The Sixth Chakra

Your sixth chakra is your personal Command Center, your source of consciousness, your source of intuition, your unlimited power and your authority to access it.

The sixth chakra is located behind the center of the forehead between the two eyebrows. It is associated with consciousness, the pineal gland, the production of amrita, the nectar of immortality, and subtle sound. Its two petals are the two vibrational frequencies identified by the Sanskrit syllables hum and suh (ham हं and sa स), and the two channels associated with the outgoing and ingoing breaths and their energy forms (the upward-flowing warming energy, prana, and the downward-flowing cooling energy, apana, which terminate here). This chakras color is white. It is beyond the senses and the elements. 

The name of the sixth chakra is ajna ( आज्ञा ), which means ‘attention, perception, understanding; command, authority, and unlimited power’. Notice that this chakra is the location of our ability to perceive, even though it is ‘beyond’ the senses. The reason for this is that the type of perception available to us here does not require them. From this place, we perceive directly. In other words, perception requires no via, no indirect route through the eyes or the ears, etc. What is perceived is Real.

At the fifth chakra we experienced vocal sounds being made spontaneously in meditation, but now, with the sixth chakra’s vehicle of subtle sound, we hear sounds directly. This type of sound is called, nada. The word nada means ‘subtle spontaneous sound’. This phenomena is produced by Prana and can happen fairly early in Surrender Meditation.

From Living the Mysteries, © 1999, Durga Ma and Dr Terry Preston, Ph.D.

Nada became a frequent and common occurrence in my meditations and I experienced it in many ways. I discovered that nada came in many forms. Not only do the sounds heard in meditation become more and more refined, but the other senses—sight, smell, touch, and taste—are also experienced directly and become refined as well. 

One of my earliest experiences of … nada was the sound of thunder, or what I though was thunder. Thunder was not common where I lived. In fact I don’t believe I’ve ever heard thunder in that part of the world, but one day it brought me out of a very deep and pleasant meditative state. I lay there for a while amazed at hearing thunder. When I ended my meditation, I looked out the curtains to see if rain was on the way. It had been a nice day during our dry season, the middle of summer. Imagine my surprise when out the window I saw the same sunny blue sky. Inquiries verified that there had been no thunder or other sound of that kind in the area that day.

I had another nada adventure when I heard the sound of a train passing through my meditation room. I didn’t have to make any inquiries to confirm that I was indeed experiencing nada! Another time I experienced an earthquake, though there had been no earthquake.

Various kinds of nada continued to occur and become more and more refined until, one day, I experienced directly, the meaning of bells in church steeples: When union (yoga) occurs in the head, the steeple, a cacophony of wedding bells, large and small, can be heard and felt as the sound vibrates the body, the room, and seems to lift you right off your meditation mat.

Mastery of the Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra has to do with consciousness, mind, understanding, and your perceptive ability. This is the seat of your inherent, unlimited power and your right to access it. The Divine Being who resides here is your source of consciousness and the giver of your salvation, your success in meditation, your freedom, liberation, and enlightenment. When you enter this place, you see the brilliant spiritual emanations of moon-lightening, see the ‘moon of mystery,’ experience the highest samadhi, and gain the respect of the adepts. All fear and all karma are destroyed, and you discover the secret of immortality (it doesn’t all happen at once).

Namaste (I bow to the Divine One that you really are),
Durga Ma

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The Fifth Chakra

Chakra: Wheel, discus, circle, mystical diagram. Chakras are energy centers, intersections of nadis (channels) in the body. When activated, chakras spin, open out, expand, and present their good qualities along with their less desirable characteristics.

The fifth chakra is located in the region of the throat, has sixteen petals, sixteen vibrational sound frequencies identified by specific Sanskrit syllables, and is associated with purification. Its mystical diagram is the sphere, the color is blue (or smokey), the sense organ is the ears, the sense faculty is sound, the element is ether (space), the elemental color is green.

The name of the fifth chakra is vishuddha. The word vishuddha is from shuddha, meaning ‘cleared, purified’, with the prefix, vi, which intensifies the idea of purity, so ‘vishuddha‘ then, means ‘completely cleansed and purified’. Prana’s function is purification.

Prana’s function is purification.
Kundalini’s function is evolution.

Kundalini’s function is evolution. The word ‘evolution’, from the Latin, evolvere, ‘to roll out of’, means ‘unrolling, wheeling around, opening out, unfolding”. (Sound familiar?) Evolution is gradual. Things don’t happen all at once. The chakras are first activated by prana, spinning and opening out in any order for the purpose of purification. After prana has achieved a sufficient degree of purification, they are dealt with by kundalini in serial order for the purpose of evolution.

At the fourth chakra you had contact with the adepts; here, at the fifth chakra, you become one yourself. Once the energy can pass this chakra, patterns and conditionings that have run your life and affected your body can begin to change and lose their influence.

Vishnu Loka

After we pierced the Brahmagranthi, we moved from Brahma Loka, the World of Creation, into Vishnu Loka, the World of Sustenance. Vishnu is the Sustainer-Maintainer and this is Her world. Not only does She sustain and maintain life, but She also sustains our progress, so we definitely want to reach this landmark in our journey. Once here, She opens our hearts at chakra number four, and now, at chakra number five, this unconditional love becomes expressed through anahata nada,’unstruck sound’.

Anahata nada takes place when the energy arrives at the fifth chakra, with vocalizations, chanting and singing. What is meant by ‘unstruck’ here is that these sounds are not made by you, but are spontaneously generated in meditation.

Khechari Mudra 

The piercing of the fifth chakra allows for the energy to rise up through the throat to the sixth chakra. This stimulates the glands underneath the tongue, and the pituitary gland, so that the hormones of the pituitary begin to flow. At a certain stage, the hands will come up in cup fashion, and the tongue will roll up and go into the phaynx and block it. This is khechari mudra, the ‘flying-up seal’. It stops the breath completely.

Khechari (flying in the air) mudra (seal), is not the same as the breathless state that we talked about earlier. With khechari, one could actually die. If it is not done in a surrendered state, it is dangerous, but done fully surrendered, shakti handles everything, and shakti makes no mistakes. With the piercing of the Brahmagranthi, khechari mudra can take place and ‘upward flow’ can begin. By stimulating the pituitary, the nectar of immortality (amrita) coming from the pituitary, can be absorbed into the body. At this point, the transformation of the physical body begins.

When the energy flows upward, it must be pure, otherwise impurities will go up with the energy, and if the flow is intense enough, this can be dangerous. This is why willful kundalini techniques must be avoided. The use of willful techniques cannot bring the degree of purity necessary for upward flow to be safe.  

The solution to this is to practice Surrender Meditation until your surrender is adequate, and to have thoroughly gone through the preliminary steps (i.e., yama, niyama, asana, etc). Then, the whole body can be pervaded with the nectar and become transformed naturally into the Divine Body form. This is the last phase of kundalini.

Aches and Accomplishments

When the throat chakra is being pierced, your inherent power will become completely available to you. Latent talents will begin to turn on, and you will be able to sway and control people, make money, and get what you want. You have a choice at this point: you can either get caught up in these things, or you can give them back to God and continue with Surrender Meditation until you have purified these temptations out of existence. Then the flow of the energy through the throat chakra can get as intense as it wants until it is resolved.

With mastery of the fifth chakra, you will understand the scriptures and their mysteries, enjoy the bliss of the inner world, and thousands of years will appear as so many moments.   

Durga Ma

Phoenix Metaphysical Institute
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The Fourth Chakra

“Doctors are the discoverers of physiological functions. Yogis are the discoverers of the chakras … Just as modern science gives importance to the sense organs and their functions, likewise the ancient science of yoga gives importance to prana and its various functions in the chakras.” — Swami Kripalu, The Science of Meditation  

The fourth chakra is located in the region of the heart, has twelve petals, twelve vibrational sound frequencies identified by specific Sanskrit syllables, and is associated with respiration. Its mystical diagram is the hexagon, the color is emerald (or gold), the sense organ is the skin, the sense faculty is touch, the element is air (vayu, the air of the breath), the elemental color is smoky.

The first three chakras were in the created world, the Brahma Loka, and associated with the material plane, but now we are moving on to subtler things, and subtler affairs. This brings us to the meaning of the word, anahata, the name of the fourth chakra. 

Anahata means ‘unstruck’. What is being referred to here is the breathless state. The word anahata is made up of ana (breath, respiration) and ahata (an action happening without the normal attributes). The normal attribute of breath is breathing. So anahata fully defined means, breath without its normal attribute. The breathless state is just what it says—your body stops breathing. The fourth charka is the home base region of prana. Even in this state in which one is not breathing, life continues uninterrupted because prana is uninterrupted. It is prana, Life Energy, that keeps us alive, not the process of pumping air.

When you first experience the breathless state, you will become aware of it when your body starts breathing again. You will be a little surprised, but not alarmed, and definitely inspired (pun definitely intended here). I have mentioned this state before in the context of the need for absolute privacy and a secure place for the practice of Surrender Meditation. You really don’t want your meditation to be interrupted in this state because it is not good for the nervous system. But more to the point, you will not reach this state if there is any chance that your meditation will be disturbed. If you do not lock your door because you feel certain that no one in the house will walk in on you, lock it anyway, because subconsciously you will know that this possibility does exist. So lock your door.

Piercing the Brahmagranthi

In a previous post we took up the third chakra and talked briefly about the Brahmagranthi. Now we move into the Vishnu Loka, the world of Sustainment of Life. The Brahmabranthi, an obstacle to kundalini rising up the central channel, the sushumna, must be dealt with in order for the energy to be able to move on to the fourth chakra.

Anahata means ‘unstruck, produced otherwise than by striking’, like the eardrum is struck for a sound to be heard. When kundalini pierces the Brahmagranthi, you will hear it directly, not with your ears. When this happens, you will simultaneously hear it directly and feel it subtly within the body in the area of the diaphragm. It will be a loud sound as if it were in the room with you, like a very deep drum has been struck.

Aches and Attainments

When the fourth chakra is contracted, or aches, you feel lonely, separate from others, an outsider. When it is open and expanded, you love everyone regardless of other considerations, regardless of what others may do or feel towards you, and regardless of emotions you feel that are contrary to this state of unconditional love.

When the fourth chakra has been evolved by kundalini, you attain the gifts of prophesy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and levitation, and have contact with the adepts.

Durga Ma

Phoenix Metaphysical Institute
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