Chapter Four

The Yoga of Renunciation of Action

Lord Krishna further explains the true nature of action, and how renunciation of action leads to true wisdom through experience.

1-3  The Ancient Imperishable Teachings of Yoga

4-6  The Supernatural Power of an Avatar

7-9  An Avatar Through the Ages

10  Attaining the State of an Avatar

….. What Is Attachment?

….. Self-referencing Addendum: Filtering Controlling Desires

11  Taking a Chance on God

12-13  You Get What You Worship

14-15  The Secret to Avoiding Karma

16  The Mystery of Action

17  Doing the Right Thing

18  Will or Surrender?

19-21 The Inevitable Success of Surrender

22-23 The Spiritual Adventure of Gain By Chance

24-25 All Is God and So Are You

26-27 Direct Perception

28-30 Sadhana – The Practice of Yoga

31  The Ultimate Payoff

32-33 The Knowledge Sacrifice

34  Going for the Gold

…..Who Am I?

35-37 Homogeneous Bliss

…..Stages of Samadhi

38-39 Reaching Raja Yoga

40-42 How To Do Yoga