Chapter 13

The Field & the Knower of the Field

In this chapter, Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna (and us) about Nature and Spirit. He discusses the sphere of action of the physical-material body and the one who knows it. Knowledge, the Knower and what is to be Known are the focus of His teachings, along with their relationship to the gunas of Nature.

1-3  Nature & Spirit

Absolute God is Absolute Goodness

How to Find Happiness on a Daily Basis

4-7  The Field of the Body

8-11 The Field and the Field Knower

12    The Darshan of the Self

13-19 The Object of Knowledge

18   The Energy of Emotion

The Power of Emotion

20-21 Self and Other-Than-Self

22    Self and Other-Than-Self, Continued

23-24 Realizing the Self in the Self by the Self

25-26 Realizing the Self in the Self by the Self, Continued

27-31 The Self is the Same in All Beings

31-35 Messages to You From God