Shaktipat Initiation & Surrender Meditation

This page contains an initiation. Just read it and move on, or hop on board and begin Surrender Meditation, the most amazing journey you could ever take. Prior religious or spiritual paths or the lack of either are not required; the teachings of this path are universal and pertain to everyone.

Along with shaktipat initiation, you will be initiated into the meditation that I practice, and I can tell you from over 40 years of experience and teaching, that it can sweep off your feet. This is a good thing if what you want is God, liberation, and eternal happiness.

Shaktipat is not meant as a finish-line, but is the beginning of a new and unusual practice that will take some time to comprehend. You are urged to join Shaktipat Roundtable for this purpose (see below).

There is much ignorance about Shaktipat, and Kundalini is misunderstood by almost everyone. Contrary to popular opinion, Shaktipat does not awaken Kundalini, but releases the pent up Life Energy (prana) in the body so that it can awaken Kundalini. When this happens differs from person to person. The regular practice of Surrender Meditation will bring you to this point, so don’t despair if you don’t feel that Shakipat has awakened you. Also, you may receive Shaktipat subtly and not recognize it, so don’t throw it away.

Shaktipat can only take place through your surrender to Absolute God/Truth in the context of this initiation and the proper conditions for daily practice. Shaktipat is an initiation: it begins the process.       

Proper Conditions for Initiation

  1. Set aside a generous space in a private room for your initiation.
  2. Spread a blanket or comforter on the floor. You may use a 1″ or 1.5″ mat underneath if you wish.
  3. Secure your room from any possible distractions or interruptions. Lock doors, close windows, turn off the phone, etc. You must be alone in the room the entire time, and secure from interruptions.
  4. You may have a dim light, but do not leave candles or incense burning.
  5. Wear loose garments.
  6. Set a timer for one hour.

The KEY to RECEIVING shaktipat is SURRENDER. Surrender is the abandonment of all your preconceived ideas, desires and expectations, to Absolute God/Truth. Leave them at the door along with all your preconceived ideas and expectations about meditation, shaktipat, kundalini, chakras, and spirituality in general. All these concerns will block shaktipat and deaden your experience. If you want to keep them, they will still be there when your initiation is over.

The key to surrender is knowing WHAT you are surrendering and what you are surrendering it TO:

Surrender your body, feelings and mind.
Surrender them only to Absolute God (by any name).

Now you will be open to receive God in the form of Shakti, female God, the instigator of all action.


Open Your Meditation

  • Sit in the middle of your blanket and bow down to the North, to the guru initiating you, or to the deity on your altar. Then close your eyes and keep your eyes closed during the entire period.
  • Take a few deep breaths: Inhale through your nose, hold your breath until it becomes uncomfortable, then exhale fully through your mouth quickly and completely to empty your lungs. Do eight breaths in this manner.
  • When you have completed eight rounds of breathing, allow your breathing to return to normal.

Surrender Meditation

  • Now surrender your body, mind and feelings to God/Truth. There is no certain way to sit or lie from this point on, so release your control over your body, feelings and mind and surrender them to God/Truth.
  • Relax. Divine Mother Shakti will now manage your meditation.
  • Consider any actions that want to prevail at any time to be instigated by Shakti, and do not try to stop them. Allow absolute freedom for any movements that want to occur. Whether you observe or not is irrelevant.
  • If you should fall asleep, don’t worry about this. When you are asleep, Shakti has the best access to your body, feelings and mind because they aren’t busy working for you. Just let everything be what it is, and enjoy your time with Divine Mother Shakti.

Close Your Meditation

  • When your timer sounds, open your eyes and bow down as you did in the beginning, to end your meditation.
  • Take some time to acclimate before going about other activities.

After Initiation

Use your initiation instructions as a general guide for your daily practice.

Do one or two hours per day of this practice. With less than an hour, not much will happen.

If you are married and/or have responsibilities in the world, periods longer than an hour of this meditation can make these responsibilities difficult to carry out, so limit yourself to an hour a day.

With only one hour a day, it is unlikely that you will be swept away and wanting to do this practice for long periods of time. Some people get by with doing two hours a day, but not more, so start with one hour.

Share your experiences and ask questions in Shaktipat Roundtable. It is vital that you have this information, and contact with others who are also doing this practice and learning these teachings. There will be someone there for you via Comment and Replies.

Jaya Bhagavan! (Victory to God!),
Durga Ma

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The Exquisite Beauty of Surrender Yoga

It is likely that when you read this I will already be gone from this world. I do not expect to return. The following entries are my parting gifts to you:


The complete eighteen chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, 6 years of weekly posts.   

I have placed this writing at the end of the last post of the Bhagavad Gita because of it’s relevance to Lord Krishna repeating certain teachings over and over throughout the eighteen chapters. He repeats them in many different ways so that you have many opportunities to get the message. Along with these teachings, He promises that, by practicing it, you will come to Him, be with Him, enter into Him.

“Abandon all ‘shoulds’ and surrender only to Me (Absolute God/Truth) and I will give you liberation and free you from all fears and sorrows.” 

  • ‘shoulds’ – rules; ought-tos; dharmas, the laws of man as opposed to Divine Law.


When you finally reach the end of the common path of the will, or have had enough of it, you will find yourself at the beginning of the path of spontaneous surrender meditation and inspiring experiences. This is a natural progression.

If you reach this point and do not know about this progression, you may begin using your willpower again to push on, thinking that this is too good to be true, or that it is wrong and I am just nuts. But if you do know about it and step forward onto the path, you will find yourself in the land of spiritual enchantment, and it will become so dear to you that you will never turn back again. This is a good thing.

This exquisitely beautiful new world of Truth, Divine Love and Freedom, will knock your socks off, and you will thank your lucky stars that you have finally found it. This gratitude is with me every day along with the sweet happiness of the presence of God. I would not trade it for even for life itself. 


If you continue reading from here, you will become initiated into this path. So those of you who are still running on the fumes of willpower, control and “No pain, no gain,” be warned: (1) this path is too simple for the mind to fully comprehend, so it requires your participation in order to gain personal experience of it, and (2) come to know God/Truth — It will prove itself to you. If this is not something you want, you may as well stop reading here.


Step Forward

You will need a place in your home where you can dedicate one or two hours a day, and where you will not be disturbed or interrupted — lock the doors, close the windows, turn off the phone, etc. Close your eyes, and do not leave this place until your time is up.

Have enough space to allow for movement. This is not a static meditation for the simple reason that the nature of Nature is to move, and trying to sit still or quiet your mind is counterproductive here.

Sit or lie comfortably, then surrender your body, feelings and mind to God/Truth (whatever your word is for that). This way, you will always surrender only to God. You must never allow yourself to surrender to anything other than Absolute God in meditation, or even outside of meditation. God is Absolute Goodness, so you are safe, loved and lifted up.

  • Know what you are surrendering (body, feelings and mind).
  • Know what you are surrendering it to (Absolute God/Truth).
  • There are no rules in the meditation room.

Because you surrender to God and are sincere, God will manage what happens during this time. There is nothing left for you to do. For this reason, all actions that arise in this meditation are ‘non-action’ … because you are not doing it, no matter how much your mind tries to convince you otherwise. 

God is now managing your meditation, working free of charge, and gradually fixing anything that needs fixing, and taking you to purity, true enlightenment, Divine Union, Liberation, Divine Love, Perfection and Eternal Happiness.

When your timer goes off, take some time to fully come back before going off to do other things.

The Road Ahead

Continuing with this meditation you will encounter doubts, puzzles, realizations, things that may look scary but aren’t, feeing stuck, impatience for more goodies, and so forth. Anytime you feel you are getting nowhere, this is the time to go on faith that what I have told you is True, and don’t let it stop you. These kinds of times are usually when the most is happening internally, so don’t stop. Keep going no matter what.   

You will have amazing experiences, go to other worlds, lokas, planes, meet adepts and Immortal Masters, and find God. You will learn that death is not the end, but a turning-point on a very long journey Home. You will discover both darkness and light for what they really are. You will find that your senses work even without their organs and that not breathing doesn’t mean your dead, all the while feeling everything from comfortable to pleasant and heavenly bliss. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. The key to this meditation is to keep on going, no matter what.

You  always get what you surrender to.
When you surrender to God, God is what you will get.  

How many times I have heard someone say to me, “Why would I want to do this sadhana? I don’t want to end up like you!” Why would they ask me such a question? They know how I have had to live in order to do it. But I did it for them and for you so you wouldn’t have to do it the hard way. 

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This page contains an initiation. Just read it and move on, or hop on board and begin Surrender Meditation, the most amazing journey you could ever take.


Profound Joy and Happiness – Bhagavad Gita, Ch 18, Vs 70-78

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.14.50 AM

Previously, it was the Greatest Secret that was the subject of verses 70-71. In this translation however, it is the entire Gita that is the subject:

And one who studies this sacred dialogue of ours, by that one I am loved with the Knowledge Sacrifice.
 One who is faithful and void of ill-will and hears it, certainly becomes liberated and attains the auspicious and happy worlds of the righteous.

  • Studies – studies the Bhagavad Gita, and internalizes it.
  • Faithful – taking action ‘on faith’ until proven. (‘Faith’ is synonymous with ‘discipline’ – going ahead anyway no matter what)
  • Void of ill-will – not deriding it.
  • The righteous – ‘those whose actions are pure’.
  • Pure – auspicious, propitious, pleasant, good, right, virtuous, meritorious, holy, sacred.

Vyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, which includes this Bhagavad Gita, is speaking as Lord Krishna as if He were aware that, many years in the future, there would be people like us reading this Gita and needing to know that we have not been left behind by the passage of time. Truth never changes. The Greatest Secret of the Diamond Shloka, and the entire Bhagavad Gita, are as great and true now as they ever were. And if we proceed with Faith, rather than questioning it, we can become liberated and attain “the auspicious and happy worlds of the righteous.”

One who is faithful and void of ill-will refers to the yogi who has studied this dialogue and has learned this Great Secret directly from the mouth of his guru, just as Arjuna has. At death, even if he has not yet mastered it, he may nevertheless become liberated and attain the happy and auspicious world of those who have.

Have you heard me with concentrated mind, Arjuna? Have your ignorance and delusion been destroyed, O Winner of Victory? 

Arjuna spoke:
Infallible One, by your Grace, my confusion is gone and memory regained. Unchanging One, I stand with doubt dispelled, and I shall do whatever you say.

  • Unchanging – Absolute

In the beginning of the Gita, Arjuna spent the first chapter railing at the idea of engaging in this battle, but now that he understands what is really going on, he is inspired and committed to follow his guru’s promptings.

Now we hear from Samjaya, minister to the present king, who has been narrating all this to him (and us):

Samjaya speaks:
Thus have I heard this dialogue between Krishna, the Son of Vasudeva, and Arjuna, the noble hearted son of Pritha, so glorious that my hair is standing on end.

Samjay's Joy

Samjaya’s Joy

Samjaya is the blind king’s minister. He is narrating to him this dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna as we listen in. Samjaya (‘victorious’) is using his power of divine sight to perceive it from afar, where Krishna and Arjuna are standing between the two armies before the battle begins. He has heard the key teaching of the Diamond Shloka and has discovered that, by having heard and understood it, it can propel him directly to liberation, and he is electrified by the prospect.

By the grace of Vyasa, I have heard this supreme and holy secret of Yoga from Shri Krishna, speaking directly, before my very eyes. 

Samjaya is saying that he has heard this supreme secret of Yoga directly from the Lord of Yoga himself, Lord Krishna. And that it is by the grace of Vyasa, who is the author of this story, that he has been able to do so. He goes on to say…..

O King, as I continue to recall this most profound and holy dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, I rejoice again and again. And remembering that astonishing and wonderful form of Lord Krishna, I am greatly amazed and I rejoice yet again and again.

Samjaya did not miss the part where Lord Krishna said that one who is faithful and void of ill-will and hears this, also becomes liberated and attains auspicious and happy worlds. So he is filled not only by the wonder of the whole conversation, but also, by having learned this Great Secret, that he, too, will be liberated and find Eternal Happiness.

The astonishing and wonderful form of Lord Krishna refers to Krishna’s Cosmic Form in chapter eleven.

Where there is Krishna, Lord of Yoga, and where there is Arjuna, the Great Archer, there will also be honor, success, prosperity and unending Goodness. Of this I am certain.

Krishna, who represents God and Guru, knows Yoga (uniting). Arjuna, a warrior, represents the disciple who is brave in the midst of much as yet unproven, and seemingly risky, undertakings. But he only needed this guidance from Lord Krishna to go forward no matter what. This is the definition of ‘discipline’. By such discipline, he is certain to reach the Highest Goal — by the Highest Knowledge, the Highest Action, and the Highest Devotion. And so can you.

Read The Exquisite Beauty of Surrender Yoga and receive a gift from me to you.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma