The Code of Pashupati 2 – Mystical Minibit

Here is a little bit of chapter two of the Pashupat Sutras for you to chew on. As usual, words and phrases inserted for clarification are in [brackets]:

Pashupat Sutras, Chapter 2, 1 – 11


of the player

of high standing

of Rudra*


from which all wishes/desires arise [and] are satisfied

and in this case, the inauspicious becomes auspicious

and what is to the Left moves to the Right.

Therefore, worship in both ways

like worshipping gods and ancestors,

but both kinds, gods and ancestors, are in Rudra.*
[So worship only Rudra for the cessation of all sorrows, since both are in Rudra anyway.]

* Rudra: “Roarer or Howler.”  The roaring, benevolent, purifying fire, bestowing strength and power and driving away all evil, said to have sprung from the forehead of Brahmaa (the Creative aspect of God).

Happy sleuthing.

Durga Ma


The Code of Pashupati – Mystical Minibit

A small taste of Truth, enigmatically put by Bhagavan Lakulisha, guru of Swami Shri Kripalvanandaji (Kripalu), my satguru:

Pashupat Sutras – I:1-11

So now we will discuss the prescribed application of the practice of the Pashupata Yoga of Pashupati:

Ash-bath at dawn, noon, sunset

Ashes reposing or sleeping in




Residing in a house

Repeatedly offering surrender with laughter, song, dance, muttering and sound of dun-dun.

The best player

With one

Or none

This just keeps getting better and better, but I though you would rather have a little at a time. I have translated these sutras as literally as humanly possible from the Sanskrit. (Remember what a sutra is?) I hope you have done some sleuthing with previous installments of Mystical Tidbits when you get this.

Durga Ma

OM – Pashupat Sutras

The Sound of OM
Pashupata Sutram, Chapter 5, Sutras 24 – 28

24  The sound of OM is produced in the deep meditative state (dhyana) . . .

25  . . . [when] concentration [of prana] is held in the core of the being in the interior of the body.

26  Capable of perception by the power of hearing [not the ear] as the sound of aum, it is the essence of all knowledge, action, effects, and even power itself.

27  OM is inexpressible by speech. It is beyond the range of the mind and the sense organs. OM is Pure Speech and the name God, the bringer of the manifest from the realm of pure potential.

28  OM is Supreme God, unlimited, unequalled, guru of the guru.

The sound of OM occurs spontaneously in deep meditation. This direct communion with God happens when prana is concentrated in this one place, the core of the being, and is referred to as pranava—the vibrations of life energy, prana, cause the sound to be audible (pra-nava, reverberating forth; prana-ava, life force expressed).

The sound of OM is both with and without form, manifest and unmanifest. As formless (unmanifest), it is called Pure Sound, unlimited, eternally free, unequalled, and guru of the guru. It is called perceptible (manifest) as the ability to be conscious, and the greatest of all desires, which is union with God and which is fulfilled with the sound of OM perceived directly in deep meditation.

This profoundly beautiful and blissful experience inspires commitment within the seeker to pursue yoga to completion.

The Pashupat Sutras are from Bhagavan Lakulisha, the sadguru of Swami Kripalu, my sadguru.*

Durga Ma

Sadguru – Truth-Teacher

The Embodied One

Who and What You Really Are

We are all the same in WHAT it is that we really are: non-physical individual* entities** with the ability to be conscious and to act. But WHO each of us is, is distinctly the one that each of us is. We are divine° individuals who have always existed and always will.

“Truly there was never a time when I was not, nor you, nor all these others; and neither, from this time onward, will there be a time when we shall cease to be.”
Bhagavad Gita, ch 2, vs 12

What You Are Being

Though we are all the same in WHAT it is that we really are, as beings we are uniquely different from each other and appear to be separate.

“Just as in the body childhood, youth and maturity happen to an embodied one, so also the embodied one acquires another body.  Those who are wise are not deluded in this.” — Bhagavad Gita, ch 2, vs 13

In Truth, we are eternally unified in WHAT we are regardless of what we are BEING, and even as beings, we are still made of the same stuff, for God is all there is. So both in WHO and WHAT we really are and in BEING human, we are eternally united by the commonality of our sameness (WHAT we are), our individuality (WHO we are) and our everlasting existence.

What You Are Doing

The bondage of karma°° is generated by believing ourselves to be something other than what we really are. As humans, we believe that we are our bodies and the doers of actions. We take both credit and blame, and live in bondage to our karma even though we are merely witnesses.

Where You Are Going

When we realize that WHO and WHAT we really are is not anything perceptible by the senses and does nothing at all, and when we can live in this awareness continuously, we relieve ourselves of all karma and become living demonstrations of Truth.

“The embodied one is not born nor does it die at any time, nor having been, will it again come not to be.  Birthless, eternal, perpetual, indivisible, it is not slain when the body is slain.” — Bhagavad Gita, ch 2, vs 20

You are a god in a body made of God being human.

Durga Ma



*  Individual – That which cannot be divided into parts. From the Latin, in (‘not’) + dividuus (‘divisible’).

** Entity – One with distinct and independent existence.

°  Divine – Godlike. From the Latin, divus (‘godlike’; related to deus ‘God’); of, from, or like God or a god.

°° Karma – Action, cause and effect. From the Sanskrit root, kri (‘to do’). Karma can be good, bad or in-between, but it is still the cause of bondage.

Mystical Mini Bit – Ashtavakra Gita

Feel-Good Scripture
Verses 3 -7

You are not earth, water, energy, air or space. You do not belong to any class, you are not at any stage, you are not anything that can be perceived with the senses. If you can realize that what you really are is a divine, non-physical individual entity who simply witnesses all this, you will be free. If you remain in this awareness, knowing yourself as other than the body, you will become happy, peaceful and liberated while living.

Doing the right thing, not doing the right thing, experiencing pleasure and experiencing pain, are determined by mind. The mind has nothing to do with who or what you really are. You are neither the cause, the effect, nor the experiencer. You are always free and always the witness of everything.

Truly, you are already eternally free. You have but to realize this. The only cause of your bondage is that you believe yourself to be something other than what you really are.  What you really are is formless, unattached to anything, and witness of everything. So be happy!

Read the Mystical Tidbit from which this synopsis is derived, here.

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Hatha Yoga Pradipika 2 – vs 1:1-3 Synopsis

Synopsis of HYP, Chapter 1, vs 1-3 

Many people try to accomplish Royal Union without first having accomplished Sun-Moon Union. This is not possible. The author tells us that this error is made by people because of the darkness caused by the multiplicity of religions and belief systems. So after paying homage to the First Master who taught Sun-Moon Union, he reveals these teachings out of compassion. The sole purpose of Sun-Moon Union (Hatha Yoga) is for the attainment of Royal Union (Raja Yoga).

Read the Mystical Tidbit from which this synopsis is derived, here.

♦ ♦ ♦

What are these two forms of union? This question is not answered in these verses, but here is the short version:

When the sun, the warming energy in the body, and the moon, the cooling energy in the body, unite at the base of the spine, the evolutionary force is released. The tendency of this evolutionary force is to rise upward through a central pathway. When this is allowed to occur and the evolutionary force reaches a particular place in the head, this is called Royal Union.

Royal Union can be understood as the union, merging, or marriage, of purusha (you with a point of view) and prakriti (what is viewed, or perceived—the divine other-than-you); of the knower and the known; of you and God. Royal Union is the Highest union, the Highest Yoga.

Royal Union is a process of moving from the achievement of this special state to a point in which one is able to live in this state.