Backup Solutions

If while using the first Solution you found yourself constantly losing your focus on the process, here are some back-up solutions. You can also use these as stand-alone remedies for interrupting the pull of the senses or the mind toward desires and attachments. They also work very well for interrupting unwanted thoughts, feelings, and mental images.

Mantras. Find a short mantra of from one to three or four words. It should be meaningful to you. Immediately begin saying your mantra aloud or muttering it under your breath. Repeat it a few times or continue doing it over and over. This will interrupt the circuit that is powering the mind and the senses, and begin powering your mantra instead, effectively breaking the circuit.

Opposites. Think of an idea that is opposite of the one you want to stop, something that has absolutely nothing to do with the thing your attention is dwelling on that you want to disengage, and focus on this opposite idea. To add extra juice to this remedy, talk to yourself about this opposite idea aloud, imagine it or see it in your mind, and do something with it actively to bring it into the physical realm.

My own favorite solution is to chant “Om Nama Shivaya” three times ending with “Om”, and then repeating this three times or more. If when I stop I am still not out of trouble, I just keep doing it over and over and envision in my mind the picture of Shiva I used to have in my hut. This always works, and it works for just about anything you want to deactivate. You can invent your own version of this very powerful circuit-breaker. (I still have that picture.)

Physical Action. I mention things in these Solutions that require physical action. This is for the purpose of bringing the mental idea, the sense phenomena, and the solution itself, into real-time in the material world, and because these actions are opposite of what you have been doing up to this point. Until you bring the remedy into the physical realm, you are still only dealing with it in the ether of your mind. Putting it all into action in the physical world grounds it and is more immediately successful.