Yoga in Meditation & Life -Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 12

Parabrahman, the Highest Abode, the Highest Purifier, Eternal Divine Purusha, the first god to appear

This Bhagavad Gita of eighteen chapters is a conversation between Arjuna and his childhood friend and Guru, Lord Krishna. Since chapter two, we have been hearing mostly from Lord Krishna, but now Arjuna has something to say that takes up more than a verse or two. This is the first:

Arjuna is speaking to Lord Krishna:
You are Parabrahman, the Highest Abode, the Highest Purifier, Eternal Divine Purusha, the first god to appear. 

Alternate translation:
Absolute God, the Highest Abode, is the Highest means of purification in existence. Eternal Divine Purusha, ‘the first god to appear’, or manifest, is the driving force of Others to appear (come into being).

You may be wondering how we can get away with so many uses for the word ‘god’, so I will explain. We have said that the ‘gods’ are all of us. We have said that the ‘gods’ are the senses. Now we are hearing that Lord Krishna, who has told us that He is in actuality, Absolute God, is the first ‘god’ to appear. But there is really no contradiction here…..

All of Us and the Senses, Too

We are all divine absolute individuals who have become embodied and no longer remember our true Selves. As Divine Individuals, we have the same characteristics as God: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

We are all inherently powerful and we each have the same amount of ‘power’ (even though as beings we don’t know this).

We are all-conscious and know everything that is knowable (even though, as beings, we don’t know what we know). 

We are all everywhere; we all make up all things—including bodies with five senses (even though as beings we think that we are our bodies and that we are located somewhere on planet Earth).

Now look back on The Problem with Consciousness, and you will understand how this connectedness among us can be utilized to benefit everyone, including you, and even the planet itself.

God, the Best Purifier

Parabrahman is Absolute God, and being completely perfect, is the obvious best purifier. The best means of purification then, is to join with That through the practice of uniting (yoga).

  • Purification – Getting things where they belong; aligning yourself with the divine one that you really are.

Eternal Divine Purusha and the ‘gods’

Eternal Divine Purusha is the Eternal Divine Individual. Purusha is a Divine Individual in a state of self-awareness knowing Other Divine Individuals. Being the first in this, this individual causes a ripple effect, setting off this same state in the Others. So he is called the ‘instigator, leader, mover or driver’. Thus we turn to this Purusha as Personal God.

All Divine Individuals are Absolute and the same. All can know and be known by Others. Being Absolute, all Divine Individuals are ‘gods’. This is You, the Real You. This is what you really are. This is what everyone really is.


Having become embodied, we have forgotten ourSelves. In this state we don’t always use our inherent power wisely. We make choices that are not harmonious with our True Selves. This causes unfavorable ripples in the fabric of our existence, and takes us farther away from our real Selves.

Personal God and You

The first Purusha is our “Personal God”, whereas “Truth” is God in a more impersonal sense. We may feel that we cannot experience something as abstract as Truth, but we can petition a Personal God and find comfort.

Personal God can be the catalyst for the experience of Absolute Truth. This is called asamprajnata (without a knowable), or nirbija (without seed) samadhi (equanimity). This is the experience of Absolute God that is Divine Bliss beyond description.

Eternal Divine Purusha, the first god to appear

Your True Self is Absolute, already completely pure and perfect, an Eternal Divine Purusha and knower of Others. This is true of all of us. Having manifested, we will ultimately become consciously aware of this, and when we return Home, we will take this awareness with us.

Here I would remind you of the earlier verses in this chapter on the Big Picture and the magnitude of this journey Home. It is not a small venture accomplished in a lifetime. However, it is the purpose of Life, which is effectively satisfied through the correct practice of meditation. By this practice, we can ultimately return Home with consciousness of our divine situation, and live in Eternal Happiness, our natural state.


Purification is the process of getting things in sync with our own innate divinity. This practice has two parts: (1) the daily practice of yoga meditation, and (2) the rest of our lives—what we do when we are not meditating.

The first of these two is resisted by most people. They try to do everything in Life, but it is the daily practice of yoga (uniting) that makes it possible to know how to go about Life in such a way as to correspond with the Divine Real You. To do this, you need to experience it for yourself. This is possible through meditation.

Meditation is the foundation of spiritual development. 


The way to Fulfillment then, is the full and unconditional surrender of yourself to Absolute God in meditation. This surrender, called ‘sacrifice’ in the Gita, is the acceptance of all Divine Individuals as the same as You.

Meditation, the spiritual practice for reaching a meditative state, is vital to this. Not only is it the means of reaching equanimity (samadhi), it is your lab for personal experience of God/Truth. With experience, you have some idea of what it is that you are trying to match in Life. Without this foundation you will flounder. You will hit the mark sometimes, but most of the time you will not. So it pays to do both.

The Two Parts of Practice

Meditation & Life Mastery

Spiritual Development and Personal Growth have Two Parts: Authentic Meditation & Practices in life, for life.

Mindful Life Mastery

Mindful Life Meditation Courses

Experiential Meditation
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Shaktipat Diksha

Buddha lying down

Replace effort with experience.
Don’t DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it with shaktipat.

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Mind5 - Consciousness
As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of others are benefited. 
As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.

Meditate, Emerge and Flourish

Though we have barely begun, Self Emergence and Experiential Meditation are already growing. We invite you to join us

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When you resonate, the worlds resonates with you.Being true to your Self can change the world.


The whole world is one family.

The Problem with Consciousness

Each of us is a two-part package
Being true to your Real Self can change the world.

The Problem with Consciousness

Being true to your Real Self can change the world, but there is a problem with consciousness that we must address for your Real Self to effectively emerge.

Awareness of the plight of others less fortunate than ourselves requires a willingness to be conscious of it. Because we do not like having to experience discomfort and pain, we deal with this dark side by white-washing it with social beliefs, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc., and end in denial: “Everything is perfect just as it is.”  That’s the problem with consciousness.Making Life Better for Everyone is Easy

Try telling this to the suffering, hungry, tortured, destitute 95% of our world family and see where it gets you. If you don’t relieve their dilemma by at least feeding them, you will not be considered as enlightened as you may believe yourself to be. You will be found out as insensitive and self-interested.

Most of us simply do not want to know. We circumvent expanding our consciousness in order to avoid knowing, whether we are aware of doing this or not. We hide behind denial, and the suffering continues.

Consciousness is a Responsibility

Mind and Consciousness

With consciousness comes responsibility. Everyone is already up to their ears in responsibilities, so denial is understandable. However, it is precisely because we do not sincerely engage in our spiritual development and do the work it requires, we have no way to experience for ourselves the many blessings this would bring—to ourselves and to others. In this way, we forfeit our contribution to those in need of healing, understanding, food on the table, a roof over their head and bed to sleep on…..and a way to make progress for themselves.

If we take the road of feeding people, or offering medical assistance for instance, this is very helpful, and it may even get us in the door. But if we can’t offer these things on a regular basis, they will fall back into misery. We will have gained little more than the right to pat ourselves on the back.

The Amazing Effect of Expanded Consciousness

Most of us do not want to know that what we do or don’t do, especially in the way of our own improvement, has an effect on everyone else. We don’t want the responsibility. And we don’t want the distress that will come with it—we don’t want to know what most people have to endure on a daily basis. We just want what we want for ourselves.

The more conscious we are, the more conscious we will be of the distress of others. While we would also experience their good fortunes, there is little of this compared to the distress, and a part of us knows this. It is not a pretty picture. So we tell ourselves that we really do care, but there is nothing we can do.

But there is.

The Effect of Expanded Consciousness is Always Positive

We can pursue our own personal and spiritual development. But do we really want this? Do we really want all the changes inherent in progress? Or do we prefer to maintain the status quo, play it ‘safe’, and continue to selfishly seek happiness by trying to get our desires fulfilled over and over again? More than the desired object itself, we enjoy the sense of accomplishment and control we experience when we succeed. But it is this deadly duo that keeps us imprisoned in the very darkness we were attempting to escape. 

What is to be done?

The Solution

There is a simple answer to this problem of consciousness that may surprise you: 

∞⇒  We turn ourselves into sensitive and brave human beings who are willing to risk exposure to the suffering of others that will come with expanded consciousness.

∞⇒  We do this by taking up the project of aligning ourselves with the Divine Ones that we really are, and make some real progress.

∞⇒ We offer practical help however and whenever we can.

Do you not see the validity of this approach? If you study any scripture with a receptive mind and a genuine interest in Truth, you will find it there.
Each of us is a two-part package

Each of us is a two-part package. We are (1) Divine Individuals (2) embodied as human beings. At our core is number one, and in this we are all the same, regardless of appearances.

This sameness unites us all as a family of individuals we already know. We already know everyone because, as Divine Individuals, we are all the same, and it only takes one to know one. But before we can become aware of our knowledge of Others, we must know our Selves.  

If you still don’t understand this, or if you don’t believe it, consider this: Taking this approach may seem like a risk, but there is a huge payoff for you. And it will work, whether you know about it, believe it, or agree with it, or not. The payoff for you is more happiness here and now, and a more fulfilling Life.

You will have come across various ‘causes’ that contend that, “If everyone would just do such-and-such there would be world peace, or a cleaner planet, or no more wars, etc.” But what I am proposing does not require that everyone get on board. It is not necessary because the progress of one person will affect many. These ‘many’ will then come closer to making the same choice to expand their spiritual development and consciousness. And then one day, one does, and many are affected by that one. And so on it goes.

Truth is not dependent on our beliefEven if you just act as if this were true, it will still work. Whether you believe it or not is not important, for Truth is not dependent on belief. It is a win-win proposition that is pleasant and demands very little of you, pays you back in spades, and resolves the problem with consciousness…and makes the world a better place, and everyone in it a little happier.

Just as you cannot live in the same house with other people and not be affected by them, no one can live in this world without affecting everyone. So I propose that we use this to our advantage — ours and everyone else’s. 

As per the previous post (Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 8-11), the most effective and enjoyable way to take up this venture is to do it with others. For this reason, I have designed Self Emergence Mandalas and Experiential Meditation Encounters.

Be the Solution

Meditate, Emerge and Flourish

Though we have barely begun, Self Emergence and Experiential Meditation are already growing. Join us and be the solution. 

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Self Emergence
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Self Emergence

As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of Others are benefited. As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.


Experiential Meditation
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Experiential Meditation is Natural Meditation

Replace effort with experience.
Don’t DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it with shaktipat.


When you resonate, the worlds resonates with you.
Being true to your Real Self can change the world.

The whole world is one family.

Coming Together in Devotion – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 8-11


I am the origin of all that exists. Everything is set into motion from Me. Thus do the wise with the ability to meditate, worship Me. Their consciousness fixed on Me, their Life Energy flows to Me. Sharing their experiences of Me, they enlighten each other and are fulfilled and delighted.

“To those who are always thus devoted and worshipping with kindness and affection, I bestow this knowledge and understanding of Yoga by which they come to Me. For them, out of sympathy for their goal, I, dwelling within their own beings, cause the darkness produced by ignorance to be destroyed with the illuminating light of this knowledge.”

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10, Verses 8-11

Here we find the first obvious message stressing the importance of individuals coming together in order to reach God. This is critical for enriching the devotional side of YogaWithout it, it can be harsh and filled with difficulties. This can be mitigated by community and gatherings “accompanied by kindness and affection.” What a wonderful way to live! (See SKY Haven)

I am the origin of all that exists. Everything is set into motion from Me. Thus do the wise with the ability to meditate, worship Me.

Alternate translation:
I am all that is, for all that is comes forth from Me. With this understanding, one can meditate correctly. Thus does one truly worship Me.

If we understand what we have been taught, we have the ability to meditate. Correctly practiced, meditation is worship of God. To meditate correctly one needs the knowledge and understanding by which one’s meditation is “yoga practiced without alteration of the rule and observed before any other rule as one’s first duty,” as mentioned in verse seven.  

Their consciousness fixed on Me, their Life Energy flows to Me. Sharing their experiences of Me, they enlighten each other and are fulfilled and delighted.

“Their consciousness fixed on Me”
The Sanskrit for attention is chitta. Chitta is consciousness—not consciousness of something, but pure consciousness itself, the subtlest form of divine energy.

“Their Life Energy flowing to Me”
When chitta flows to something, someone or some place, it is called attention, and where the attention goes, the Life Energy in the body, called prana, also goes.

The stuff of which the mind is made, is chitta, consciousness. 
Attention is a flow of consciousness from the mind to anything that is other than self.

Mind > AttentionWhere the attention goes, the energy flows.

With the attention going to Lord Krishna, one’s Life Energy goes to, and can unite with, Lord Krishna, Highest and First Purusha, Personal God. 

In “Finding the Magician Within” we were alerted to the extreme importance of Attention as being the key to achieving just about anything. This was presented in the context of reaching God/Truth, but it applies to anything. We even brought up Life Mastery in that article, and the necessity of constant Attention on the goal in order to attain it. Lord Krishna is bringing us back to this in this verse when He says that with consciousness (attention) fixed on Him, our Life Energy also flows to Him. This was earlier referred to as ‘worship’, or ‘meditation’, as the means of attaining union (yoga) with God.

You get what you worship

Dance and ChantThe next piece of the verse suggests that the most satisfying and pleasant way for accomplishing this is to be together with others with whom you can share Truth. This is called satsanga (‘Truth-sharing’).
Satsanga - ChantingSatsanga often includes any or all of the following: darshan (meeting the guru), kritana (music, dancing and singing to and about God/Truth), sharing experiences, and receiving teachings. In this way we “enlighten each other.” We awaken each other to God/Truth, and our attachments to previously limited expectations and ideas are forgotten. Enjoying this process, we find that our attention effortlessly remains on God/Truth throughout.

10 – 11
To these worshippers, who are always thus devoted and worshipping with kindness and affection, I bestow this knowledge and understanding of Yoga by which they come to Me.
For them, out of sympathy for their goal, I, dwelling within their own beings, cause the darkness produced by ignorance to be destroyed, with the shining lamp of this knowledge.

Always means always. Continuously coming together according to the previous verse. If we understand the universality of God’s presence within everyone and everything, we will naturally be kind and treat each other with affection. This being the case, one is enlightened as to the Truth of Yoga as the means of union with God/Truth. This union destroys the darkness of ignorance, and proves the Yoga we have been taught.

This enlightenment is possible because of God’s already existent presence within all of us. God is saying that, because we understand this, practice Yoga and treat each other well, we need make no further effort, for God will turn the lights on for us.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

Experiential Meditation
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Replace effort with experience.
Don’t DO meditation, EXPERIENCE it with shaktipat.


Self Emergence
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As your True Self emerges, your Life becomes more satisfying, and the Lives of Others are benefited.

As you become Happier, the world becomes a Happier place.

Vibhuti Yoga: Guru – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 7-8 continued

“One who, through yoga practiced correctly as one’s first duty, knows this yoga power as My very own and is not yoked by irresolution and doubt. I am the source of all that exists. Everything is set into motion from Me. Thus do the wise with the ability to meditate, worship Me.” — Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 10, Verses 7-8

Vibhuti Yoga: Power Yoga

Yoga (union) occurs when meditation has been matured through practice. When it does, you will most likely fight it because of its power, for this power is an awesome thing.

It is useless to try to practice yoga to get special powers or to have elaborate experiences if you can’t tolerate the power. Yet, thousands go to popular gurus for reasons like this, with the expectation that all should be given to them in one blow without having to do any of the work—without practicing real yoga, real meditation, and acquiring real, correct knowledge.

You may not want to seek a guru because society has taught you that to associate with gurus is to associate with cults, even though most cults stem from organized religions and insanity. This is one reason I talk about yoga as an adventure. Another reason is because it is an adventure.

All adventures have some degree of real or imagined risk. Taking a guru may be a foray into the unknown, but it is a risk you must take if you’re going to continue to grow spiritually. A guru knows the way from personal experience in meditation, the teachings of their guru lineage, and correct knowledge as found in scriptures. Without this, you can only go so far.


Many Sanskrit terms have been tweaked in order to get them into English and have lost or diluted their real meanings. The word guru is one of them.

  • Guru – a teacher who can take you from darkness (gu) to light (ru). 

A guru is a teacher, a teacher with a lineage of successful masters. A guru can not only teach you, but can correctly guide you. I don’t mean to say that because someone is a guru that he or she is perfect. Gurus are human, so they are not immune to error. Expecting perfection is foolish. As with any marriage, one takes the bad with the good. 

Sometimes, seekers will confuse being a student with being a disciple. For the most part, anyone can become a student of a guru. Discipleship, on the other hand, is a different matter.

To become a disciple one usually has to ask the guru if he or she will accept them. The guru will either accept you as a disciple or not, and may also require something of you before agreeing to make this commitment (you are not the only one taking a risk!). The guru will want to know that you are serious and are also willing to make this commitment yourselfit’s a two-way street. You cannot be taught, and you certainly cannot be guided, if you are not serious and not willing to follow the guidance of this guru. 

No real guru is going to try to control you or get you into trouble. 

How do you know if a guru is the real deal or not? You may not be able to be certain about this, so any time spent before accepting you as a disciple is a good thing for you, too. If you are not already personally acquainted with this person and his or her lineage and teachings, this time gives you the opportunity to do so.

If your guru accepts you as a disciple, you must act as if this person were God incarnate—whether you like something about your guru or not, whether you like what you hear or not, whether you want to do what is required of you or not. You will inevitably run into these kinds of situations because you are being guided in such a way as to reach something that is beyond your previous experience. so it is going to be unfamiliar. This is what makes it an adventure. 

You would not be interested in being a disciple unless you believed that this guru could get you where you want to go, to something that you don’t already know, to some place you have never been. It is a journey into the unknown, so of course these things will come up. You will best serve yourself by ignoring your mind’s objections and just going forward anyway. You can’t have a good adventure without risking the unknown.

Can you get hurt? Of course you can. You can get hurt by anyone. Haven’t you ever been in love and gotten hurt before? You were willing to take a chance on that relationship, so why would you resist a guru-disciple relationship that has the potential to take you to real love and eternal happiness? 

I am a long-term renegade, but I thought it would be worth the risk, and it has. I have been payed so many times over I couldn’t begin to tell you. So why wouldn’t you seek out your guru

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

No More Soft Pedaling – A Commentary on Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 6

Recently, I found myself writing some things that I would normally not have written, so I squirreled it away. I have since decided to go ahead and post it for you to read. The context is the many existing worlds and universes and the huge time-frames of the cycles of existences mentioned in previous two posts.

Read the Prelude to this chapter

Long, long ago in earlier ages, seven Great Sages and four Manus, who were brought forth from a notion arising from My essence, gave rise to all living beings of all the worlds. — Bhagavad Gita, chapter 10, verse 6

What Lord Krishna has related to us so far, is so huge, so incomprehensible, that the ordinary person will be unable to understand it. We are ordinary people, so even if we were to reach a point in which these teachings could come through to us, we would have doubts and times of confusion. He means to rectify this by painting a bigger picture that our ordinary minds do have the ability to grasp. If we are wise, we will continue with this yoga as prescribed, and consider this as we go.

The basic message is that the whole journey is very long and consists of many thousands of lifetimes, each one a drop in a very big bucket. The enormity of this should motivate us to stop hanging on to attachments and messing around with trying to get our desires fulfilled. Getting desires fulfilled is not going to bring us happiness anyway, but only a short sense of pleasure that will soon go away.

You get what you want when you can give it up.

Lord Krishna has told us how to go about this in order to hit the finish-line sooner, and no doubt will do so again, so why fool around and waste a perfectly good lifetime in which one might actually score and get the ultimate prize, and advance everyone else into the bargain?

But we are selfish. We think only of ourselves and our own interests, our own welfare, our own self-congratulations for doing the right thing, and we and everyone else are held back.

We live in a (relatively) free society; most of us are privileged in comparison to people in many other places. We are the ‘Brahmins’ of the west for whom the potential for completing this journey is greater and easier by far than most. Yet we are ‘instant gratification’ two-year-olds who can only see in black and white (all or nothing). We can’t or won’t make commitments. We seek out gurus whom we believe can give us instant phenomena ‘experiences’, and instant enlightenment, which we take to mean that we will automatically circumvent any homework. And we seek Truth only where it looks like someone else will do everything for us in a flash, without a lick of effort on our own parts. Yet we tell ourselves that we don’t need any actual help or guidance because can do it all by ourselves.

This behavior is absurdly foolish. It is the very reason we have so much hardship and violence in and of our world. We all have free will, the power of choice, and this is how we use it?

Thus do we squander this gift of Life as if it were guaranteed that the next time around will be just as good (it may not, you know) when in fact, we recklessly waste the good karma we created previously for the sole purpose of moving forward to unification with our Real Selves, and union with the Divine, liberation and Eternal Happiness.

I am here for the sole purpose of helping you. I am being human so that you can see that if it is possible for me, with all my human imperfections, it is possible for you. The reason you are living in a privileged society is so that you can get on with it. You are wasting your life and dragging yourself down (and us with you) if you don’t.

• • • • •

Before today, I have spoken softly to you in my commentaries. Now I see this as an insult, and I apologize. You have read this far and you are still here, so you are someone who is qualified to hear the Truth.

I could offer you words of comfort and hope, and even some techniques for being ‘happier’, but there are enough people out there doing this kind of thing already, and doing very well at it. One more person on this mission is redundant. My interest is in your actual forward movement toward happiness that is not going to go away.

Until now, I have soft-pedaled my way through these commentaries so you could continue to play it safe if that was what you wanted. But it isn’t. You want more, and deserve more, than someone who will just try to make you feel good for a short while, leaving you to go out seeking it over and over again. You want someone who will tell you the truth about Truth. You want lasting happiness.

Some of you who have read this far will be having thoughts about going for the ultimate goal as being selfish—of course it is self-ish!—but this is just another excuse to avoid the inevitable while patting yourself on the back for your humility. So stop it. Let being self-ish in this regard be your strength. If you need an injection to get through this, remember that your forward movement moves everyone forward with you, and go ahead and feel self-righteous. We won’t mind.

There are only two ways to get to God/Truth: You can read or hear it spoken of, or you can experience it for yourself. The first of these will lead to the second if you let it. So from here on out, I am going to do my best to pull out all the stops and give it to you straight. No more soft-pedaling.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma

Somewhere In Time – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 10, Vs 6, continued

You are on a very long journey somewhere in time. Where are you now? 

Read the Prelude to this chapter

Your Personal Manus, Sages and Manvantaras

A microcosmic view of your own Manu and Seven Sages within your current Manvantara

Manvantaras are huge time periods said to be 306,720,000 of our years. There are fourteen of these time periods in a Day of God. A Manu is the ruling force of a Manvantara.

The fourteen Manvantaras can be seen as the fourteen stages of your entire journey through many lifetimes to union with God/Truth and liberation from return (you go Home).

A different Manu rules each of the fourteen stages. The name of each Manu suggests the overall nature, or context, of each stage. A certain characteristic will be the primary subject (Manu) of each stage of your journey from the very beginning of life—your Personal Big Picture of fourteen Manvantaras, or stages of the journey.

Your Personal Sages

There are seven Great Sages in each Manvantara whose purpose it is to guide humankind in living in harmony with Truth and attaining enlightenment and liberation.

The Seven Sages are the Divine Beings who preside over your seven chakras. I experienced the seven chakras as Seven Walls, and met with a Great Sage within each one. At that time in my life, I had no knowledge or awareness of Eastern teachings of any kind. (See Living the Mysteries).  

The way you experience things in your Personal Manvantara is determined by the nature of your mind (the Manu) and chakras (the Sages). Your chakras hold the energy and power of all your abilities and obstacles, all your powers and limitations, all the positive and negative attributes and influences that are to be dealt with during this time period, with the helpful guidance of the Sages. 

The Sages also represent the senses (each sense is associated with a chakra) and the seven gates of your sense organs in the east (antara), the seven openings in the head and face (east). The largest sense organ, the skin, and the sense of touch, covers the whole body, which explains Arjuna’s chariot as the body, and the other four senses as the four horses drawing the chariot, controlled from the reins by the driver. This is usually you, but Arjuna has turned this job over to his guru, Lord Krishna, Absolute God.

Time, Timelessness, and “Now” 

For all beings, “Now” is somewhere in Time

The Christian cross (†) is, among other things, suggestive of the linear nature of time (—) and the non-linear nature of timelessness (|), the linear being the subject of this verse. The cross further represents the dual nature of the world and life as we know it. Consider Noah and his Ark filled with pairs of opposites to save Life on this world. Noah is another name of the Manu, the ruling force, of our current Manvantara (the time-period between Manus) and your current lifetime.

The point at which time and timelessness converge in the cross (+) represents the “Now”. “Now” is no-time and all-time simultaneously. The dichotomy of this convergence of time and timelessness is experienced in nirbija samadhi not as a dichotomy, but as God, Truth Itself. God is a conundrum in a dualistic world, which is why nirbija samadhi is impossible to adequately describe.

Day and Night

In this verse, the subject is huge time periods of Creation that go on for fourteen Manvantaras, and then are ‘dissolved’. At a personal level, your personal world dissolves into Night when you sleep. When you wake, it is Day. Where you are concerned, the Day is all about Time, and Night is Timeless—there is no ‘time’ there, especially in ‘deep sleep’.

Where the horizontal and vertical lines of the cross converge (+) is the point at which time and timelessness exist together. This does not represent destruction, but a specific point in this transition. As day dissolves into night, and night dissolves into day again, one experiences a personal version of the big picture of a Day and Night of God.

The End of the World

We humans see “the end of the world” as a doomsday scenario because we cannot wrap our wits around the concept of simultaneous time and timelessness. But do you experience the horror of disaster when you go to sleep at night? Probably not. Think about that. Then think about death in the same way: it is a transition—Day is winding down into Night. In the morning, Night will melt away into Day and you will be reborn or find yourself in heaven or somewhere that is not this world, but the “un-world” as spoken of in “The Big Picture”. and the “Prelude” to this chapter.

Throughout your lifetime until the next transition, you have a personal Ruling Force, a Manu, and seven Great Sages. Your Manu is the context of your life. Your seven Great Sages are your benevolent guides residing within your seven chakras. They are on your side. They try to influence you throughout your life in the best possible way. It is wise to listen to their guidance in the form of opportunities consistent with the ten fundamental spiritual principles. These opportunities will always be beneficial to your spiritual development (your journey), and consequently, will also bring you greater happiness. 

A Manu and seven Great Sages will be with you in your journey through Time, through the fourteen Manvantaras of the Big Picture until End Time, when your journey is complete and you are Home for good. 

It may seem that you are trapped by Time, but you are not. You can expedite things and complete the journey Home sooner if you wish. This is where Yoga comes in. This is its purpose. 


As an embodied being, your acceptance of Divine Others as the same as Your Divine Self is the same as surrendering to Absolute God. The payoff is direct experience and sabija samadhi. The acceptance of ALL Others as the same as You is full and complete surrender. Then the payoff is nirbija samadhi, union with Absolute God: you visit Home.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one you really are),
Durga Ma