Great Expectations

Surrender seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Many on the spiritual path will tell you that they already do that, but when you ask about their practice they will inevitably begin telling you about a technique they use to meditate. Others will tell you they surrender all the time and quote book and verse to back it up. Indeed, there probably is some degree of surrender in their lives, but such surrender can only be minimal.

Until one has had sufficient experience in a controlled environment (see Conditions for Practice) where there is no outside influence, it is nearly impossible to recognize the limitations being imposed on one’s surrender. This is due not only to the machinations of the mind in general, but more specifically, to preconceived ideas and expectations.

From the Meditation Essentials High Noon Course, Surrender Meditation: 

The inevitable question that comes up for anyone practicing Surrender Meditation is, “Did I do that, or was that shakti?  Am I really surrendered?” 

This question gets asked in many forms, but it’s really the same question.  You want to get it right because you want God, Truth, the Divine, so you want to be surrendered “right.”  This is where faith comes in.  In Surrender Meditation, you to have to give up trying to get it right and just surrender.  If you’re trying to get it right, that means you have some idea of what right is going to look like…  Giving up preconceived ideas and expectations is the key to success in this meditation.  All you can really do is surrender to the Divine and let things unfold naturally, trust God, trust Shakti.

It is almost impossible to be perfectly surrendered in the beginning and even for some time after that.  This is primarily because of the preconceived ideas and expectations that are hiding out in the mind that you don’t know about.  These ideas and expectations are so powerful precisely because they’re hidden.

From the New Dawn Meditation Essentials Course, Non Technique Meditation:

you must let go of having to have your experience in meditation, as well as the results of your meditation, be any certain way.

This is the problem with trying to surrender in life, on the street, at the job, or even at home, where one cannot afford not to try to make things be a certain way. In daily life, there are responsibilities. Ignoring these responsibilities only brings unhappiness and creates even greater limitations. However…

[in Surrender Meditation] expectations and preconceived ideas are set aside. Thoughts about these things may arise in meditation, that is to be expected, but just because the mind gets involved in this does not mean that you are interfering with the job you’ve handed over to the Divine. On the contrary, this may be a mental clearing, so just be willing to let your meditation be the way it is.

Surrender … is the choice to allow the Divine absolute authority over your meditation — you delegate God, the Divine, Spirit, by your own choice.

Though when we take up the practice of Sahaja Yoga we may have great expectations, it is when we can allow ourselves to abandon these expectations that we reach the goal. Once having experienced that goal, even minimally, our joy and surprise is beyond description. We are hooked. Sadhana begins to take first priority over other, lesser things in our lives, and we await our meditation time with eagerness and even greater expectations — but this time, with the experience of knowing what is possible.

Durga Ma

List of installments on Sahaja Yoga

Shaktipat Diksha

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Dear Ones,

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Durga Ma

Teaching Authentic Meditation

Excerpts from the first chapter of the training manual for Durga Ma’s Natural Meditation, for personal or online Teacher Training and Certification:

Why Do I Want You To Teach?

I want to get these courses out to everyone. I have two primary reasons for this:

1. Everyone has inherent power to the exact same degree. This power comes with the same degree of personal potential for each and every one of us. It is astronomical. Most people are unaware of this amazing truth about themselves. I want them to become aware of it. This alone is reason enough, for arriving at this awareness will end the feeling of needing to control other people and things, and peace could finally begin to prevail.

2. Meditation gives people the opportunity to become aware of this truth about themselves through their own experience. Hearing it, thinking about it, and even believing it, is not enough. Some degree of personal experience is crucial. Meditation provides this experience. Everyone has the ability to meditate successfully and reap a harvest of benefits beyond the mind’s ability to even come close to imagining. Very few people actually do meditate, even though they have practiced the rudiments of meditation unknowingly since childhood. Many people do not realize that there is anything to know about meditation. There is. I want people to have at least the nuts and bolts of authentic meditation and be able to use them. . . .

Teaching Authentic Meditation

For meditation to be effective it must be authentic. What you are going to be doing is disseminating real, authentic meditation in a non-intimidating manner to anyone who wants it, regardless of their spiritual leanings or the lack thereof. There is nothing floaty-woaty about authentic meditation, but anyone can do it.

There is also a less altruistic reason for why I want you to teach. Simply put, it is this: My cup runneth over. It is full. If I am to move onward to the ultimate end of walking a spiritual path in this lifetime, I must teach, I must pass along to others what has been given to me. I learned a long time ago, before I started meditating, that the best and most effective form of teaching is to teach others to teach, in other words, to teach teaching. . . .

. . . I am not by nature a cause-oriented person. These courses just began writing themselves around 1992 and continued developing over time. They just happened, just as this online Meditation Teacher Training program is on automatic pilot at this very moment. The blossoming of these courses and trainings are a part of my own sadhana, or they wouldn’t be getting written and taught.

If all you ever do is the three New Dawn courses [the first three in the series], I will be pleased and you will be very well equipped to feed others what they are starving for. . . . .

© Copyright 2012, Durga Ma, Phoenix, Arizona

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The Shakti Jet

What you have read above refers to the teaching of three to nine courses written for the masses. The real fruit, however, lies with Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, which I often call Surrender Meditation and which is also known in my lineage as sahaja yoga or Natural Meditation because of its spontaneous and experiential nature through shaktipat. Although the nine courses lay essential groundwork for this sadhana (spiritual practice), or any other path or lifestyle for that matter, Surrender Meditation is a is a different thing altogether — it’s the difference between walking from one coast of the continent to the other or taking a jet liner to get there. I think of this sadhana as the Shakti Jet.

Not only am I putting these nine courses out for others to teach, but I am also considering to whom I will pass the torch of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, Surrender Meditation. I would hope that whoever this may turn out to be has these courses under their belt and teaches them. What a wonderful pool this would make from which the hungry (translate “sincere”) would leap at the opportunity to take the Shakti Jet. Having just reached the age of 70, this consideration has begun to take a front seat. Regardless of age, one rarely knows how much time they have left, and there is so much more beyond these nine courses and a Shaktipat Intensive that a new torch-bearer would need to learn that cannot be written.

I hope this message inspires some action on your part, and leads to more Teachers-in-training, and to the preservation of the teachings with which I have been blessed by the Grace of God and Guru.

Divine Mother sends Her Love.

Durga Ma