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The Title

The purpose of Mystical Tidbits is to share a fascinating form of spiritual practice with you, and all or part of various Sanskrit mystical texts that I have translated into English to make them easy for you to digest. These entries are referred to as ‘mystical’ because they are. Mystical, that is: they contain mysteries.


Teachers of yoga who lived in ancient times used symbols. They began doing this when they noticed that people who were not primarily seeking liberation misunderstood and misused the teachings. To remedy this situation, they put their teachings in esoteric terms in such a way that those who sought to live a good life could use the outer meanings to achieve this, and those who sought liberation could pursue the inner meanings.

Now, as to the inner meanings, the ‘mysteries’, these are often layered so that they can be applied to various stages of spiritual practice (sadhana). This feature of yogic scripture keeps us coming back, again and again, to continuously reveal the information we need at any given time.

Ground Rules

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