ritual, book, video or blog, but through our own experience. The experience needed is direct experience of Truth. Then we will realize that we must stop investing ourselves in an illusion. We think this is a world, we think it is us, we think it is real, but we have been fooled by a mirage. It is real, but it is not what it seems. We look into a mirror and, pointing at our reflection we say, “That’s me!”. But it is only a mirror. What we need is to understand what the mirror is, and who is looking.

Direct Experience
Experience had without any means.

Literal translation:

When your buddhi (the discriminative faculty of the mind) overcomes impenetrable unconsciousness, you will be disgusted with what you hear about, and will come to hear about.

All the things you hear about concerning the Vedas, Yoga, New Age, New Thought, traditional religions and new ones, create subconscious expectations based on someone else’s mind or experience that may or may not be True, and attract you away from your own realization. These show up in new books and new religions or spiritualities daily, along with a plethora of self-styled gurus attempting to reinvent the wheel. Once you have achieved union and direct experience, all this will bore you to distraction.

Once you have experienced Truth for yourself, you will have gone beyond all this and will become indifferent to these doctrines, belief systems, and spiritual hear-says. You will stop seeking these things out when you have experienced Truth for yourself, and your mind will no longer be held hostage by the beliefs and opinions of the unenlightened. You cannot find Truth if you read every new book on the shelves as they become available, written by yet one more self-proclaimed knower of Truth. These books and sermons often contain partial truths, but you can only know Absolute Truth through your own experience.

Truth can only be reached through union with Truth.

The mind is our means of figuring things out. It collects and stores information brought to it by the senses, and rationally or imaginatively works things out. Direct experience on the other hand, does not rely on the senses, memory, imagination or reason.

The seemingly negative remarks about the Vedas in these verses should not be taken as derogatory, but as a way of telling us that, while the Vedas address the things of the world in which we live, what is being taught here addresses the Absolute. And even though both the Absolute and the Relative are God and coexist, we need to make the distinction in order to understand these teachings.

All Is God

The Relative realm in which we live is God’s inferior nature.

The Absolute is God’s highest nature, the constant, unchanging Real that is ever present in all that is, and upon which this Relative world is strung like pearls on a thread.

We do things all the time and take responsibility for actions. Because we experience ourselves as doing these things, this is inevitable, and so long as we continue to retain this unenlightened state to any degree, to that same degree we we will continue to do so. But the actions being mentioned in these verses as ‘superior action’, come about differently: You do not consider yourself to be the doer of actions when they occur on their own in the context of union (yoga), where it becomes obvious that all action occurs in nature, and that you are not nature.

It should be becoming clear by now why having a context for this is so important: You need to have the ‘superior action’ of yoga separated from ‘ordinary action’ so you can discern the difference through your own experience. By keeping this within the specific context of the meditation room, the distinction comes easier and light-years faster. By continuing, your karma will end and you will be liberated and reach the end of all sorrows. 

Jaya Bhagavan! (Victory to Truth!),
Durga Ma


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