The Last Guru

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Special One Time Event

the last guru event

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Sunday, January 27, 2019 
1 – 5 pm

Beatitudes Campus
1610 W Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Limited space, registration is encouraged.

In a modern world where overwhelm reigns, reclaim your natural state of joy, abundance, and bliss. Natural Meditation is a rare and mostly unknown form of effortless meditation. Kept secret for thousands of years, Durga Ma has made it accessible for anyone who seeks the benefits of meditation and spiritual development.

Join us for this special event for the opportunity to work with a Self-Realized Master of Yoga and experience your true nature!

You will learn…

  • what meditation is
  • how it works
  • why it is essential for success and a fulfilled life

So you can…

  • reduce stress, pain and overwhelm
  • meditate successfully
  • experience the benefits of meditation
  • awaken spiritually

$25 Register now and bring a friend for FREE !

$35 at the door
(day of the event)

Tribute to My Guru


by Rohit Kapoor 


The Mahabharata story tells us that Krishna  and his beloved pupil Arjuna were great friends all their lives. They had plenty of time to talk about atma jnana – self-realization.

On the other hand it seems to be very improbable that right in the middle of a battle, two people, who were the kingpins in the battle, found not only the time, but the psychological climate to discuss philosophy.

When Krishna  placed the chariot between the two armies and pointed out to Arjuna the people with whom he had to fight, Arjuna collapsed. Having collapsed, he was not prepared to admit “I am not capable of standing. I am trembling, I am nervous.”

Arjuna,the student, was a learned person – and it is highly impossible to teach a learned person. He said: “Krisha – I should not fight these people. I am not weak, I know the truth, I know what is righteous and what is not righteous; if we kill all these men here there will be an overpopulation of women….All these moral laws on which the society is based will crumble and we who are responsible for this will all go to hell.”

There was not a single flaw in that argument because it is based on cultural patterns, tradition and righteousness as it is taught in the religious schools – not on the battlefield.

Arjuna’s problem was that he knew what was right and what was wrong. Is that a problem?

If you know what is right and what is wrong, why do you not do what is right and avoid what is wrong? Because the doer of the action is far removed from the knower of right and wrong. The doer of right and wrong is burdened with the memory of what is right and wrong. He is burdened with knowledge. Instead of knowledge – of truth becoming flesh – the knowledge has remained unassimilated and it prevents him from functioning in the here and now.

There is a funny story: a fox and a cat met in the wilds.

They were discussing methods of escaping when attacked. The cat said: “Climb the tree.” The fox said: “You are stupid. I know a hundred methods. I can chase the hunter, I can throw mud in his eyes, I can run away, I can howl.” As the fox was saying all this, a hunter came. The cat quickly went up the tree but the fox was trying to figure out what to do.

You can guess that he did not come to a conclusion; he did not have to because his conclusion came immediately! When all this knowledge is stored up as memory, it paralyses the doer of the deed.


If you understand the spirit of the first chapter of Gita and the philosophy in the first few verses of the second chapter till the verse in which Arjuna says:

“I am confused. I am your disciple. I surrender myself to you. Teach me what is good”.

If you can grasp this sentence alone , then you have understood the entire Bhagavad Gita.

For grasping this , read on :

He did not say: “I have handed everything over to the guru.” The guru is not a porter who carries your luggage! You cannot hand everything over to him.

You must try your best, you must use all your faculties –mental, physical, intellectual,moral and spiritual – God gave them to you in order that you may use them and then go to him only when you are in serious trouble. If they prove inadequate then return to the source, the guru, for more.

Who and what is a guru?

A guru can be a person or an impersonal experience of reality.

Guru is one (or that) which dispels the darkness of your ignorance. If this does not happen, there is no guru.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna did not appoint Krisha as his guru.  Rather he said , what is most important expression in Gita ,  “Sisyas te ’ham’ – I am your disciple. Actually Arjuna appointed himself as the disciple to Krishna . This is real  SURRENDER (Inner Volition of the highest GURU within – Buddha, within  ) .

Be aware – even Krishna did not appoint Arjuna as his disciple . Because , Krishna is the embodiment of divinity , which itself is embodiment of   surrender as the highest virtue .

Thus Krishna simply accepted , self appointment of Arjuna as his disciple out of mutual love between a devotee and the divine.

How beautiful !! That’s why it is said , “Only when the Disciple is ready , the Guru will manifest”

  • You have no right to appoint someone as your guru, but you can, by looking within yourself and examining, investigating yourself, find out if you are a good disciple or not.

  • Likewise the Guru has no right to select – reject or  appoint a disciple but surrender to the discipleship offered to him by a devout disciple.

That’s what Krishna did , when he yielded – SURRENDERED ( Like a mother yields to her offspring) to the discipleship of Arjuna.

People often use the word ‘surrender’ without understanding its real meaning . It is easy to surrender when you have tried your utmost to deal with a problem, and you see no way out of it. Then surrender is natural –what else are you going to do?

Then you perforce become a disciple, then you will joyously listen to what the other person says. Therefore complete volitional surrender is the real discipleship – this surrender itself is your guru.

To illustrate, here is the story of Ekalaya  finding his GURU :

Just Like Ekalaya appointed himself to be the disciple of Guru Dronacharya , even when Dronacharya rejected him for his discipleship request to favour his favorite disciple Arjuna. Yet , in-spite of Guru Dronacharya’s rejection , Eklaya made a statute of Dronacharya and devotedly worshiping & meditating on Guru’s teachings became much better archer then Arjuna .

So you find the guru , if only you have found within you the true discipleship .

Even if the chosen Guru does not impart you the knowledge , the cosmic guru – Krishna Consciousness will flow the teachings as blessings in the worthy disciple.

However , If this spirit of discipleship is absent, any teaching is futile as it doesn’t bear fruits .

Ironic part – In Gita – Guru Dronacharya selected Arjuna – appointing him as his favorite disciple. Yet Arjuna fought against Dronacharya in the real war . On the other hand Arjuna actually chose Krishna as his real GURU  by offering  his discipleship to  his dear friend Krishna , and gained him as his GURU.

It is a beautiful formula upon which one can meditate and manifest GURU of  choice.

Spiritual Ego

This is just me, Anandi. Writing to you from the top of a mountain. A silently alive paradise that sits suspended in the ether — between the dramatic waves of the Pacific and the gentle giants that are the Redwoods.

I am going to share the dialogue that has been running through my head from the night, early morning into now. Im doing this to help hang onto the things that are arising for contemplation and with the hope that it may somehow be beneficial for you in some way.

Just a recollection of my stream of consciousness … no edits. sorry.

One of the most valuable things I have learned from being with Durga Ma is about ‘identification’ and beginning to understand the spiritual ego. It’s not anything specific she has said, but the way that she has interacted with me on a ‘human’ and personal level.

I had created an idea in my mind unknowingly about what spirituality looked like and how it would behave and present itself. This came after awakening experiences in the wake of phenomenon, and was strengthened by the way others around me were presenting themselves in the spiritual community. None of them were masters.

What I have come to learn and what has had the most profound outward effect for me is the roundedness and down to earth regularity of Durga Ma. I wouldn’t necessarily know that she was a master if I didn’t know. This is really important, I don’t know if it was so important in days gone by.

What I see increasingly in the world is people trying to transcend their humanness. This is like “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” as Ma says… I think transcending the humanness becomes the “danger zone” where the spiritual ego can really take shape and the difficulty on recognizing it and moving beyond it comes from the fact that the mind has used, and will continue to use, the aspects of spirituality (teachings, experience, etc.) in an effort to establish a pure logic (all or nothing) type of state.

What is more, I think that if the mind has a memory of an awakening it can use this to further make the mind’s alibi watertight. Stuck in transcendence. This is a doozy…. really getting stuck in a deeper state of separation in some ways because now the mind has not only gone into transcendence but is constantly working to stay there outside of the body and physical existence and can use the information gathered ‘spiritually’ to keep it there. It is a trap without the guidance of a master, or a stroke of absolute Grace.

I see a LOT of people doing this now. Most of the ‘spiritual’ people I know.

I’m wondering now if what is often needed is just normal, ‘non-spiritual’ company — in other words, real spiritual people, actual yogis, real people — not the people who are riding around in inflated spiritual egos. It’s easier to become relaxed and trusting when we talk about normal everyday things, our experiences, our lives and where we came from. We don’t have to work at conversation to maintain what we think is spirituality and how it should be talked about and communicated…the only real substance (energetic alignment so to speak) comes from the way we actually relate with each other.

The longer I stay with Durga Ma, the more I get out of it. I want to absorb as much as I possibly can, although the speed at which it occurs when I get to be physically present is such that I find myself experiencing a sensation of near explosion. My head literally goes through periods of feeling like its going to explode. I don’t care, because there is this part of me that just doesn’t care and wants to go on ahead regardless.

I want to be here or near Durga Ma wherever she is, but even in the days of being here I feel myself taking off and abandoning my life responsibilities. I use the word ‘abandon’ because of a control aspect…a subtle piece that I can’t exactly identify other than that it is not a completely conscious choice to surrender. It’s what my heart wants, but it’s like there is a piece that is missing and first I have to reclaim it to surrender it. Sounds ironic but its the only way I can manage to say it.

Particularly with Sam at this age (3), Im not boasting but I’m the sanest person he knows, and I’m his mother. I feel it is my duty to keep him close, and my responsibility to do my best to stay with him until I either just can’t anymore or until he’s gotten enough independence for himself to choose otherwise.

This path is sometimes difficult with a family. Not impossible.

Om Shanti, Namaste,