Real Surrender

This post was inspired by current events relevant to our last issue and those that came before it and will come after it, in this chapter.  

I have recently come out of my metaphoric cave and been presented in Connecticut. It has been an education. While I have been telling people about the practice of Surrender Meditation, they have been hearing something else entirely. It seems that the word ‘surrender’ has a different meaning to them than it has to me, and that I will either have to find a way to get this difference across, or change the name of this exquisite practice. 

From what I am hearing, it seems that the word ‘surrender’ has become trendy, and amounts to getting out of one’s own way when in the midst of a challenge of some kind or other, and to not try to control things but go with the flow, etc. The element of abandoning one’s attachment to getting a certain outcome is more to the point. I applaud this. It is a very good practice, and a prelude to real surrender. Though it has elements of surrender, it is not surrender as I mean it, and would more aptly be defined as a ‘momentary renunciation of attachment’. 

Scriptural texts on the subject of surrender yoga are plentiful, and all are in agreement that real surrender is the full surrender of oneself to God (whatever your name is for That) under certain conditions meant to make this degree of surrender possible.

Surrender Yoga

The purpose of this practice is union (yoga) with God—union, unity, communion, reunion, unification, with Truth—and liberation from the cycles of birth and death. It is not about navigating life, though this is inevitably affected in the process. 

Surrender Yoga requires that the proper conditions are in place, and that one fully surrenders oneself to God within this context by abandoning the personal sense of being the one doing things, or being the cause of actions—thoughts, bodily movements, feelings, or even falling asleep…etc. One doesn’t try to control what happens or doesn’t happen, but abandons these kinds of desires, along with the expectations and preconceived ideas associated with them.

What I am calling ‘real surrender’ as it is taught in mystical texts on Yoga, and my own lineage of teachers, is the full surrender of oneself to God—the whole package, not just the mind, not just feelings, and not just the body, but all of it. This surrender is not just an ah-ha moment of realization in the midst of life in general. 

Real surrender requires that you know what you are surrendering (yourself) and what you are surrendering it to (God). These two keys are vital. Then your surrender will protect you and take you to the Divine, God, Truth, the Absolute.

You get what you surrender to, whether you are aware of what you are surrendering to or not.

The trendy form of surrender is mild enough that you may not run into any trouble with it, though there will be some who will. I have come across some of them. Just surrendering, or just opening up, is never a good idea. It is no different than parking your car in a tough part of town with the windows down and the key in the ignition. One must be clear on WHAT one is surrendering, and WHAT one is surrendering it TO—and what that is, should always be God/Truth. If you aren’t specific, anything can come along and drive away with your car.

To the degree that one can do this, to that same degree one is surrendered. It takes time and practice like anything else, but with the proper conditions, it is easy and pleasant, and leads to profound experiences and jet-fast progress. By resorting to God in this way, God will drive your car for you.   


This is not a practice done in groups. And it is not for everyone. It is not a good fit for someone who wants what the world has to offer in the way of enjoyments, success, money, fame, family ties, approval, etc. It is only useful to those who are interested in God, Truth, the Absolute, the Divine, the Real, and to whom this comes first and is not at the bottom of a wish list.

Privacy is of paramount importance. You will not surrender much if there is someone around, or if you can be heard, walked in on or interrupted. While you might start out in less than perfect conditions, you must work toward this kind of privacy.

Another component is time. One tries to practice during the same time-period daily, for at least one hour. It is best not to do more than two hours a day if you have duties and responsibilities that take most of your time. It is a seductive practice, effortless, pleasant and laced with amazing experiences, and after some time of regular practice, there may be a temptation to increase the time.

After a few months, you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself, often without knowing how or when they changed. This is God at work, taking care of you, because you surrendered to That.

So now, coming to the end of this discourse, I am thinking that I may revert to calling this practice by its Sanskrit name, Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, meaning ‘the activating force given (shaktipat) for the purpose of accelerating evolution (kundalini) through union with God (yoga)’

But will such a long and enigmatic (though literal) title be acceptable? Click on “Leave a comment” at the bottom, and let me know what you think. If you have an interest in learning more about this practice, click here.

Namaste (I bow to the divine one that you really are),
Durga Ma


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I recently received an email from an initiate who inspired this writing. You know who you are. Thank you. 

This issue is dedicated
to those of you who have taken shaktipat initiation
and continued with the sadhana of
Surrender Meditation.

I hear from many of you who share the experiences of your initiation and are inspired. I am happy to hear from you and hope you will share your experiences of initiation, as well as your daily sadhana, with other initiates on the “Experiences” page of this website.


Because we are each unique individuals, and because we are each in a different place in our journey through many lifetimes, the experiences of shaktipat diksha are naturally wide and varied. For some, initiation takes them into deep meditation; for some it is restful and they may even fall asleep; for some it is very physically active; for some there are “previews of coming attractions” and the experience of samadhi or other typically advanced states; for some, they feel that nothing has happened—but it has, it’s just that what happened was beyond perception.

An Initiation In Two Parts

It is important to remember that there are two parts to this initiationOne part is shaktipat, when shakti is transmitted and your ‘candle’ is lit by the candle of the one initiating you. This awakened state of energy allows for pranotthana, which in turn awakens kundalini. But this is just the beginning, for shakti can become dormant again if you don’t know what to do with it. This brings us to the other part of initiation, Surrender Meditation.

Surrender Meditation is the key to everything. In a way, it is more significant than shaktipat. Shaktipat is mostly useless without it, for it is this meditation that keeps shakti engaged and moving you forward to the ultimate goal. But people often forget or underestimate this step in their eagerness to have the experiences they associate with shaktipat diksha.

The transmission of shakti is not always apparent to the initiate. My own initiation felt like a dud, but I continued to do the meditation in spite of this. It took a whole month of daily one-hour meditations for me to realize any effect. This happens to some of us, but we keep meditating and the door eventually opens. On the other hand, there are those who have dynamic and inspiring phenomena during their initiation, but end up quitting the meditation to pursue other things. Go figure!

All of the fantastic tales we hear or read about shaktipat influence us because we want to make spiritual progress, to find God, become enlightened and Self-realized, attain Truth, samadhi, liberation, and we develop certain expectations based on what we have heard and read. But consider … how many people who think their initiations have been duds, go around talking about it? Do you think you are going to hear or read stories about these supposed ‘flops’? Not many, I think.

So in the end, what we hear about are the glorious things, and when they don’t happen to us, we think we are undeserving. This is not so. It does not follow that if you get bells and whistles during your initiation you are favored by God, and if you don’t get any bells and whistles you are somehow lacking. This is not so.

Pranotthana, which is the whole point of shaktipat because it causes kundalini to awaken, does not happen for everyone at the time of initiation. Sometimes pranotthana occurs weeks afterward. Sometimes it occurs before initiation, or even before you meet the person initiating you, or before you have even heard of shaktipat. Sometimes, due to your deep longing and devotion to God, you get shaktipat spontaneously and are consequently led to that person and then you take initiation in order to know what to do with it. It is as unpredictable as the lottery. So continuing with Surrender Meditation after initiation is essential for grounding your initiation, so that shakti can take you onward and upward.


Shaktipat initiation can be taken in a group setting or individually. These two are very different situations, and they will affect individual experiences differently. Generally, there is likely to be more phenomena in a group setting. This does not signify anything. It does not mean that being initiated in a group is better. After all, phenomena is just phenomena. The real gold is your progress, not how much phenomena you get.

Whether you have fancy phenomena or twiddle your thumbs for an hour, shakti is present for you. To make the most of your initiation, keep up the practice of Surrender Meditation aferward, continue visiting Mystical Tidbits, read the Shaktipat Intensive Documents, and use the Reply feature on these sites to connect with others doing this sadhana so that you are not isolated.

Our society is so overstimulated and speeded up everywhere we go, that during initiation the body may want to take advantage of not being made to see, hear, learn, and do things, in order to get a little peace … but your mind may think it is bored! Just stay with Surrender Meditation until the end of your meditation period. Your body may have something to teach your mind very soon.

Jaya Bhagavan (Victory to God!)
Durga Ma

Words and Terms

Shakti – The activating force of nature that initiates all action. Known in Christianity as the Holy Spirit.

Pranotthana – ‘Strong prana‘, or ‘prana up’.

Prana –  Shakti in a body acting to sustain and maintain it.

Kundalini – Shakti acting in an evolutionary capacity.

Shaktipat Intensive Documents – Documents containing the material covered in Shaktipat Intensives. Available on a password protected site for my shaktipat initiates, upon request.

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